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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


After constant hassling from her parents combined with the long nights spent with only Tank for company, Rainbow Dash decides to give the dating scene a try. Unfortunately, it isn't until she's given a few stallions in Ponyville a chance to impress her does she realize the perfect stallion has been right in front of her the whole time! He understands her competitiveness, need for speed, and her hatred of boredom. There's just one problem: he could end up destroying the world.

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Potato would have been a great masturbating partner.


gon be good

2739817 as you are no doubt aware, dear editor cynefriend, dashie self cest—while not original—is best cest.

He understands her competitiveness, need for speed, and her hatred of boredom. There's just one problem: he could end up destroying the world.

Wonder who it could be? I'm going with Discord.

Oh sweet merciless Luna that would be a trip

2739830 Maybe but what other guy could it be?

Bubble Berry :ajbemused:
Edit: oh god, seeing as this is about to actually become r63...

2739838 I can assure you it is not Bubble Berry.

Thank you, I was scared for a second

I despise Bubble Berry.

2739858 Does make me wonder who, though.

Dunno, surely it can't be Blitz. It's not like the author is going to make him super OP or anything like that for NO ABSOLUTE REASON, right? :eeyup:

2739867 That's why I'm sticking with Discord :ajsmug:

Hurhurhur... I can see many possibilities with that one there...

So, would that be masturbation?

Also, this feels like one of your stories that gets us all geared up and then disappears for six months thenBAM random update.

2739878 chapter 2 is already 4k, so this one will update fairly regularly.

Coolio! If you ever need anothe editor or some such help, hit me up. If you still want me to, I'll look over that Dragon Tales chapter.

2739902 DT will be sent when it's done. Spike's badass fic will be delivered.

Oh wow . This will be hilarious

I think you already sent me the link, or is that one outdated?

2739917 that one is old, I'll send the new one as soon as it's done.

So, one's queer, the other's a clingy loser, next choice is your rule63 alternate self? Well that makes sense, I guess.

2739949 those are pretty much the only two stallions with speaking roles in the entire town.

2739952 But there's always Davenport! Why not Davenport! He's successful! Or Filthy Rich! He's filthy rich!

2739953 though they are both successful/loaded, I can't really imagine Dashie as a gold digger.

2739966 dammit i cant find one single pic of rainbow dash picking her nose

Hey, this is your 30th story! Congrats on that, dude! :pinkiehappy:

i like where this is going. i like it a lot.:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy:

"Here we are as dragons in universe twenty-five," Twilight said. "And look, Spike's a pony!"

Yes, I do recommend My Little Dragon.

twenty-two year old mare,

You know, I've noticed a lot of stories doing this, comparing pony ages to human ages that is. But it's simply not correct, a twenty two year old mare, is basically a 55 year old woman, I think more writers need to understand that. Other than that it was pretty good

It seems a tad narcissistic that Rainbow's ideal guy would be the male version of herself....:ajbemused:

Magical. Taking. Ponies. I think it can be safely assumed that their aging does not follow that of a normal horse. It's the general concensus that the mane 6 are in their twenties.


That's assuming they live as long as animals do and age at the same rate.
Can you refer to any statement supporting this?

I'm afraid to ask, but is this so called counterpart Rainbow Blitz, Rainbow Dash's R63 self? Because if it is, I'm honestly not that interested at all. Not to be a jerk or anything since the writing was still good and made me laugh a little, but I just don't like genderbent ponies X canon ponies, especially when it comes to an R63 Mane 6 dating their canon counterpart.

Shouldn't it be Blitz's Dad who's getting on his case in the R63 universe? :raritywink:

I love R63 stories, and this one's off to a fun start. Looking forward to reading more!

Huh....self shipping.....gotta say I've never seen it before. :rainbowhuh: Can't wait to see more though!

2740393 so basically its a 0.0275% difference?:rainbowhuh:

2740415A wizard never reveals his secrets:trollestia:

Guys- he's not gonna destroy the universe cause he's OP, he's gonna destroy the universe because they're f***cking around with multidimensional theory without understanding the consequences.
Good story, liked and faved.

No way this isn't gonna end well.

I'm interested!

~Skeeter The Lurker

on a cross and an arrow related?

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