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Heya, this is a group for any brony who plays a musical instrument. It doesn't matter what the instrument is, be it penny-whistle or guitar, cowbell or piano. Heck, I don't care if you play the electric cheeseburger, just enjoy yourselves and rock on! (With ponies of course)

If you don't yet play a musical instrument, but you want to at some point, you are welcome here too.

I myself am a member of the cult of the holy Stratocaster...

All praise the mighty alder sunburst!

Feel free to share your favorite music, or talk about what instrument you play in the comments or threads.

You may add any music related fic here as well.

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Wonder if fl studio 20 counts as an instrument?

fl studio 20 is a many of instruments.

I play Cello (I was in concertina (beginner, despite the fact I had been in Intermediate the year before) this past school year, my first year in high school). I also own a pair of bongo drums, two harmonicas, a guitar, and I also have several programs on my computer for music-making. I also have experience playing the recorder (I own one).

I love Star Wars, Halo, and a few other soundtracks, and try my best to play them on my cello.

I play acoustic and electric guitar, I'm a self-taught music producer and I've been singing for eight or nine years.
Electric Guitar: Fender Squier Stratocaster
Music Production Software: Garageband
Vocal Range: Tenor 2

Acoustic and electric guitar. I also sing Bass 2.

Epiphone Les Paul, anyone?

Wassup my fellow brownies a pegasisters!! I play almost all percussion (drum set is my fave) and I'm learning Guitar!!
My drumsets are TAMA, Ludwig, and a electric Roland drum set.:flutterrage::moustache:
All I know about my guitar is its a six string Fender electric guitar (told ya I'm still learning:derpytongue2:)

The guitar i have is a Squire Affinity Strat!
I'm also getting a Seven String Jackson soon!:pinkiehappy:

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Hi Everypony. :P
Instruments I Play:
Piano [8 years]
Trombone [2 years] (Yamahahaha)
Bassoon (Selmer) [8 months]
Guitar (Ibanaz, Fender) [1.5 years]
Bass (Ibanaz) [1 year]
Percussion (any) (PDP Drum Z5 Series) [3 months]
Steel Drums [1.5 years]
i can make sound out of any single or double reeded instrument.

Sup all im new to fim fiction and i liked it so far and I play acoustic guitar piano bass and electric guitar I'm will be learning drums cello dubstep mixing and violin :scootangel:

Currently vocal and flatpicker/strummer, former piano/alto sax.

EDIT 8/3/15: Now a mandolin novice.

Hello everypony!

I've been playing trumpet for almost 7 years now and am about to be section leader in my high school Symphonic Band. I'm also in marching band, jazz band, brass band, and I'm currently taking private lessons from a professional. I really would like to go in to trumoet performance in college, but my parents won't allow it. I do want to continue my trumpet career passed high school and hopeful college though.

So yah, I love trumpet :twilightsmile:

ohhhhh dear........ alright lets see.

Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Flying-v, drums, flute, trombone, trumpet, flute, ocarina, piano, violin, and cello.

im not surprised that no one plays the ocarina but me. However, i am surprised that no one plays the others i mentioned:derpyderp1:

i mean hail not hwill

electric guitar all hwil the stratocaster

accoustic guitar.
YAY :rainbowkiss:

All our times, have, come...

Bass guitar FTW.

I play the piano and sing :raritystarry:

Startocasters are awesome, I got a 1996 black Squier start myself, much better then my friends Epiphone les paul

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