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Down with Chrysalis

Yo! Down with Chrysalis, or DWC for short here! I'm here to read great stories and write out my stories. DOWN WITH THE HIVE QUEEN! DOWN WITH CHRYSALIS!


You, a brony, are sent to Equestria. The problem is, you're now a mute so...good luck!

Yeah, let's hope you don't do anything too bad considering the whole mute thing

The decent comment driven story writing guy (me) is back! Let's all have a blast and have lots of laughs along the way of this new adventure! Try not to die though, cause people die when they are killed.

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You are accused of working for Nightmare Moon/being Nightmare Moon in disguise, and Twilight attacks thinking that the end of the world is nigh.
Dodging out of the way of her magic spell, another Orb gets destroyed.

You then get chased around by the angry Unicorn around and around the pedestal as you wave your arms in panic.

Eventually you plead on your knees with your hands in a prayer clasp before the rest of the Mane 6, hoping that they will spare you and save you from the angry Unicorn.

And then Nightmare Moon happens.

Hold up a hand in a "stop" motion.

Point to Fluttershy, gesturing her over to you. (use puppy dog eyes at need)

Write in dust on floor. Try to explain. If/when that fails, run like Hell.

If Nightmare Moon shows up, pray to Celestia for guidance. Hope she isn't snarky.

Realizing that in about five seconds or so, you're going to be subject to some murdery magic from Twilight, among other things, you decide to do what any person in this situation would do.

You turn around and run like a b***ch, making a mad dash for the other side of the room. After the third step a purple bolt flies by your head, singeing your hair.

"Get back here!" You hear Twilight yell.

You redouble your efforts, and your attention is drawn to one of the mirrors in the room. You're not sure why, but you get the idea that maybe one of these mirrors could secretly be a door to another dimension. Hey, whoever said that there was only the one from Equestria Girls? With this Completely Logical Conclusion in mind, you aim at one of the mirrors, and run straight towards it. New world here you-


Or it could just be a completely normal mirror. You think.

You look down at your now lacerated body from obviously stupid decision you have made. Shards of the mirror are now stuck in your body, in fact it's extremely painful. You are also bleeding profusely. As the pain registers, you curl up on the floor and start screaming silently, of course curling up shoves the shards deeper in your body, making it even more painful.

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Question: What are you wearing right now?

Regardless, you managed to find a dusty old Minotaur cloak.


Fortunately you know a little bit of Sign Language from recently going to a triple-feature of the Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy. Unfortunately this just makes things worse as Ponies don't have hands and assume you're casting some dark spell.


Call in Bugze!

"Oi! I already have my own bucking issues to deal with!" an unlucky-sounding voice calls out at you in annoyance.


Stumble across a Healing Potion that clears up the shards and wounds, but also has the side of effect of making you briefly glow with healing energy thus making hiding ALOT harder.


* #19: Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating.

Wave at them seeing their unamused faces slowly back away try running for the door but before you get there the door shut by purple glow

In the far future, new FiMFiction users will wonder, "How the fuck does this fanfic explode beyond over one million words?!" ...and it might partly be our fault.

Well! In any case, let's hop in on a second train! Starting off small:

Perform a Dogeza!

You bow before your dearest pony overlords, head pressed into the ground, hoping with every fiber of your being that your extraordinary display of servitude and apology will ease their rage. You get the shit kicked out of you.

Harness your inner skeletor wave your arms about in a wild fashion while trying to yell about He man .

I believe Harlan Ellison would be laughing at the title and prospect of the story. Myself, about choked when I saw it and knew the reference. Well done! :yay:

Nightmare Moon takes an interest in you since you helped destroy two Elements of Harmony, so using that interest you mime to her how about taking the glass out of your wounds.

She does just that, and it is incredibly painful, and with the glass freed, you bleed a little more, so you start tearing the bedsheets into bandages and putting them over your cuts.

You then thank her profusely, causing her to chuckle darkly since she thinks you're her most loyal subject. She says how she doesn't have any armor or clothing to fit your shape, but she does give you a banner with a moon on it, which you wear like a poncho.

Cue Rainbow Dash seeing you wearing the banner next to Nightmare Moon, shrieking, and flying back to tell the others, causing you to facepalm.

And at some point, this line should be thought if he finds a weapon or something.

