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This story is a sequel to More Than Dreams

Months have passed since Twilight Sparkle brought Rainbow Dash to visit her parents in Canterlot, and now it's time for her to return the favor. This time, however, neither of them is carrying a secret to reveal.

Rather than relaxation, she soon learns more about Rainbow's life than she ever bothered to ask about. Twilight tries to understand the past, what foundation for a happy life might exist beyond what she knows, and what new challenges their life together might face.

Edited by Noble Thought.

Cover art by zvn.

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Something's going on here...... I get the feeling the Dad has little care and the Mom's over protective but Dash doesn't seem to grasp that or doesn't want to.

I'm happy to see this come out! It was a joy to help you work on it, and a joy to watch it come together. Congratulations on another story finished.

Thanks, and thanks for all the help. It was good to finally get this one done.

:rainbowkiss: A sequel to two of my favorite TwiDash stories! And it's going to be even longer, judging by the fact that this time you're writing it in multiple chapters. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

As for what we've seen so far, I can't decide if Twilight is right to worry about what she's seen. If it's been several years since Dash saw her parents she might not realize it if their relationship has started to become strained over something. On the other hand, when Twilight compared it to her own memories it seemed to me that her family was too controlling about that kind of thing. What's wrong with making faces?

Oh, it's just bad table manners, especially in a city like Canterlot where everypony is all prim and proper. It was also something her parents disagreed on, leading to a spat over the table similar to what she has just seen. Twilight is in the same boat you are right now.

Oh Twilight, I hope your meddling won't lead to anything disastrous. :p

Had to take a moment to reread the stories before it to even know which story this was continuing. I was pleasantly surprised that it was this one! Happier still that it's incomplete! Can't wait for the next few chapters.

Yeah, took me awhile to get this one out, huh? I tried to limit any references of the other two to big plot points rather than the little details because of that.

The next chapter will be out later today. Glad you're looking forward to it!

Well this is troubling. I'm guessing that the move to San Fransicolt is the root if the tension between Blaze and Dart, but I can't find any hints so far about why they moved. Dart clearly didn't want to, and Blaze avoided answering when asked directly. I briefly guessed that maybe Blaze injured himself and can no longer fly, or at least not fly well, but even if we the readers haven't seen him fly yet I imagine Dash would have noticed something was off if he walked to practice with her.

Actually, thinking about it more as I write this comment, I wonder if the comment about how "no true pegasus" would ever grow bored of Cloudsdale was a dig at Blaze, who wanted to move because he had grown bored there.


I teared up at the end there. So beautiful...

This hurt to read, just the way it should. Well done. :heart:

Now I shall finish this masterful trilogy!!

Oh god my heart.

Dang, that was an emotionally rough story to read.

Just as planned, then. Good to hear.

Damn that fracking ending!!!!!

This was a bit of an emotional ride.
Once again you captured a family dynamic so well, I can relate it to my own experiences i have had. It felt so real it was somewhat uncomfortable at times.

This is a work of literary art.

Can you explain the three knots thing and how it works?
I understand the "no ill wind could undo what had been bound", but is there a meaning of each knot?
Dash said they don't have their 3rd knot yet.

I'm glad my writing can have that effect on people. Thank you, and thank you for reading all three of these like you did. It's nice to know the other two hold up after this long, and that they go together nicely.

No, there's no meaning to each knot. Twilight was adapting the symbolism to fit their conversation, that they've come a long way together, but they still have more to learn.

I think that's why Dart and Blaze fell apart. They had a daughter, who they both loved, but when it came to each other, they didn't have as strong a bond as a lasting marriage needs. Twilight and Rainbow are making sure they do.

Mmmm... Bittersweet, but in a good way.

In the best way.

I was so excited when I saw another fic in this series, and it more than lived up to my already very high expectations.

I don't know if I've commented on this series before, but I've read and loved each fic in it. I haven't been on this site very much in the last few years or so and I don't think I've added anything to my favorites in all that time, but I think it is long overdue that I add these.

Thank you. That means a lot, that I lived up to the bar set by the other two.

And making a reader dust off their favorites list isn't too shabby either.

This is excellent. You may continue. :twilightsmile:

Lovely end to the story. It was heartbreaking to see Rainbow's world crash like that, but she'll come to realize that it's not the end of the world, not to mention she landed a smokin' hot mare like Twilight, she'll be just fine. =P

Yes. Like he/she said: 6654073
You need to keep going.
It is fine if you need to take time off. You made some great stories over the last few years.

I enjoyed this story so much! Ow. The feels. :heart:

Wow, this was at once both sad and hopeful. Very well done.

I don't really have much to say about it right now, but this story was definitely as emotional as the previous two, even if the ending wasn't as happy and fuzzy. I doubt there's much sequel potential here any more, but if you decide to write more TwiDash I'll be sure to read it!

Glad to hear it! Apply this to your feels until they get better.

I'll be sure to. Thanks!

I was worried about this one living up to the other two. Good to know it succeeded.

6654716 I am horribly offended you didn't include 'it' or 'they' in your list of genders.
I am now triggered and going to rant about how horrible your are.

In all seriousness, though, yes. This over-arching story is great and wonderful, and we need more. But take your time off, too.
It's no good if you come to hate the story or feel forced.

Hopefully I won't make people wait as long as I did for this one, but thank you. I appreciate the sentiment.

I Provide new hearts for anyone who needs them after stories like this.

Happily ever afters don't always happen, huh.

Life's never than simple.

Really enjoyed it! Hoping for more! :heart:
I had to read the first two stories again to remember which universe this was in. (The problem of reading too many fics) lol

Thank you! Hope you didn't mind the refresher... :twilightsheepish:

6669254 The upside was that I got to read them again, and only partly know what was coming! :twilightblush:

Months have passed since Twilight Sparkle brought Rainbow Dash to visit her parents in Canterlot,

didnt the last story end saying they were visiting Dash's parents a week later?
edit: never mind

but whatever entertainment was to be found in their home, it must have been behind the doors of their bedroom, where Twilight was absolutely not going to invade.

Giggedy, giggedy.

No, no, no, you missed the italics.

but whatever entertainment was to be found in their home, it must have been behind the doors of their bedroom, where Twilight was absolutely not going to invade.

Gotta add the emphasis for effect. Loses meaning otherwise. :derpytongue2:

I thought Twilight was going to propose... then Rainbow was probably going to get upset and we'd be left on an awful cliffhanger.

A quick threat from their mother to withhold desert for the night had ended that game in its tracks

Near the end of the chapter. Unless you meant to say that it was a desert that was being withheld, not dessert. :P

Also, I like the interactions between Rainbow's parents. They feel like friendly rivals, which is a really good angle to take on Rainbow's parents. It explains why she's so competitive.

Fixed. Glad you're enjoying it!

Wow. That was just... wow. You captured the realism and dynamic perfectly. You wrote the characters fantastically. The ending was fitting and well done. And the emotion in there... that was simply an amazing story. Hats off to you and your brilliant trilogy here.

That point in time when all you can do is read and absorb the words while the rest of the world ceases to exist.

Ah. So that's why there's no sad tag.
You keep impressing me with your ability to craft realism. Your downright spoiling us.

Thank you. It's always nice to see someone enjoying my stories so much.

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