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Uhhh, sarge? I think I'm nekkid. (patreon)

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Real talk from the wife. · 1:44am June 11th

I think we need real talk for a minute about mlp fim. I've been super disappointed in the crystal ponies. Also straight up where are my sparkle ponies. Like the ponies that are basically crystal ponies full of glitter. As a child of the 80s I have certain expectations around my crystal ponies and the current gen has let me down storywise and with merch.

So this is my life.

Report Hap · 104 views · #crystal ponies

Sherbet & Sunshine

My wife and I have a tumblr webcomic:

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I WaNST@ BË ÑÊkKēD!!!!¡


Well, after I mailed my corpse to my former commanding officer, they realized I was smuggling something and stripped my body naked looking for the contraband, and that's when I woke up from the drug-induced coma I'd put myself in to get through the postal system.

Kind of an awkward moment.

Lad, why you nekkid?

Comment posted by FlutterTwi deleted April 30th

Great to meet you!

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