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absolute total madness

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Very well written with all the emotional highs hitting hard. Your dictions lovely and the story though hardly one I haven't seen before tells sadly common truth about going mainstream in artistic profession and deserves lots more reviews. The way you convey so much without a single utterance of dialogue is great and I really enjoyed. Take my follow.

Thanks very much, man, for you kind comment (and for the watch). I'm glad you enjoyed it. Really helps my confidence and gets me writing more, so thanks again.

Edit: I just realised I know you from before. :rainbowlaugh: You left a nice comment on another of my stories. Small world!

True xD. I loved that piece too, your one of the few writers I 've seen that portrays Vinyl and Octavia bond without having them shipped together. I love them as a ship but I do feel a lot of fans tend to forget that on average most people aren't attracted to same sex and no amount of bonding can change it. lol.

Glorious. Liked and followed.

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