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Not many ponies know this, but Daring Do always leaves her most valuable treasure behind whenever she goes on an adventure. And that treasure is you, Anonymous, her adopted human child. She's never gone for too long anymore though; not with you in her life. Or, at least that's how it was.

Eight long years have passed since she last flew up into the sky and out of your life to go on another adventure; almost half of your whole life. And yes, you did spend a lot of that time worrying, and wondering about where she could be, or what could've happened to her, but you also spent it honing your own adventuring skills. And now you're all grown up, and you're going after her.

With the wisdom of six good friends, determination in your heart, and mom's lucky hat on your head, there's no way that you can lose.

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So she was frozen in time?

Indeed she was, those ancient Gryphon shamans were pretty good at their magic traps it seems.

Very impressive! This was quite an enjoyable read and the story is very well put together. Good job!
Also, the bone puns... and your avatar... I'm onto you...


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Funnily enough the story here came before the game, but perhaps using skele-puns is inevitable for any creator.

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I must say that I love this story it was really good I only noticed a couple of spelling errors every now and then nothing major but other than that it was very good and kept me on the edge of my seat and sometimes it made me feel sad when you made me think that daring do is dead that is my favorite background pony so I would be sad if she would have died

A well done story, through and through...

You’re reDoculous mom…

Except for this. This ruined everything.

Certainly deserves a like.

I don't know why, but I'm reminded of the Dwemer (or something) from Skyrim...

What if he died right when he pulled off the lucky hat

I’d have died laughing

This was such a well-written story! Anon using everything he has learned from the Mane 6, one by one, guiding him through. Daring Do being, well, daring - though this time that nearly separated her from what she really loved for good. It was fun to "portray" Anon - he had the strength, the endurance, the courage. He very much channeled his adopted mother, while employing some of his own strengths which she lacked. (And frankly, the real me wouldn't even come close.)
Maybe there were a couple of spelling errors and/or grammar mistakes, but I don't care! I'm pretty sure not all the language in my comment is proper either, but I'm tired and I just want to get my thoughts across, even if I can't express them as clearly or professionally (is that even the right term?) as I want.
Top notch Fimfic!

Yes this was a great story i loved it i hope you make more stories like this. i'd love to read more of this mother/son duo go on lots of adventures. I hope you write a series of this duo going on more adventures

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