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Just a skinny white guy from Montana, I think ponies and guns are the best inventions in life.

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My name Is Redmamba or Red for short. This is the story on what I did to earn my wings. Now here's what I will tell you. I am a dangerous animal trainer, I play with snakes, lizards, spiders and the like. I think you can see where this is headed. This is the story of how I messed up and ended with an AWESOME set of wings.

(Rated T for Teen because of poisonous snake bites.)

I want to thank e-tec for the drawing this was written for his pleasure... and unknowing.

Chapters (1)

Brian, daredevil, adrenaline junky, crazy, all names people call him. Well when you jump out of airplanes and climb rock cliffs for fun, you might be called these things too. But for Brian, it was a normal skydiving jump, but things turn for the worst. When his parachute failed to open properly he ends up plummeting to earth in a horrible downward spiral. He came crashing down in a forest miles away from his landing zone. The last thing he remembered was a small purple creature carrying him away as he bled in its arms.
Now he's awake and living life to the fullest... well as full as he can when he learns that he's in a land full of small colorful horses. But a secret about his past is about to come to the light, and the only one that can answer the questions is Twilight.

(I was given permission to write this by e-tech this is his idea, I just wrote it, so the credit should go to him, although I get partial credit for writing it.)

Chapters (4)

Kris, Steven, and Dusty are three brothers... not in blood, but in arms. Kris and Steven have been together since the beginning, and their newest member Dusty has been with the war hero's for two weeks. As the three men race to survive the sudden surprise they found in France, they escape death by the skin of their teeth, but it wasn't any walk in the park. Steven is hurt, and the squads sharpshooter can no longer see. For these three war hero's, to them, war never changes, but when they end up in a situation that is beyond human comprehension. The three men are the last hope to help save the world from a dark and powerful force... one, that is far worse than Hitler's Elite SS troops.

How will the heroes survive and will they ever make it back home? Well even they don't know, they only have each other... and their new squad mates to rely on.

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You decide to go out hunting on the last day of the hunting season. You make it to your hunting area with ease, and there he is... in the trees... the buck of a lifetime. The chase ensues as you track the monster buck, but you slip and hit your head. Next thing you know your cold and lost, you eventually find a safe place and head toward it, what happens next... only makes your story better.

(I know that hunting is a little controversial but if you can get past the first chapter things change. Promise!)

Chapters (7)
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