To Defeat The He-Man, You Must Become the He-Man!

Pledge yourself to the Moon! Either the world will right itself and you have influence with a purified Luna, or shit goes whack and you have a chance serve as a Blade of the Darkmoon in a kingdom of eternal night. Might as well, shit already looks bad!

Got to keep up that skeletor or complex ,Try to see if nightmare moon could attempt to get you a speak and spell with full batteries.

Find a dusty old Minotaur cloak. Seriously, cover yourself man! The show is rated TV-Y!


Call in Bugze!

"Oi! I already have my own bucking issues to deal with!" an unlucky-sounding voice calls out at you in annoyance.

Kneel before Nightmare Moon. Make it clear you mean no harm. Pray to Murphy, 'cause you're gonna need the help. Indicate your throat, attempt to speak. (ham it up for effect at need) Adopt a pleading expression, hope Nightmare will take pity on you, and not delight in your suffering. If the Elements (at least, whats left of them!) show up, try to stop, slow or incapacitate them. Being friendly has failed. Time to play hardball.

[Mr. Author, when I said "hope she isn't snarky" I meant hope Celestia isn't snarky or a troll, and offers aid. Not objecting, just explaining myself.]

After Rainbow Dash's screams have faded away, Nightmare Moon turns her attention back to you. "Come," she says, "If you are to serve me properly, you need a weapon to assist you in your duties."

You motion back to where Rainbow fled, giving a questioning look.

"Those mares?" she scoffs, "While they are a threat, it is not an immediate one. Especially with physical form of two of the Elements destroyed. But enough of that." Her horn lights up, "Let us get you equipped." There's a bright flash and you feel incredibly disoriented for several seconds.

As your eyes adjust from being blinded you look around to see that you are now in completely different room. Your eyes widen as you see a variety of weapons. There's enough weapons here for a entire army! You think. As you admire at the plethora of weapons, you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn to see Nightmare Moon looking at you.

"Here," she says, "This should suffice for now." She levitates a scepter with a ram's head on top of it over to you. You carefully take it from her, a cold shiver going through your body as you interact with her magic.

You look at the scepter in your hands, trying to keep yourself from cackling manically. She just gave me the Havoc Staff! I really am Skeletor! You nod in thanks to Nightmare.

"You should be able to utilize basic magic with this." Nightmare says, "Levitation, magic bolts of varying nature, and a shield. It will respond to your will as to which you want to use. Tis' a shame you cannot speak, otherwise you could use this to it's utmost ability. Go ahead and try it."

You nod again and turn to face a convenient target board that happened to appear on the wall you looked at. Crap! You star freaking out internally I have no idea how to magic!

You take a deep breath. Okay, stay calm. She said it responds to my will, so I just need to will it. You narrow your eyes at the target. You shall not be defeated by this enemy! You shall defeat He-Man-


Nightmare Moon blinks owlishly at the now three foot hole in the wall, and the one behind that, and the one behind that as well. "While I am impressed at your skill, please restrain yourself. I plan on living here, and I don't want these mares killed."

Before Nightmare Moon can do anything unsightly, you suddenly come up with a plan. You hold your hands out in front of you, before pointing to her horn. Before she can ask what you're doing, point to your own temple and do that back and forth. Surprisingly, she gets it and telepathically reads your mind. With an explanation out of the way, she actually seems to give you a chance as she backs away. She then says:
"How...interesting. Perhaps, as vengeance, you could aid me in my own quest. I mean, after all, some of the Elements are no more."

If all else fails shiv her with the mirror-glass, preferably whilst she's not looking, and leg it like the terrifying mother of all things dark and evil was chasing you.

Pulling the shards will cause bleed though so be sure to stock red moss and bandages if you can.

You get dogpiled by the ponies who all start demanding where Twilight is.

"Say it! SAY IT!!!" Rainbow orders causing you to struggle in frustration.

I would if I could skittles! Nyeh!

You keep pointing up towards the ceiling, but they still think you're an enemy and won't leave you unattended.
Finally in frustration, you use the Havoc Staff to push them off of you, and it does so giving you enough room to scramble.

Swinging wildly with the staff, you accidentally hit Pinkie in the head causing her to get knocked out.

Oh Crap! No, No, No, NO!

