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This story is a sequel to X is a Changeling

Twilight discusses some new rules with the changelings that live in and feed from her library books.

Thanks to Noble Thought for prereading.

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Ha! Nice, probably not meant to be taken seriously, but still cool. I'm not sure what Celestia's letter means, but I look forward to finding out.

Not too seriously at all. glad you liked it!

“I steal socks,” Tense Shift said. “Just one per house. Sometimes I throw it away. Sometimes I hide it somewhere else in the house.”

"I sneak into peoples' houses, take things off their tables and shelves... and put them into barrels. Isn't that rich?! They think the things are stolen, but no! They are right there! They just don't know!" :rainbowlaugh:

His dastardness knows no bounds!

Uh oh. Twilight's busted. I don't know if a sequel would be a good thing, considering what's awaiting her.

Btw, how did that bulge get in the door?

7086987 She slammed her head against the door in either anger, exasperation, or some other angered emotion.

Want a sequel. This is freaking hilarious!

Adorable! Prequel and sequel please.

7086567 Also, I would intergrate changelings into society via porn. Want to know why?

7086567 Oh yeah? When I sneak in, I find that one room in the house where you have all your important documents. I see how clean or messy it is. If it's a well maintained, clean room, I move the documents 2 inches to the left, while I move all the writing utensils 2 inches to the right! I uncap the pens and markers, I sharpen the pencils too much!
If it's messy... Well, I fine them 20 bits for tripping me while I was looking through their house. That room was a safety hazard, I'm entitled! What? You expect me to get in trouble for breaking in? Still going to get my moneys worth out of it. Either that or force them to hire a maid. That ought to mess them up!

Oh god, that is great, all that names and how those changelings act, We need more of this

What Wroth said.

the prequel exists. You should be able to find the link above the description on this page. And, uh, just keep the response Teen about the porn thing. :twilightsheepish:

You monster! You evil, evil monster!

This one was kind of a spur of the moment thing. So I suppose the sequel will come the next time I get bored and uncertain of what to write next.

Changelings turning into books... I like this concept!

Snrk, I now imagine Twilight finding a new larger book in the library, with Chryssie hiding inside.

I can't help but think what would happen if you mixed this with the enchanted comics we saw in the Power Ponies episode.

Ooh. I'll keep that in mind.

Wonder what the Equestrian equivalent of War and Peace would be?

Glad you did!

7087961 Food fights and naps?

“You don’t have ‘fun’ at the Ponyville Monthly Bowling Spectacular. You either roll to win or not at all, and Big Mac and I both have our eyes on the trophy this time!”

How does :eeyup: play Bowling anyway?
Does he stick his hooves into the holes of the ball or will he grab it with his mouth?

“Are you still on about the Sweetie Belle thing? I said I wouldn’t do it again!”

Wasn't that about 11 months ago?

“I steal socks,” Tense Shift said. “Just one per house. Sometimes I throw it away. Sometimes I hide it somewhere else in the house.”

I think my house is invaded by changelings!

Good story!

Obviously, having practiced the Haycartes technique, Twilight is quite aware of the danger of getting lost in a book, and so has been training a search and rescue team. that changelings take to it readily, and can feed off the love of literature in the meantime is simply a bonus.

Ha! That would make an interesting story in its own right.

This and the prequel had me in stitches, good work.

Oh Twilight, you are in so much trouble.

Glad to hear it!

VERY nice Hope you do a sequel as well

Twi and a book-diving changeling. Yeah, okay, I'm with you on that. It's a new ship, but it works.

7088716 Give more plz?

Seriously though this was funny as hell and had me laughing so hard my family was asking me what the hell made me laugh this hard.

7086534 That is something that appeals to me greatly.

Delightful. Very curious as to the mechanics of the book habitation, since enchanted or otherwise magical tomes could have some interesting side-effects (such as identity confusion (changeling/pony is now thinks they are one of the characters) or entrance into a pocket universe).

"Effed up", indeed.
And it was working so well...

Please let us find out how this ends for Twilight and her "staff"!

I was wondering if anyone would ship it. I gave strong clues, but intentionally left it vague.

Fantastic! Glad to know I did my job.

I figure the changelings have some ability to move around, even between pages. And they can make transform into something as small as a word or as a big as a page. I had another comment reminding me of the enchanted comic books Equestria has. There could be a fun story with that idea.

This story already surpassed my expectations for it, so I'll definitely keep a sequel in mind. The only I got to writing this one was because I was feeling a little aimless with my other stories and wanted to do something silly, however. I can't promise a firm due date.

7087961 Will there be more? :D

Heh heh, stoopid cherngelerngs.

And Twi's in trooooooouble! :twilightoops:

Magic kindergarten time! :trollestia:

Anyone think that Celly is secretly about to prank twilight and end up causing her to reform chrysalis

7089316 It would certainly explain why Haycarte's method isn't taught more widely.

Methinks the changelings are the equivalent of kitsune.

i would like to see more in this series:scootangel:

I am now interested in what Celestia has to say to Twilight.

Huh. I'll have to read up on that. That could make a good story.

Can't promise anything more concrete than a "maybe," but it's always good to see people want to read more from me. Thanks!

Two words. Sequel please!

Seriously though this was good. The building insinuations of twilight's and stormy's relationship added just the right kind of humor.

The changlings come across as friendly colleges, which works well as a dynamic and links back to the title. And with twilight being in a managerial role, the humourous interactions between her and the changelings are even funnier.

Plus with the plots for both telling spike, and explaining to celestia set up her, I am highly anticipating your next piece.

Awesome! I wonder if you can put a changeling into a scroll and send it via dragonfire.

This is the most creative way of solving the changeling love gathering problem I've ever seen.

I thought the ending was a little abrupt, but the comments make it clear that that was a) intentional for effect and b) there's more to come (i hope!)?

I want the sequel to this

like what other readers have said.


Stormy Night shook his head. “Leave the ponies out this.

You are missing an "of" in the second sentence.

“You don’t have ‘fun’ at the Ponyville Monthly Bowling Spectacular. You either roll to win or not at all”

That line made me smile!

Twilight laughed, opening the letter. “Then here’s to a fresh start for this thing of ours, whatever it is.”

So you came up with this "get in the book" idea before the Moondancer episode that showed this was a legitimate spell? This idea is way out of left field, and I really want more of it!

I love these kind of set ups, where "the crew" assembles in secret on quiet evenings to discuss their plans. It's both super serious and "just Tuesday" for them.

Fixed the error, and yeah, I wrote the first one before that episode. Never thought the show would let ponies do it! Or changelings, for that matter. Glad you liked it!


The letter means that Celestia found the changeling, and wants to see twilight for... Something. This story definitely needs a sequel. Something about the letter.

honestly, the easiest way to screw with people like this would be to move their bookmark back three pages. Wouldn't even really have to leave the book. Oh, and while we're at it, reorganize the cupboards. It's a bit harder, and risks noise giving you away, but it's so worth it when they go mad trying to figure out why their plates are in the glasses cupboards.

Are we going to get another sequel? This was pretty fun, and I want to know how Twilight deals with this.

I'd love to see this made into a serial. You've created quite a scenario with a lot of potential for more depth than it already has. Not, while I understand that my meek and singular opinion is of little persuasion against the mighty "I don't wanna" in all of us, I'd just like to point out the potential in this story to evolve into a major work.

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