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List of things to do (not necessarily in this order):
• Icon Contest Done.
• Banner Contest: Done.
• Rules
• Thread Series (Directories, "Artist of the Week")
• Some kind of forum system
• Other Admins? Contributors?
• Creative ways to bring the group back to life
• Fix Front Page
• Folders?

This front page is currently being edited as a new admin (DJ GarV) has been put in place. Please hold, and put any suggestions you may have in the comments of this thread. While you're waiting, please enjoy this two-page score of the piece "Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz (From 'A Tribute to Zdenko G. Fibich')."




This is for people who love music in general. It doesn't matter if you like Selena Gomez or The Black Dahila Murder, all are welcome.

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Hey so I wrote a suicide prevention song if it's okay to post here

Sooo, just going to announce my presence for the sake of not being, um, stalkery. Omnimusical of taste, kind of, piano the preference. Best instrument.:yay:

376682 Metal was made by God, brother.

I refuse to believe that score up there is real.

Congrats, you were the 69th group XD what an achivment XD

400947 I wouldn't normally respond to this kind of question, but I can't help but remember that some of the top comments on this video for the song, Vain Star from the video game Castle Crashers, stating that it must've been music used for such a purpose. I'm not a consumer of "pr0n" so to speak, but I'm interested in hearing whether a moderately sane individual such as yourself would agree with those commenters. :rainbowlaugh:
Here's a link in case you need to listen to it:

According to the URL, this group is the 69th one on Fimfiction.

Pr0nsongs anyone?

«««This summarizes about 38% of the songs I listen to.

(Just if you're curious about 22% is A-ha and 40% is Michael Jackson. I feel like such a hipster :twilightsheepish:)

Hey, guys. New member, here. Before I put some stories in some folders, I wanted to ask, is it okay for ANY story to be in this group, or just music-based ones? I have one story based on a music video that I'd like to add, but if I could add my other stuff, too, that would be great. :twilightsmile:


Is there anyone else wondering why there aren't more stories about one of the cast changing their lifestyle due to being introduced to a genre of music? Like, one day Pinkie found metal and shit got super real?

For those who like good instrumental music (piano, classical, jazz, etc.), you guys may like my story.


It was my idea of mixing Dissy with Nine Inch Nail's The Downward Spiral.

378671 I know, but what was the fic about?


It had something to do with a cover image you said I'd be interested in.

378652 Well, the original comment was deleted, and I made this comment, what? A month ago? Sorry, I know it's music related, but I can't remember what it was about...


I still need some work on it though, plus some encouragement and such..


Oh? Sorry!I just don't go on FimFiction that much these days, mind showing me :)?

362150 I will love you forever if this happens.

376682 Would you be kind enough to provide a link to a song by these artists?

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