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A short Hearth's Warming tale that isn't quite what it looks like.

Originally written for the Jinglemas Secret Santa compilation, as a gift for thedarkitty.

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"About that pain in my flank."

I volunteer to give it a massage!

Mmmmmmm. This is... acceptable. Please do continue.

That was cute.
I mean, seriously. I like TwiDash, Relationshipping or friendshipping. Doesn't matter to me.
(Even though I like relationshipping them more, heh :twilightblush:)

Still as funny and D'awesome as the first time I read it. This is definitely going into my Twidash collection. Thank you again for such an awesome and cute story involving my two fave ponies.

Comment posted by LucyHorseThing deleted Jan 19th, 2016

This is nice.

That was extremely cute. I approve and will reccomend to my, ahem two ahem, many friends.


7435463 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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