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It was a jolly good time for me just shooting at random crap I found in the junkyard until I found a box. I said screw it and prepared to unload a round into it and all of a sudden a green portal looking thing just popped in front of me and I heard something coming out the other end. Naturally I investigated and found a rather unwelcome sight...spiders...and since I panicked and interrupted the monologue of the cartoony bug queen thing and scared it off with the power of standing there...menacingly it ran into the portal and left me pacing around. Will I follow after her? Probably not since I hear some voices on the other end of the portal. Just kidding

HA! You my good sir have been bamboozled!
Or have you? I don't know?

Author: theboxcatgamr
Co-author: JohnstoneT

Inspired by: if this is hell I’ve been a good boy, my family’s special brand of insanity that runs through our vain’s, my friends from school, depression(hooray for self loathing!),the inventor of the cheese wheel, that one soldier who deadass shot hitler in the balls, my side ho doctor pepper, my main ho Mountain Dew, and finally- the amount of gay (*bisexual) that I am

References to sex and sex jokes are present but this ain't no clopfic

Death tag is for death actually being a character

ACT ONE: bamboozling beginnings (chapters 1-17)
ACT TWO: kerfufeling continuum (chapters 18-23)
ACT THREE: clear cut confusion {chapters 24-32}
ACT FOUR: The beginning of the end of the beginning {chapters 33-44}
ACT FIVE: tyranny {chapters 45-50}
ACT SIX: bamboozles end {chapters 51-???

If you like this leave a comment or not :/

If you don't like it could you please give me a reason why?

Special thanks to my boy's Alex,Gavin and JohnstoneT.

Chapters (61)
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Comments ( 147 )

Jolly good show
most comedy stories aren't really funny but this one actually made me laugh so I say a good job for making a person find out he has a soul

Your profile picture is the best thing in existence

And the video its from is just as good

Fixed some issues with the text and now it looks like it was supposed to...forcefully and unnecessarily inserted into the storyline just like god intended

I need you guys to make a decision soon because in a little bit I'm going to start on the next chapter and if no one makes a decision then I will just flip a coin or something

I have come up with a even better choice then the other three and I'm excited

But I will try not to rush, seriously that's how the story would turn sour

Not a bad story...... Albeit a fair bit unusual.

I didn't make this to make sense. I made it to use the powers of being so mind numbingly dumb on purpose so that I could take advantage of the confusion. And this is how my story was born, through sure idiocy

After some technical difficulties I managed to fix the text

Comment posted by Theboxcatgamr deleted May 22nd, 2018
Comment posted by ImperialMcgee deleted May 19th, 2018
Comment posted by ImperialMcgee deleted May 19th, 2018
Comment posted by Theboxcatgamr deleted May 22nd, 2018

"I have been done a bamboozlement"- you probably

Yes, Draco has done a bamboozlement.

From now on I'm going to keep this comment section somewhat clean.

Inappropriate posts will probably be laughed at then eventually deleted.

...but I still didn't say no ;3


Yep that's what we do here


Good thing it doesn’t affect dragons...
*Turns transparent*

I can already tell we are going to have a good time together :3


You know there was a reason someone put this in the absolutely disgusting group.

Drugs probably

Sorry, what I wasn't paying attention.



your too late. I already have the skeleton suit on.

Not a spoiler but a statement

Um... Huh... where am I? And why is there a crate full of brandy and vodka on my lap?

Just a sorry gift for the trouble (also to get back at Clyde)

By the way you are welcome back anytime! Even though you were unconscious you seemed nice enough.

Also get a taser or something, the crazy basterds are probably going to try to hunt you down and have you take them to equestria or some weird shit... If you need help just ring me up.

Also please refrain from telling Clyde about the alcohol.

He will cut you

Um... Thanks for the heads up man. I just went and got the taser. For some reason though it has a setting on it for a manticore. It's probably a typo.... I think. Also thanks for the gift man. I also got a new job to but hopefully no one there will recognize me.

Though I will just be working with staff for setting up and moving things. Weirdly though I was asked to bring any drinks I had on me. So I'll have the drinks you gave me on me. Any ways I got to go there soon since it's in a few days.

a very generic name

Congratulations! You have successfully summed up this entire story in a single sentence!

I laughed at


for 5 minutes. Why? Because yes.

And that is the story of how I climbed into a box.

Though what is reality. Is it just a unanswered construction made up by some form of warping cosmetic power. Or is it just death messing with us trying to get a kick. Since we could still go and kick him. I mean I got this taser.

Also I know everyone of you who was following along trying to do the same thing.

I may just take you up on that offer.

But that means that you need my shitty mixtape. It is what keeps him at bay

Alright so I grab a bottle of vodka, three brandies and 4 beers. Odds are one of us is a lightweight and will pass out after their fifth shot.

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