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An explorer delves one last time into a subterranean pit of lost hope. A letter holds the key to avoiding pitfalls of the past.

This is a polished version of my entry in the Iron Author competition at EFNW, which earned second place. Originally written in two hours, by hand, pen and paper. Link to the original is in author's notes.

Much thanks to Zaponator, Floydien, and my sister-in-law for help editing the story into something a little cleaner.

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Puzzle pieces falling into place throughout the story. Love the take you have here on the prompt, and it's a really cool chunk of history for the feature filly. 10/10 would imply major sads again.


I love the way everything pieces together bit by bit, and then ties it all up with one last reveal at the end.
Really nicely done!

It’s your hopes and dreams, the dead things you hold on to for too long, and forget to live today.

That is a really powerful quote.

This is some great stuff!

You’re welcome

Loved this at EF; hands down the story that hit me hardest. Really well done.

Pretty clear where this was going when I heard the filly's name, but still some fantastic prose. Adventuring really does run in the family. Thank you for this.


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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