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This story is a sequel to Glimpsing the Future

Life is changing for Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Nearly two years together have seen tumultuous meetings with each other's parents, Twilight's ascension, and even the growth of their new home together in the middle of town.

They've come a long way, but now, on the brink of their future together, there is one question left to answer.

Thanks to Noble Thought for editing

Cover art: Hold Me by TangoMangoFandango

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This was a fun read and fun to help out with.

It’s been a long time coming. I was wondering if this saga would have another entry and now it does. Excellent job.

Indeed it has. Glad you enjoyed it.

That was pretty great. A nice follow-up to the previous stories.

Neat ideas for the ceremony, too.

I'll take it!

Thanks. I'm not sure if it was as inspired as the others, but I think it's a fitting cap to everything.

A magnificent culmination of the other stories. An excellent example of earning the happy ending. Or at least the happy phase transition. After all, just because they're married doesn't mean nothing else will ever happen to them.

A lesson well learned in the last story. Thanks for reading through them all. Good to know the old ones still hold up somewhat.

A short and sweet little finale.

This series was wonderful and I've read it more than once now. I enjoyed the build up and this was a wonderful wrap up to everything that came before.

It took me forever to get around to reading this after I saw it pop up, but it was beautiful. I can't believe Rainbow would do that to her, but then again, I can.

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