You suck in a lot of breath in and put your hands over your mouth horror at what you've just done as Fluttershy yells, yes, actually YELLS,


Feeling guilty and knowing that you need all of them somewhere up some stairs to help Twilight, you grab Pinkie's unconscious form, tuck her under your arm and run for dear life up the nearest stairwell.

"Put Her Down!" Applejack calls out after you.

Eventually, you do hear Nightmare Moon cackling, but the ponies catch up to you just as you enter the room and start kicking the crap out of you. Hearing her friends voices, Twilight still gets inspired and then the Elements Happen

As you stare at the five mares, you decide to do the first thing that come to mind.

You wave the staff menacingly and sneer at them, See He-Man? You cannot hope to match against my power! Nyeh!

Fortunately, your intimidation tactic worked flawlessly. The five ponies scream and run the opposite direction.

Crap. Not what I wanted. you think, Why must I be cursed with this Skeleton complex? You raise the Havoc Staff at them, Stop!

A translucent blue wall appears in front of them, and they all smash into it. The ponies fall to the ground, stunned from the impact.

Still not what I wanted. You mentally groan. Okay, I can still fix this, just need to get them to the room with the Elements. You will the ponies to be lifted up and a blue aura surrounds each of them as they start floating. Odd, I thought that my magic would have a more menacing color. Keeping the ponies in front of you, you start walking down the hallway when you realize something incredibly important.

You are hopelessly and irrevocably lost.

Goshdang it Nightmare! You think, Couldn't you have given me a map or something before ditching me?

"MUAHAHAHAHA!" Nightmare's laughter echoes throughout the castle as if in response to your thoughts.

That works too. You speed up, the ponies levitating in front.

In the back of your mind your inner Skeletor yells to you about being Destroying He-man you know deep down he might be right why should you possibly help these ponys they did attack you first
How could they, they tried to kill you, you also found out the PG rating seamed null and void .

Throw a couple sparks at the ponies. Just enough to catch their attention. After your attack "fails", book it up the stairs towards Twilight and Nightmare. If possible, arrive quickly, hide in the shadows. Depending on events, either stay hidden until Nightmare is defeated, or strike and catch her unawares. Pray to Murphy that Twilight understands that your actions were a setup to stop or incapacitate Nightmare Moon, and bank on the fact that Friendship IS Magic.

You figure that hey, all you simply have to do is just lead them to twilight simply by just "cowering" and having them chase you. Hopefully it will lead to them somewhere. The castle cant be that big, right?

One eternity later.

Alright, this has got to be the right way. I can feel it

Its not. In fact it happens to be the very room you started in.

Oh come on!!!

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Alright, alright, alright... Whats the best outcome here.
On the one hand you could serve your dark mistress and prove your worth to her.
On the other hand, you could try to mime to the ponies about how your loyalties are flimsy at best.
But let's not kid ourselves, the miming didn't work earlier and it sure as HELL isn't gonna work with us sporting Nightmare Moons colors and waving a menacing skull staff around. Come on Skeletor, you're all in whether you like it or not! I'm sure you can somehow convince the dark queen to spare these cretins once the dust settles!

As you come up with the plan to lead them to twilight by 'cowering', the Benny Hill's theme comes one.

You finally get up the stairs to the room with Nightmare and Twi buuuuut there's one little problem... "how do I shake them of and let events unfold!? you think panting. All that running and dodging all while carrying Pinkie's unconscious form ( she needs to cut down on the sweets, even though it makes her soft and cuddly ('Squee')) , was far out of your gamer/couch potato comfort zone.

Turning to see the owner of the voice you see, a absolutely peeved Twilight Sparkle.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO PINKIE PIE!?" She calls with rage.

"Ah, oh yeah." you think sweating in fear at her now glowing horn.

Before any spell of hers can be cast, you are surrounded in a dark blue aura and instantly you are at Nightmare's side as she laughed like a mad tyrant.

"Well done my subject!" She yells in delighte looking at the pink tubby pony in your arms like a wolf would look at a helpless lamb.

"You have captured one of these pests in a matter of minutes, you made my plan all the more easy."

"that don't look good..." you think bringing Pinkie defensively closer to your body.

Pinkie stirs at the movement.

"Don't lay a hoof on her!" Twilight calls out.

