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Just a skinny white guy from Montana, I think ponies and guns are the best inventions in life.


(My OC)

My name is Redmamba and as you can see I am a Pegasus... well a different kind of Pegasus. Here are the basic facts about me.

Age: 20
Sex: female... duh.
Colors: Grey fur, black and purple mane, and red eyes.
Occupation: Dangerous animal trainer. hence the snake on my rear.
Now why am I missing my wings well...
I was transferring some rather dangerous snakes to another pen when one wiggled loose from my grab pole. In the panic he grabbed my wing. So now here I am dying from a snake bite and I have a snake on the loose. After a few minutes I found him... again... with my other wing. He bit me again. Once I got him in his cage I passed out. I woke up in the hospital a few days later. Come to find out the venom caused massive muscle damage to my wings. I lost all use, leaving me flightless. Now being unable to fly for prolonged lengths of time wasn't a big deal but I need my wings to "play" with the animals. Well I met a friend recently and he was willing to hook me up. Neodimium Bolt or Neo over at e-tec Industries was willing to hook me up with a special set of wings, and now I can play with my animal "friends" without getting hurt. Thanks Bro!

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Who I am.

So how did I become a brony... well...

It was a Saturday, and I was board out of my mind. Earlier that week a friend of mine recommend that I check out My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I rolled my eyes at him and blew it off. But my interest got the best of me. So I pulled up MLPFIM on my computer and send him a message saying "Okay, I'm finally manning up and watching mlp," he said "Its pretty good I bet you'll like it," I rolled my eyes at that. Up came the opening which I winced at. But once the first episode was done I had to see the how the Nightmare Moon situation ended... and well... I spend the next week watching the rest of seasons until I saw Equestria Girls, and well... I wanted more. And the rest is history. So I joined the brony community shortly after the end of season 3

I think Applejack is the best pony of the mane 6, probably because I live in a country state and I know she'd fit well here in Montucky... I mean Montana.

I'm a bit of a gun fanatic, so if its big and goes boom I'll shoot it.

I love chilling with my friends every chance I get and I draw, build models, and now write in my spare time. My stories aren't perfect but I try to be out there on my topics, something that gets away from the usual love, hie, or war pony stories. Yes I go with the woke up, teleported or crashed in Equestria, but after that things change. I hope that you can enjoy what I write, and get past the few grammar issues I have.

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If you like WWII stories this is the place to be.

There I think I'm done if you made it this far, you can go bake some cookies and give them to me.


This is why I hate beurocracy. · 12:20am Last Wednesday

Exactly as it says and why I really have issues with big government. Along with why I think most of what is going on in the U.S. is a farce and only getting worse each day. This is also this is one of the biggest reasons why the government does not care about its people and only about lining their pockets. Because today, 1/19/2021, I finally got my first stimulus payment. Almost a year later I got the money that was supposed to be helpful in one way or another and intended to be used

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I’ve captured the infamous criminal Nine-Toes; where is my bounty? No tricks, only treats.

2697631 Well the whole Twilight thing did take off like I liked, but since you gave the best augment I figure we could keep talk about it here?

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