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Just a skinny white guy from Montana, I think ponies and guns are the best inventions in life.


(My OC)

My name is Redmamba and as you can see I am a Pegasus... well a different kind of Pegasus. Here are the basic facts about me.

Age: 20
Sex: female... duh.
Colors: Grey fur, black and purple mane, and red eyes.
Occupation: Dangerous animal trainer. hence the snake on my rear.
Now why am I missing my wings well...
I was transferring some rather dangerous snakes to another pen when one wiggled loose from my grab pole. In the panic he grabbed my wing. So now here I am dying from a snake bite and I have a snake on the loose. After a few minutes I found him... again... with my other wing. He bit me again. Once I got him in his cage I passed out. I woke up in the hospital a few days later. Come to find out the venom caused massive muscle damage to my wings. I lost all use, leaving me flightless. Now being unable to fly for prolonged lengths of time wasn't a big deal but I need my wings to "play" with the animals. Well I met a friend recently and he was willing to hook me up. Neodimium Bolt or Neo over at e-tec Industries was willing to hook me up with a special set of wings, and now I can play with my animal "friends" without getting hurt. Thanks Bro!

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Who I am.

So how did I become a brony... well...

It was a Saturday, and I was board out of my mind. Earlier that week a friend of mine recommend that I check out My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I rolled my eyes at him and blew it off. But my interest got the best of me. So I pulled up MLPFIM on my computer and send him a message saying "Okay, I'm finally manning up and watching mlp," he said "Its pretty good I bet you'll like it," I rolled my eyes at that. Up came the opening which I winced at. But once the first episode was done I had to see the how the Nightmare Moon situation ended... and well... I spend the next week watching the rest of seasons until I saw Equestria Girls, and well... I wanted more. And the rest is history. So I joined the brony community shortly after the end of season 3

I think Applejack is the best pony of the mane 6, probably because I live in a country state and I know she'd fit well here in Montucky... I mean Montana.

I'm a bit of a gun fanatic, so if its big and goes boom I'll shoot it.

I love chilling with my friends every chance I get and I draw, build models, and now write in my spare time. My stories aren't perfect but I try to be out there on my topics, something that gets away from the usual love, hie, or war pony stories. Yes I go with the woke up, teleported or crashed in Equestria, but after that things change. I hope that you can enjoy what I write, and get past the few grammar issues I have.

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If you like WWII stories this is the place to be.

There I think I'm done if you made it this far, you can go bake some cookies and give them to me.


Never Forget. · 11:52pm Sep 11th, 2021

I've never done a blog on this particular day because I have my own way of honoring those that were killed during the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

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