"And what if I do~?"Nightmare Moon asks "pry tell." pulling Pinkie from your grasp, shaking her like a bully would shake stolen candy in front of a baby.

"Not cool Lulu... Not cool. you think angrily and worried for what she may do to her. 'please don't tell me she'll kill her like Frieza did Krillin!'


Suddenly the mane 4 come charging in through the stair way into the room.

"Oh, hey Twilight..."AJ says quickly solely focused on you.

"OH! Twilight!!"AJ says now fully aware of her now.

"And the rest of them too?!" Nightmare Moon says raising a brow looking at you "someone deserves a promotion!"

"Some-pony got the number of that goat?" Pinkie says like a drunk. "He seemed quite handsome, heh,heh~"

"GIVE US BACK PINKIE PIE!!" Rainbow Dash calls out.

"As you wish" Nightmare Moon giggles sadistically "CATCH FILLIE-FOOLER"

She lunches Pinkie at break nek speed at rainbow.



Whilst Nightmare is preoccupied with her game of 'catch the baker' shank her in the shoulders, it'll be hard for her to see you coming from that angle and impossible to remove without help or magic, snap it in half to make things harder and hope that the mane 6 take advantage of the opening and don't just stare at your apparant case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder or you may be a fine red paste very soon.

When she tries to take Pinkie out of your grip, you hold on firmly.

"What are you doing?" asks Nightmare as she tugs on Pinkie but you yank her back.
"You can let go now," she insists as tries to tug her again, and you tug back and shake your head.

NO! Mine!

"Give her to me!"

Screw you! This is MY Pink Pony now, you're not going to hurt her! Nyeh!
Pinkie is then in the middle of a game of tug of war between you and Nightmare Moon, squeaking the whole time while the other five look on in confusion.

"Let Go This Instant Soldier!" she growls as she sends out a wave of magic which knocks you on your back and loosens your grip on Pinkie.
"Learn your place. There will be plenty of mares for you to claim later. This one must be made an example of!"

Don't say it like that! you shout as the other mares give you disgusted looks and you shake your head no.

When she throws Pinkie, you've had enough. You are taller than this evil goddess, so you use this to your advantage and wrap her in a bear hug, with the staff holding her front legs up.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" she flails in your arms.
Keeping you from destroying He-M- PONIES, keeping you from destroying ponies. Prince Adam comes later...and wow you're so soft and fluffy. You can't help but nuzzle against her as she flails around.

As you struggle with Nightmare, you give Twilight a look trying to convey your meaning with your eyes. Here's your chance!

By the grace of some unknown God, she manages to understand you. Her horn glows brightly as she aim it at you. "This is for hurting Pinkie Pie!"

Your eyes widen as you realize that you're in the line of fire.Wait I meant use the Elements!


You're not sure what happened next, but somehow you end up face down on the ground. Your back feels like it's burning, and breathing is hard to come by. You hear a pony walk next to you.

"You are a fool." You hear Nightmare whisper in your ear, "If you had just obeyed me the first time, you would have been unharmed. However, since you protected me, I shall consider this your punishment for disobedience." You feel a nuzzle against your cheek. "I shall heal you when I am finished with these mares."

As you hear her walk away, you can't help but think, Twilight you boob!

In the back of your mind you know this is all beast mans fault some how it always is . Thanking what did getting blasted by the elements even Do to you besides make you feel like ya got run over by a garage truck?

Right as the Mane 5 are about to take you down with their various skills, you realize that you have the skills of one universal language: Beatboxing!

Suddenly, you drop some sick beats while doing funky dance moves. While four of them still think you're casting a spell (though they are slightly confused about the beatboxing), Pinkie Pie is bobbing her head along to the beat with a smile on her face. After finishing your sick track, the ponies look at you with the equivalent face of a squirrel if their acorns started floating and jazz music started coming out: sheer, unadulterated confusion. "Now's my chance to escape these ponies and KILL HE-MAN-I mean, save canon. NYEH!", you think to yourself, as you use the Joestar Family Technique...which is running for your life.

When trying to show Celestia that you can't speak, she nods and pulls out a pad and pencil.

"Luna mentioned that you were mute. But you seem intelligent enough to write."

No matter what you write though, Celestia doesn't understand it.

