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Well, I'm not much of a brony as I don't like the show, but I greatly respect the fans and their work. I often wish the fanbase of some other franchises were as talented and ambitious as the bronies.


Twilight's latest creation was meant to allow them a glimpse of civilizations not of their world. What they hear however, is more saddening, beautiful, and inspiring than they could have imagined.

Ponies picking up human transmission story for fun. Hope you enjoy.

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Awesome, always love reading these kinds of stories. And I agree, it's been far to quite since stories in this category dried up. Thank you for the entertainment!

The speech from the great dictator is awesome :moustache:

Twilight hardly had to ask as everybody had gone silent and moved their ears forward as soon as sound began to poor out of the radio’s large speaker.

I think you meant 'pour'. :twilightsmile:

“I know Twilight, and the things this creature was saying were atrocious, but it seems to be a fact of life that there will always be those who wish to cause conflict and pain, this that does not lesson the potential for good your work still shows, however.”

Here you meant 'lessen'.

“Hey, does this mean we can finally cut the cake?” Spike piped up. “All this alien talk has gotten me hungry.

You're missing and end quote after 'hungry'.

Aaaand I'm fairly certain that's all the grammatical/spelling mistakes in the story. Loved it, by the way. You've earned a like and a follow. :yay:



As for the that one downvote, it confounds me. Not because my story isn't infallible, but because it was their only a couple of minutes after the story went up and I find it hard to believe someone could read it that fast.
Guess my description needs work.

6023556 Really? They based it off of the description?

Make a sequel. This has the potential to be absolutely awesome. Maybe have pony kind go to the moon. Meet humanity. Fight daleks! So much potential! It's killing me!

" Meet daleks" what do you want this to be? A dr. Hooves crossover sequel, cause that would be fun!:twilightsmile:

I heard "Jews" and instantly thought Hitler.

I'd love a story like this, one that takes place in World War 2 where they hear the speeches of every country in the war.

(I'm a WWII junkie, sue me)

Excellent story as always Brony. I look forward to more stuff!

They might be a tiny bit late to the party. I mean radio waves travel at the speed of light in vacuum so depending on the distance between Earth and Equus then that signal would have been transmitted many year ago... assuming that the signal's from the actual movie 'The Great Dictator' and the signal was received in the present day on Earth then the distance between Earth and Equus would be no more than 75-ish light-years.

That said - Twilight causing an industrial revolution of unparalleled scale and inventing Magic Hyperdrive does sound pretty damn awesome... actually she'd be the perfect one to do it, all you really need is a massively-scaled up and more efficient version of the teleportation spell. The main problem would be providing the magical energy for that, but I'm sure she could figure something out.

Won't she feel silly when she arrives with the Equestrian Liberation Fleet and finds out it was all a misunderstanding over a movie and that the wars against dictators like Hitler are over.

:twilightsheepish: - "Sorry everypony... umm... oops?"
:ajsleepy: - "Gosh darn it Twilight..."

Alright, maybe this is a dumb question, but considering that the movie was made in 1940, is it safe to assume that the speech was NOT given by Hitler? *Feels dumb/ignorant*

The movie is purely fantasy work, Hitler said no such thing.

6024481 That's what I thought, but figured I'd check. Thanks for answering

You should continue this story. I would be willing to edit it if you did.

I wasn't even aware that the speech came from a movie, but throughout both speeches I could not help but think that twilight was actually picking up a radio show and had the device not burned out they would have heard an announcement cutting to commercial

Lotss of good speeches during WW2. that would probably be an alternate story though because:
The premise of this story, though it wasn't made entirely clear, is that Equus and the fictional Earth from the movie are in the same universe. In this story. this speech was really given and received many years later on an alien planet.
As for being late to the party, I'm debating whether the ponies would understand that light is not instantaneous and that the transmission is old. I'm leaning towards them knowing they'd be late, but still wanting to meet the alien civilization that spawned such an inspiring figure.

