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This story is a sequel to Staff Meeting

Spike guides three of Ponyville's newest residents through the wonderful world of gainful employment.

Thanks to Noble Thought for prereading.

Cover art by badumsquish.

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I love these stories.

These are hilarious. And what's more, they're genuinely different enough from each other that they can make sense as separate stories instead of different chapters of the same story.

Maybe Sweet Apple Acres should try to Rainbow-proof the whole place. She can make a cloud above SAA and take a nap there or something, I dunno!

Huh. I'll have to keep that in mind. There's a story in that.

8072329 I mean, why would she mooch on AJ by sleeping on her trees when RD pretty much owns the sky? On a side note, I was also thinking of another Rainbow mooching fic where Twilight and a bird feeder are involved.

So it was FLUTTERSHY!? That's an unexpected twist.

Fluttershy was doing it, eh? That is a surprise.

And why's that? Think of the poor crows... isn't it better to have a smiley face for them? :derpytongue2:

The changeling flew back up from the foot of the hill. “Wheel. Wheel. My name is totally Wheel now. You guys gotta try this!” He threw himself back down the hill, rolling along in another burst of green.

Actually...upon thinking about it...that does seem like it'd be pretty fun. :rainbowlaugh:

Everybody else has commented on the ending, so I will break the trend and not comment on the ending. :ajsmug:

Aww yes, delicious, delicious sequel! It's wonderful!

You're pretty darn good at coming up with fresh situations for your stories.

Sigh, it's hard to change the mentality from a hive changeling that lived in the hive all his life to the habitat of a pony, is like getting the custom from China or Africa when you are raised in europe or America

Thanks! I'm rather proud of that myself.

Oh, you have no idea. There was a big hill outside our church when I was growing up. I still don't think Mom has ever forgiven my brother and I for all the grass stains in our fancy clothes.

Indeed. Thanks for reading.

That's getting a lot of feedback for a throwaway gag. :rainbowlaugh:

That was great, as was the previous two stories.

Should I be shipping Twilight and Stormy? Because I'm pretty sure that I am.

Night Owl, It, and Wheel are all really fun in their own ways.

So... he changed his name from "It" to "Scarecrow"? What's next, Freddy Krueger?


Should I be shipping Twilight and Stormy?

I don't know what you mean... :raritywink:

He went from "It" to "Wheel" actually. The third one tossed out Scarecrow on a lark.

But yeah, that might have been a good gag to work in, him changing names to progressively scarier things. Shame I didn't think of it while writing.

this was a fun read. enjoyed the humor and progression. this has earned its like and fav.

I do love these.

Please write more of these when you can. They're hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Yikes ... Celestia used the "D-word". Poor Twiley ... Godspeed, Stormy ... Godspeed.

But, yes - we need more of this adorableness, I kind of like the 'redeemed' changelings, but this ... this is gold.

I need to see how Night owl made out, and how Scarecrow (that is his name, now ... I swear) does in the morning when AJ brings him in for breakfast.

And we need to know what happened to the other 'lings!


I was actually thinking of making a group for this series while I was writing this one. There are certainly a lot of 'lings to write about, more than enough for other authors to take a shot at these if they were so inclined. Something for me to consider if the calls for another sequel keep coming in.

I could definitely see other authors taking shots at writing this kind of fic. You've given us some canon characters with personalities and left some ends open that could allow us to roll with our own headcanons. A group to put all those potential stories in would be a welcome thing indeed!


To quote Scoots - "I'm liking this idea." If Mind's Eye can provide us a framework and basic world-building, with some canon characters to that AU ... it could seriously work

Alright, I'll give it some more thought while this story runs its course the next couple days.

Spike, youre over thinking things. When you are in a densely occupied area full of specialists, so many end up mopping floors no matter the qualifications. :twilightoops:

Only so much room at the top of the corporate pyramid...

I get the feeling that RD WAS the one doing the vandalizing, but during the conversation she was nearby and out of site, so she managed to convince Flutters to do it this time.

Overall, this was the best of the three so far, which is saying quite a bit.

I appreciate the sentiment. And that might be a thought to keep in mind... Dash could prove a sneaky challenge for any guard.

I bet somepony will hire on somebug as a shower accessory.

... Too bad Trixie wasn't there, I wanted to see her reaction to "Wheel" :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, good. They are getting jobs away from staying inside flammable, doomed, books.

8075147 You seem to be under the mistaken impression that her distrust for wheels didn't come from meeting him... it did. Having your replacement wheel suddenly turn into a changeling halfway to the next town is very traumatizing. I mean seriously, how else could you develop a mistrust of wheels? They are just circles!

Only one chapter I would think you'd ever love that ideas for this. Love the story.

Well, I've never set exactly when these stories take place. :raritywink:

What I said above. I did not want that to happen at all, so yes, I got them away from the library.



(Have to say every one of these little stories has been pure gold)

I do hope Wheel doesn't meet Trixie. You know how she is about wheels... :rainbowderp:

Actually, they all better watch out for Trixie. Knowing her, she'd "hire" them for nothing so they could be part of the show-- when they're not praising her constantly while pampering Trixie to the level she thinks she deserves. (Trixie and a bunch of mini-me minion-Trixies, heh)

p.s. I wish I could just slip into a book and hide when a crazy Twilight storms the domicile.

I look forward to the continuation of this series of one-shots.

Disgustingly hilari-

wait a minute...
Yo, you're a really good comedy writer. I clicked through your stories and saw that you wrote these as well. I hope you put out more of this series soon!

Thanks! I try my best.

Quite enjoyable!

You have a couple instances of "Applebloom" before switching to "Apple Bloom," but otherwise very fun!

Fixed it. Thanks.

they fill rather Niche jobs. Frankly I'm surprised they didn't try getting jobs as actors. I mean, they can shift into seemingly anything and anyone as far as this universe is concerned, so they could take the place of trained animals or otherwise dangerous vicious creatures, which would save the directors a LOT of funds that otherwise would need to be spent finding a creature and hiring a trainer if the creature could be trained at all. Then of course if one of their actors called out sick a Changeling could be their stand-in.

Eh, you gotta start somewhere. No one's born a star.

8079337 Maybe that's why the manticore took a bow after Trixie's performance! It was a changeling spy the whole time! :pinkiegasp:

That was quite amusing from beginning to end.

Although, I have to admit learning Fluttershy was drawing on Applejack's scare crows...beautiful. I laughed out loud at that, if I'm being honest.

I liked that bit too. Glad you enjoyed it so much!

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