"Odd. I've never seen this type of language before. You can understand my speech though correct?"

You nod enthusiastically.


She then goes on about how there are conflicting reports about how you attempted to sabotage everything and ensure the Eternal Night, but that Luna spoke very highly about you and refused to have you charged with anything.

"As it is, since there is no clear to communicate with you, I can't exactly let you wander my country unescorted."

Crap! I'm going to the dungeons!

"But because Luna has spoken out for you, I am willing to give you a chance. My student Twilight Sparkle will be living now in this town with her friends who you've met. Until such a time that we can communicate properly and know your story, I will leave you in their care."

What? Am I under house arrest or something?

She sees your outraged face.

"The alternative will be more...militaristic in nature..."

OK, house arrest sounds nice. I guess Twilight can help me learn their written language, but I'm pretty sure five out of six of them hate me

You then remember the most important thing of all.

You draw on your notepad the Havoc Staff and show it to Celestia.

"Ah the staff of Grogar. Luna said you might ask for it's whereabouts. I have left it in the care of my faithful student. Whether she wants to give it back to you is another story."

Curses! I can't be foiled from my destiny...Wait a minute. Princess Celestia is voiced by Nicole Oliver...the same voice actress as...

You look upon Princess Celestia with a toothy sneer and she backs up in surprise.

Curse You Sorceress! You will not be able to keep Castle Greyskull safe from me forever!!!

She then looks upon your arm waving in amusement.

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You lied to me :fluttercry:.

I can see why you didn't use it, kinda hard to go from stabbing someone to getting cuddles from them.

Hopeing luna has not sold you out as the lord of snake mountain you know she will tell He man if she knows you must hide your true Skeletor self ,if she has no clue then your safe .

Alright, enough of your inner Skeltor complex, thats got you in enough trouble already. Time to have an inner non-evil complex. Something that will show her im not evil. But who?

Papyrus:Nyeh-heh-heh, i must capture a human!!!

Curse you Toby, youre next after He-Man!!! Come on, surely you can think of anything other than talking skeletons, right?

Come on, think,

Ok, enough with the skeletons already, think of something else!!!

And itsa me, Wa-Ha-HEEEEE!!!

Inner complex, you suck!!!

Luna laughs and cuddles you while Celestia looks on at you in confusion.

Well, at least Luna likes me, so thats something. At least if things dont work out with Celestia i still got cuddles from best princess.

A jolt of pain shoots through your body as you move your arms, and a strangled hiss escapes from your throat as you try to react to said pain.

Celestia's smile fades at the sight of it. "Please don't move around much. Your injuries were quite severe, and several of the doctors insisted that you should have died from blood loss."

You become rather sober at hearing that. Crap, I really could have died! You feel a twinge of pain from your back and you carefully gesture to it.

You see a spark of anger appear in Celestia's eyes. "Then there is the matter of Twilight's attack. You must have some innate resistance to magic because from the amount of power she put into that attack should have left a hole in your body. That is another reason why you are going to Ponyville, so she can atone for it."

But I was kinda her enemy at the time.You slowly mime this out to Celestia, mainly by gesturing between you and Luna, also doing a rather impressive Skeletor impression as well.

"I have taught her to be better than that." Celestia says in response. "Regardless, when you leave, I will also send a couple guards to watch over you. They will be sending reports back to me as well."

She turns around and heads to the door. "Unfortunately, I must take my leave now. I have a many a thing to do today. Get well Skeletor." With that, she's gone.

Tears flow from your eyes as you hear her call you that. You are in euphoria, the heavens have opened above you and angels are singing. She called me Skeletor! You weep. I'm so happy I could die!

"Hmm, hold on," you think to yourself, "There is one complex I remember activating." After remembering your crazy run, you try to call upon the heroic complex of the great Joseph Joestar...and it almost works! You almost feel like rising from bed, throwing out a ridiculous, yet clever plan, and being a smartass the whole way through. But your nerves are too shot. Not only are you bleeding quite a bit, Celestia is right in front of you, after all, and while she might appreciate a "Your next line is going to be-" gag, her presence is a bit distracting.

"So, according to Luna, you can't speak or write in any Equestrian language I've ever heard," Celestia says, before holding out a tray with various putties. "But I know you can understand me. That much is certain. So, I had an idea. Using these putties, I want you to re-enact the entire event."