6024553 what about the realization that these alien beings are somehow speaking in their language?

I suddenly want to ask you to make a sequel...

Meh regardless, AWESOME story, glad you took the time to write it!

6024553 Well even if they don't *now* they will when Twilight starts properly researching and preparing for space travel. It's kind of a hard thing to miss after all haha

Interesting though, that it's an actual event. Guess that means Equus can be much closer to earth then if you want it to be.... hmmm... Now I have the mental image of Equestria forming an interstellar alliance with various races to promote peace and Harmony ala The Federation of Star Trek fame.

I mean, they already have Q on Equus (Discord) so they really do need to give him a Picard.

Oh Charlie Chaplain. Still an amazing orator.

That said, Pinkie calling him "Mr Stache" for some reason made me imagine an angry Hitler pony. It was both adorable and horrifying. Adorifying.

A bit forced in parts, but good none-the-less.

I always did love that speech.

This was wonderful. Thank you.

:pinkiesad2: This was beautiful. Managing to work in one of the greatest speeches ever into a fanfiction is just amazing. Good show.

This story is great and has a lot of potential to go places. Please continue it! :)

This is as good as "The Mane Six Discover Human Music" ( https://www.fimfiction.net/story/132548/the-mane-six-discover-human-music )
I hope it continues. I want more ponies reacting to human transmissions. Imagine if they got to hear other famous film scenes, like the speech from the film Independence Day, or if they got to watch the documentary "Baraka"! :twilightsheepish:

6024552 Oh dear... Now I'm in the mood for writing something similar.
Twilight picks up the old "War of the Worlds" broadcast from the 40's and everyone gets together, deciding that they'll give humanity a hand.

The speech is fictional but it's still good. Good story. :twilightsmile:

Charlie's movie was a spoof and a refutation of Hitler's Germany made just prior and during the start of WWII. The fact that Chaplin had a great deal of parallels with Hitler (birth date, poverty-to-power/wealth, the whole look even) made it that much more striking. And then Chaplin is swept up in the Red Scare after the war and his career ends in shambles.

Ah, The Great Dictator is one of my favorite film. And in fact, it has his own story with technology. Before this film Chaplin refused to use the sound in his film. He had preserved his movie silent. He preffered it that way. He only changed his mind when he watched the horror of the war, and the birth of a pro Hitler movement in his own country.

This movie can be see as a movie on the power of words. This movie express all the thing that Chaplin thought he can not express by any other way. And I consider Chaplin as a Genius of the movie production, so it means a lot...

This words deserved to be heard. (and you all, go Watch this movie!)

On the story : I love it. But it was... short... I mean... only on the cogitation of all the mane 6 on the possibility of an extraterrestrial life... There is so much possibilities! I mean... can you even imagined about all of what they were talking around this cake!

Who do you think was this ''St Luke'' they were talking about? Maybe a famous writer? A philosopher? A singer?

They talk of an ''airplane'', did I understand this well? A flying machine? Which, if I understand well, transports people? This is awesome! Yeah, until someone find a way to use it to enslave people.

Do you think the alien know how to make cake? Their cake certainly are not as good as yours, Pinkie.

He talked about democracy as if it was the best thing in the world, but we don't live in democracy? Do you think they know what monarchy is?

He associated the feeling of love with humanity... This is king of selfish, isn't it? I mean, i am not human and I love you all!

They does not seems to treat their cattle very well, even the good guy...

How much do you think they are, up there.... How many civilisations?

Do you think they lived... very different from us? Do you thin they lay eggs? Maybe they doesn't even know what parenthood is? Maybe their colt grow up by themselve, alone?

Tomainia, Osterlich? All this name does not seems to come from the same lenguage that we heard. How many lenguage are there in this world? What lenguage did they talk in Tomainia? Maybe they could not even understand the speech!

