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When yet another human is teleported into Equestria in the guise of an overpowered original character he made up for cheap laughs during his Youtube career, he decides to break tradition and ruin the story he's in as soon as possible.

And all it takes is three little wishes.

A satirical take on power fantasies taken to their logical conclusion.

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Comments ( 19 )

That story was... Pbbbt.

*Blink* Excuse me one moment.

*Checks Diabolical Articles Of Reality Legislation & Odd Mortal Laws* Huh... Well that is one way to remove a character from narrative works. Good job! Also, can anypony tell me why/how the blazing saddles did going to a convention with a costume and buying something from a merchant ='s an Another World situation in fandom?

I can't believe I just read this clusterfuck of a story.

Oh hey, it's a downvote in comment form. Lol

The Displaced group copyrighted that "You are turned into what you're dressed as" cliche. But I don't respect copyrights.


Is this the merchant you're looking for?
I heard he's quite good at disguises... :trixieshiftright:

OMNI:Sir I applaud you this is fucking incredible...also congrats you created a being who now has a place in the Omniversal counsel of Overpowered Ocs he's still weak compared to some of us but he is still pretty high in our hierarchy...

Lol nice
Thanks! Johnny can instantaneously wish for anything he wants, including the ability to become more powerful than any other character in existence.

If he wanted to, he could even wish for a concept like "Infinity 2", a concept of infinity infinitely higher than infinity in the same manner that infinity is higher than one, to exist, and then he could wish for a power level beyond Infinity 2.

OMNI:He would still be weaker than me because the reality stone allows me to copy anyones power just a bit weaker but when combined with the power stone it becomes a stronger version...also the power stone contains all power that HAS,DOES,and WILL ever exist,all the power he has I have...plus more.

The reality stone... That's one of those Infinity Stones, for the Infinity Gauntlet, right?

According to Marvel canon, the infinity stones aren't that powerful when separate, which is why you can't use one stone to get them all. And even then, a Fully-Stoned Infinity Gauntlet < A Beyonder < Dr Strange, who once kicked a Beyonder's ass when that Beyonder decided Strange was too strong to be allowed to exist.

And according to multiversal fiction law number 101, subsection S, any son or daughter of a fictional character must become stronger than one or both parents in some way over the course of his or her story.

OMNI:I don't control the infinity stones of a universe...I control the infinity stones that pertain to all that is, the Omniverse...that's why I can do this shit these stones don't have rules or limitations because they ARE the rules and limitations onto everything else.

Infiniter-Than-Infinity stones? Damn, that's impressive. But what do you do when people steal the stones?

OMNI:Can't they automatically return if someone does...and even then it takes a lot of skill to do so...you would just be wasting your time.

Huh. What kind of skill?

OMNI:Lets say this was skyrim so you would need a skill level of...Seven to the Seventh power of Seven to the power of it self...essentially a number so big even infinity has trouble containing it.

OMNI:And even then they would still return...

Okay, as a trollfic this is magnificent. Other than that, the really long paragraphs of monologuing near the end gave me a headache by just trying to read them out.

Oh, and before I forget... Damn, that boi sure has big lungs to speak that much without breathing in!:trollestia:

Probably his career helped him develop those lungs to speak without breathing.:pinkiecrazy:

He's an obnoxious youtuber, it's his one and only talent. :D

My man, I was snooping around followers' stories and couldn't resist such a title. The like/dislike ratio is... well, it's exactly what a hit-or-miss thundersmacker generates, isn't it, be it as close to the adjective phrase 'objectively good' as it can be or not. But you left a kind comment on one of my stories, so let me return the favour.





And top marks, by the way, for the pure, sweat-stained effort you put in, too, because those self-constructing super-adjectives that went haywire, contradictorily, don't actually construct themselves. I wasn't on the floor, no, but sure as hell leaned far back in my chair to shake hard with laughter several times more than ever expected.

OK, sure, there are grammatical and typographical errors sprinkled throughout, but who actually gives a shit about any of that once you're dragged irresistibly into this complete and utter hoot of a satire! Now, I'll tell you, bud, I got r/woooshed at times for sure; but boy, is there enough giggle juice in that god-tier 'I broke the concept of genie-assisted wish fulfilment' para-smasher-graph alone to make up for any lack of nerd-culture knowledge on my part.

Take my follow. Just take it. We're square now, bud. What a story.

What a bloody story.

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