And so, you get to work! Creating a putty Skeletor in your place (which Celestia notes, in good nature, looks nothing like how you actually look.), and putty ponies, you begin explaining. How you showed up, meeting the Mane Six, the Havoc Staff, Beatboxing, the Joestar Family Technique, and how you ended up here. Through it all, she sits attentively, watching it and listening to your...Nyehs. You seem to just be saying "NYEH!" constantly, but the tone's there.

After you finish, Celestia says "Okay, I know I'm missing a lot of context, but let me see if I got this straight...you were brought here-" nod "and woke up immediately set upon by my student and her new friends-" nod "before you got your flank kicked and you were "recruited" for Nightmare Moon-" nod "Gaining the staff of Grogar-" Havoc Staff! I mean, nod "before knocking out one of my student's friends, which I don't know was an accident or not, since the little putty skeleton was flailing around like he had the bone-jangles-" reluctant nod "then you ran up to Nightmare Moon after a considerable amount of time, tried to stop her from kidnapping Pinkie, which aided in my dear sister Luna getting saved?" furious nodding

"Hmm...alright. I will have to receive context for...a lot of that. Hence, I will send you to live with Pinkie, since she seemed to have quite a bit of fun in your presence. I don't think Twilight will appreciate you and your stressful visit thus far, and the rest seemed to be particularly spiteful. In addition, I will send a scribe to teach you Equestrian penmanship. I will be confiscating the Staff of Grogar, though. It's quite powerful, and since I don't know your full intent, it's easier to keep it with me. I hope you understand."

Crossing fingers to see how long the Interrogation goes until Celestia or Twilight uses the Memory Spell to find the truth themselves.

Wait, how did she know to call me that?

"Oh, you're probably wondering how I knew your name. Well while you were unconscious, I and even my faithful student tried to delve into your mind...but you have an unusually strong mental barriers. The only clear image we could receive was a purple clad creature with a skull face dancing, and the word "Skeletor" repeated over and over again. We figured that this was your name. Is it?"

Yes! For all that is holy yes! you 'shout' as you bob your head up in down with enough force to give you whiplash.

Good she has no idea now all I need to do is lay low long enough to get the Havoc staff back, then I need to start looking for beast man and tell him it's all his fault, maybe find Evil-Lyn while your at it then find snake mountain .

You see that there is still a bump on her forehead where you accidentally hit her and you put on a guilty expression.

"Oh don't worry about it, It doesn't hurt anymore," she waves off, but you shake your head and give her a big hug which she cheerfully accepts.

"I accept your apology. But if you really want to make it up to me, you'll teach me your awesome dance and beatboxing moves."

You nod your head in the affirmative as she lets you back up and you look out the open door.

You are now with the Pink Party Pony. There is only one thing to do.

Drawing on your notebook, you sketch a cake and her eyes light up.

"OH My Gosh! How'd you know I work in a bakery?"

Tensing up, you smile as you tap your nose then her mane.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense. Alright Skeletor, let's go get you some cake!" she yells as she rushes you outside, past Twilight and the others who were waiting to speak, but they don't get a chance as she throws you onto her party wagon and speeds you away, your Guard Escorts and the rest of the Elements shouting in surprise and trying to catch up

After you Arrive at Sugarcube corner, some of the patrons are freaked out by your appearance and some rush out.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake are more than surprised as Pinkie introduces you to them.

"Pinkie dear, um...what exactly is that creature you have with you?" Mrs. Cake timidly asks.

"Oh, this is my friend Skeletor. I met him when me and the girls kind of helped save the world and everything. He's gonna be staying with us for awhile."

"He is?" Mr. Cake blanches.

"Yup, and don't worry, I'll take care of him."

"But it's more than twice our size, where's it going to sleep?" asks Mrs. Cake.

"In my room, duh. And don't worry Mrs Cake, he's very well behaved, Right Skelly?"

You aren't where she left you, you instead are at the counter shoving miniature muffins into your mouth by the handfull.

Oh Wow I'm freaking starving. I guess I really haven't eaten in a week!

The cakes give Pinkie a worried glance and she chuckles nervously.

"He'll...behave better. Besides it's royal decree."

The couple look to each other and sigh.