What are Jews? What are Aryans? Are they different like us from the gryffon? Or like the unicorn from the pegassus? Or maybe they designed a philosophy or a way of life? The good guy say that they were all mens... what does this word even mean? Maybe we are men? Maybe men mean something like ''sentient'' or something?

Who make their sun move, in their world? Wo they have their own Celestia? Does she, or he, do about the war?

Maybe there is an error here

Twilight wore one of grief. “I… This isn’t wanted I wanted at all. The radio was meant to bring beings of all walks of life together, not drive them apart with such- such…”

This isn't what I wanted seems better.

6024795 interestingly enough I was also reminded of that incident when I read this and I may have written something on it but I haven't written a fanfic in 7 yrs I just read them now

“Hence forth, this nation annexed to the Tomainian Empire, and the people of this nation will obey the laws bestowed upon us by our great leader, the dictator of Tomainia, the conquer of Osterlich, the future emperor of the world…”

I liked this story to be sure, but I think it could have benefitted from you having the ponies comment on how there were at least nations opposed to the hatred and fearmongering. ( "the conquer of osterlich)

I hope that if anything of our civilization reaces the stars, that it is Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" speech.
It embodies so much of what it means to be human. To live in the reality of a cruel world, and yet still hold on to the notion of hope inspite it all.

I love that speech. have it bookmarked.

Also if I have your blessing I may a sequel for this to my to do pile.

6024451 Look at post number two in these comments... Snowblind put up a YouTube clip of the speech from the movie The Great Dictator, which starred (and was written) by the late Charlie Chaplin. The speech, while from a piece of fiction, is inspiring and still relevant today as it was all those years ago.

and for some reason the ending makes Our First Steps come to mind even tho i know there is no link beteween the two

Going to do a music one, eh? That sounds good.:D Or perhaps a sequel to this where they try to go help. XD

Not unintentional. The Great Dictator was Charlie Chaplin's rebuttal to Nazi Germany.

Wonderful story. The concept of the "Space Radio" was one I really liked in "The Mane 6 Discover Human Music" & like I said in the comments to that story, the wonderful & terrible things the Ponies could potentially hear seems to me to be a deep well of story potential with how different characters could react to things that reaffirm or challenge their personality or views.

It seemed to me that the author of that story was rather overwhelmed though by the response to it & the flood of musical suggestions they received in the comments, so i did hope they'd be alright with someone else giving the concept a shot, though I admit I have no idea how the etiquette for such a thing works.

6024936 It's truly horrible that someone that spread love and tolerance like that was brought low by such hatred and fear. A real tragedy.

You took the greatest speech in the history of ever and made something truly wonderful. I tip my hat to you, good sir.

I understand that this is a short-notice story, but there were a few grammatical errors. Nonetheless, there are very few fictions that I thoroughly enjoy. This was one of them. The story definitely has potential and I believe I would not be the first, or the last to request an encore, sequel, or continuation to this. Good job.

Hmmm.... I've only just come across this story today. (I've saved it to my Flash drive, and will read it fully before bed tonight...)

But I am very well acquainted with the Charlie Chaplin film: "The Great Dictator," and its finale speech.

Chaplin was highly criticized for this film, and that same speech. Many Americans called him a 'communist.' Perhaps they simply didn't understand.

Just as well I wasn't of that generation when I first saw the film & heard the speech on one of the Disney Channel's Hollywood Classics movie nights. We, the generations that followed after this time, are far removed from the politics of the day, so we can appreciate this masterpiece on its own merits. I memorized much of this speech for my high school drama classes, and passed my end-of-term exam with flying colors reciting it. One can't help but be hooked by its simple truths, and swept up in its passionate fervor toward the end.

Oh... if only the real Great Dictator of Nazi Germany, had taken this tract instead with his military & political legacy... what a far different, and less hateful world, perhaps, ours might have been. At least Hollywood, if not the real world, has built its early legacy on showcasing such ideas, for generations to come------whatever the species.

Seventy-five years old, and still as relevant today as it was at the time.

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