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Contrary to popular belief, Equestria is not without crime.

Spot the clues.

Solve the mysteries.

A compilation of bite-sized head-scratchers that you can choose to crack. (Solutions are included.)

Vol. 2 Complete!

Next Update!

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 33 )

This is a head scratcher indeed.:applejackunsure:

Ah, yes. I'm familiar with this one. Still fun nonetheless.

And here I was thinking the factory would've burned down by the time they got back to it. That's what I get for not brushing up on my ornithology.

Well, I feel kinda dumb now. I only managed to get two of these first ten (The Last Gigliaro & The Dead Doctor) before I checked the answers... :facehoof:

Heck, I'm not great at cracking this sort of thing either. :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for the fave, man. I appreciate it.

I really like these! I may not be that good at them, but they remind me of the Slylock Fox comics. I can't wait for more of these!

Thanks, man, that means a lot! More of these are on the way. :twilightsmile:

Before checking: She couldn't scream if she was being strangled?
After: Nuts.

Nuts again! Although I do applaud you for doing something aside from a murder mystery. There are other types of mysteries out there, glad you're doing them!

Geez, dousing someone just for a tall tale? Seems a bit harsh.
Nice mystery, though. Brings back a lot of memories of reading encyclopedia brown.

Pines have too many branches. Also, you wouldn't get all dressed up to bring a cat down.

Glad you're enjoying them. I need to make a comeback. Life will de-busyfy itself nicely in two weeks' time, so perhaps I can do something then.

Comment posted by Smutty Couplet deleted Mar 8th, 2018

Am I the only one who was going to ask if the solutions were included before I saw the synopsis? Also, what's with the deleted comment?

Was it not obvious that April only has thirty days? There's an entire poem about it, after all.

I'm liking these stories. They remind me of all the short mysteries I sometimes read, often with similar solutions.

I assumed the solution had something to do with Picardy.

Ha! I never even heard this solution and I still guessed it immediately!

Man I love the slip-up. It happens so many times, such as Danganronpa for example.

Oh wow, all these comments!

And for some reason, Fimfiction decides not to notify me. I'm glad you're enjoying the mysteries so far, anyway!

I'm not sure, but... Possible solution: This is very shaky, but he mentions an open door earlier, and later in the story it ends up an open window. If I was an investigator I wouldn't consider this good evidence, but I can't find anything else.

After: Gosh freaking darnit. There was no way I'd figure that out.

-GM, master of detective work.

The window and the door can be open at the same time, yes, which disproves nothing. You're going about these the right way, though, looking for little inconsistencies in the text.

And thank you for the comment. Dang, but I really do like comments.

I must admit I suspected Nathan the second the mistake between slander and libel was spotted.

You're good at these.

Some of the solutions are ones I've seen in mini mystery books before, real Encyclopedia Brown-type stuff. Doesn't make them any less clever, though.

Yeah, some of these solutions are 'classic', others are based on/inspired by mystery compilations I've read and the rest are my own. Still, you've a keen eye for this sort of thing. Guess it comes with the territory of being an Encyclopedia Brown fan, heh.

So... Why does Roquefort think anyone will listen to him? Especially when the evidence that Celestia isn't as awful as he is claiming can be seen throughout Equestria. Did you base him on anyone specific?

On a few people, as it goes, who, like him, can't seem to realise there's just no point (beyond self-validation) pushing an agenda no one's going to buy. (One of them someone I know quite well, hehe. They don't know I write these, though.)

Wow! Haven't heard this one before. I was genuinely stumped for a moment.

Only took me twenty mysteries, haha!

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