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This story is a sequel to Antics of Anon

Thanks to you, all the residents in Ponyville come together to listen to live dramas through mystical machines known as the 'radio', created by Doctor Whooves, on a weekly basis.

You are Anon.

And you sense things are gonna be a massive clusterbuck with the marshmallow pony in charge...

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This is perfect... Thank you.

This was great. Although, why not just have this in Antics of Anon?


"Detective," Starlight reads, mouth full of finger sandwiches. "Thank Celestia you've come-"

Mouth full of what now?


This is as unorganized as something I'd make, but it actually works because you do humor well, and you put effort into treating the characters like characters.

I loved Glimglam going to the dentist, by the way.

At least Rarity was smart enough not to get involved with this type of ham


I don't know what else to say other than this was fantastic thank you for the story.

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Ummm, not sure how to leave a full review, but I’ll give it a shot.

This was a nice, funny one-shot to go with your Anon-verse. Just like all of your stories, the plot is stupidly awesome, and the comedy is pretty top-notch. Not really sure what else to say. Haven’t read this in a while, so I can’t think of any negatives at the moment, so I think I’m good.

But seriously, you have to stop worrying about your story’s popularity. Some stories are gonna do better than others, and there’s just nothing you can do about it. Sure, it sucks when people leave a dislike without actually reading the story or complain about stupid stuff like POV, trust me, I know cough Viper Pit cough, but you just gotta ignore that and focus more on the people that do like your stories, like me. Focus on what you’re doing right and forget about what people are saying you’re doing wrong, unless it’s like, something huge that deeply impacts the story

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This is great :rainbowlaugh: Oh Rarity......

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