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born in June 1992, loves animals (especially dogs) video games, science, music, logic and accurate representation of characters! also prefer exploration of motives rather then setting odd traits as facts! flesh out your characters!

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Thanks for the stories

1660433 ohhhh that game, I didn't played that, I was talking on super padded pony advantures thing, give me a link to you game and I can tell you how and where you messed up (if you did, I won't expect anything in the level of skyrim, horse game or even pony platform advature, as I get they need huge staff you won't have), ok? and if you wish to pass my complains to the makers of padded pony advatures, please do so

1660133 I understand your critic now here are something I like to say

First, What is with the fetish details? there's nothing i don't see thats a fetish the only thing I writen is that Rainbow was prank to wear a diaper and had to find out who is the mastermind of the prank. I wrote down all times and how much it takes to get from one to another and such. I made sure that you can't look everywhere without time running out on you. I had little story yes but its a fun prank but with a twist. I didn't mean for anything to be a problem or as such to anyone to have a problem with.

Second, its something to just have fun with not to toil around. I only wish that the person playing had fun and understood how much effort I put in both timing and sequence in the game. Plus it wasn't meant for being an actual game its a simply I tell the story and give you options that will result what happens next.

Just one question do you have a copy of the document?

1659930 I assume we are talking on the padded pony one? firstly, nice job on making a game, I'm sure it's very hard, now the things that kill it for me and I would love to see fixed, from most importent to least
1!!!!, THE WRITING! the story is a mess, there are no reasons, no clear motives, no logic, it just feels like a huge thing someone wrote while masterbating, and that not good, no good things come from horny thoughts, I get it's not finished yet, but please when you do finish it, put affort of the writing, or find a good writer (I might be up for it) that can write good non padded stories, a good story is a good story, it don't matter if there are diapers or not in it, every good story and super doper in this fandom is character driven, that what makes the story good, also if you get the "WTF?! where that came from it makes no sanse" is uselly a bad thing to have in the story, unless you can logicaly explain everything. and yes, even pinkie pie.
2!!!! the contant, it's nice you mix in lots of fetishes, but that pulls away everyone that isn't into all of them, I love the diapers, and wetting, I really don't care for the eating up and get grossed out from the messing, filter down the fetish, less fetishes means more players! in xmas one you did a great thing by letting us choose. expand that!
3!!!!! ,consistensiy, meaning, all the artwork, as in drawings, chacter models ect should look simler, and of simlier style, it just gives a better feel, try choosing artist with similer styles, like oliver england and scootydash42

that it, also don't get voice actors or integrat voice clips for reason 3

1659526 Well I understand that You and Masked pony had a conversation about my game without me asking what's going on. Now I'm not sure what he said and you applied but I'd like to know why you don't like the game to be exact. I'm not mad nor am I upset cause I'm currently working on a sequel of the game and trying to correct my mistakes (considering the Rainbow version was a first time through and stuff)

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