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The ponies of Ponyville grew fearful of a being that lived among them. Wielding the weapons of his people, will they finally band together and claim victory over him once and for all? Or be shot down in defeat?

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Wat/10 :derpytongue2:

I kinda expected something like this. :D

ooooooooooo i get it!

At least it wasn't just yellow with no lemons...

Wow it completely changed at the end xD

I like it. :heart:

I knew there was going to be a punch line, and when it happened, I was not disappointed.

I thought it was a paintgun at first...

That monster.


This is exactly what I thought it would be, and I love it.

The comments made me think he had combustible lemon launchers. :derpytongue2:

I bet you also put milk in your bowl, before the cereal too. You Monster!

By Celestia, don't you have any soul?!

That ending was totally unexpected. Well played, author.

So many ponies burned that day, those that survived knew not to anger Cave Johnson.

Thought it was Nerf. I wasn't that far off.

I thought nerf gun.... I was on the right lines.

Also trollestia for sure knows what a super soaker is,she's just acting dumb as a prank with the human in on it

They had me working in the toy department today, and now all I can think about are the squirt guns made by hasbro....

Man, you got me there. Nice work.

See... I wasn't suuuure... but noticing the tags I had an ideaaa... I am glad I was right too. :D
(Though that does make one of the plot points seriously questionable... how the Tartarus do you hospitalize someone with squirt gun?)


thats not how you eat cereal!?

6832390 knowing their tendency to panic, he probably ran into a cart full of cabbages or something.

I will accept this. Sounds perfectly reasonable skittish creatures these ponies be.

i saw dis stori on the front page.
ur stori sux go kill urself.

6832501 and why don't you go learn how to spell properly you insensitive ass.

6832524 Not to be rude, but learn to spot a troll.

Especially one who knows the guy, jeeze.


Got something in their eye and it got inflamed (as if pony eyes could get any bigger!), got salt/lemon in a cut, made someone slip and twist something, etc.

Or he shot Rarity. She'd probably be hospitalized for days due to mane injury.

But in all seriousness, they probably all hurt themselves during the massive flight from his 'overwhelming power'. Mob mentality and all. The rest of the one-on-one encounters were exaggerations worthy of the flower-trio.


Well, if you're going to be like that...

6832615 Cue this comment section being flooded by Nerf War videos.

kek. I expected dart guns but this is better. Aim for the eyes, Anon.


We are not amused.

I think the funniest thing I realized to pair up with the ridiculousness of this comedy, is that those named are all food based, no wonder they're so easily struck down by the "weapon" :rainbowlaugh:

This... This was very well written in an unconventional kind of way. Iv'e seen writers spend hours upon hours coming up with flowery narration and complex plots to obtain the kind of entertainment value that you deliver by simply letting the story be as it should with its simple, yet effective delivery.

Well done, well done indeed.

Dude, love ya Sao much ya funny guy!

What gun he uses? Ammo have a lemon? now I never hear that before.

6832943 Super Soakers, :rainbowlaugh:

6832943 dude was using super soakers filled with lemon juice. They weren't actual guns.

6832979 OHHHHH!


Wont lie... yah had me going there.

i was expecting paint guns, but water guns is cool to.

I kind of expected that those weapons were soakers, but it was still hilarious anyway :rainbowlaugh:

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