"Well, I guess if that's the case..."

"Great! Come on Skeletor, I want to introduce you to Gummy!" she takes your hand and drags you up the stairs.

But my muffins! you look back forlornly.

And in answer to your Question: YES :rainbowlaugh:

The wedding I thank that one is going to go great lol.
You space out for a moment as pinkie drags you to her room , you ponder on how you can get twilight to give you back your Havoc staff, and maybe on how to get a sweet Skeletor outfit ,you might need to maybe start a workout routine due to your new home for now . Then it hits you pinkie announced she was taking you to her room this might not end well if it gets spred around and there's a misunderstanding.

What episode are you looking forward to messing wi-I mean participating in?

*thinks about it* All of them. Simultaneously.

While Pinkie seems happy to see you, the rest of them are -predictably- nowhere near as enthused to make your acquaintance. In an effort to distract them, and knowing that canon is already shot, you draw pictures of future events. Such as Pinkie introducing Maud to her friends, Cadance and Shining Armor kissing at the altar, Rarity being kidnapped by diamond dogs, Twilight becoming an alicorn, etc.

Naturally, Rainbow Dash accuses you of being a spy, only for you to show them a picture of her flying around with Tank, whom Fluttershy recognizes. Eventually you draw a picture of a sonic rainboom, surrounded by their cutie marks.

...That's all I've got, figure the rest out yourself.

Well, I suppose the episode I look forward to screwing with would be the Grand Galloping Gala. Just imagining Skeletor showing up to that makes me chuckle maniacally.

After Pinkie has finished introducing you to the contents of her room, and a friendly gum from Gummy, you manage to get Pinkie's attention and pat your stomach, looking sorrowful as you do so.

Pinkie gasps, "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I got so excited about showing you around that I forgot about food! We need to fix this pronto!" She grabs your arm and drags you back downstairs.

As you reach the bottom, you are greeted with the sight of the other Main 6 and the two guards standing at the counter, Twilight talking to the Cakes. Twilight looks ever so slightly frazzled and you see a stray hair standing out from the rest.

They all turn to see you come down, the mares expressions varying from suspicion to fear.

"Pinkie," Twilight says, "What were you-"

"Sorry Twilight but I have a food emergency to fix right now!" Pinkie blurts out before she runs into the kitchen, and you hear things crashing as she rushes to feed you.

You stand there, your pink friend no longer there to keep the peace. Everything is silent as you all stare.

And stare....

And stare....

And stare....

And stare....

This feels familiar somehow... You think. Well, might as well as break the ice. You cough as loud as you can.

Everyone except the guards jump, and Twilight let's out a small shriek. She immediately covers her hooves with her mouth, her face turning red.

You smile slightly and bow, adding a bit of a flourish as you do so. You add a mental Charisma check as well, praying that the Dice gods are kind to you this day.

It seems that you weren't that lucky as your performance seems to not have much effect on them, but they do relax ever so slightly.

I knew I should have multiclassed with Bard. You curse, I And maybe put more points into Charisma. You attempt to salvage this situation by slowly walking over to one of the tables and sitting down in one of the chairs.

The chair creaks before the legs snap and you fall flat on your butt. Thankfully, the chair was only about a foot from the ground, so not much was damaged.

Your pride is another thing as you hear giggles emanate from the mares. You sigh and cross your legs and wait for Pinkie to finish with her cooking. You gesture to the other seats next to you inviting them to join you.

Id be in Sonic Rainboom, if only to feel how soft the clouds are and see what liquid rainbow really tastes like.

As you lay down, before you go to sleep, pinkie started to ask in her sleep "Hey, you know, i always wonder why they call it a hacksaw, it dosent hack." you cant help but feel you heard that somewhere before. Than you remember that line came from the Creepypasta, Cupcakes. You REALLY hope that that is not really a thing here. You turn to her again as she has a creepy smile on her face as she mumbles "mmmmmmmm, rainbow frosting." than drools in bed. Ok, i really, really, REALLY, hope thats just a troll pasta and not real."

You turn to her again, only to notice she is gone. You see her at the door with a knife and start to let out a silent scream. Pinkie looked a little confused til she noticed you looking at the knife and went, "Oh, this? I just wanted a midnight snack so i was gonna go cut some cake. Want some?"

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