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Not much to say really. Fourth year Comp Sci student that is mediocre at a lot of things. Coding, drawing, stories, MTG, you name it. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 6 or so years ago


Some gifts are insignificant, only to be given to someone, then to be re-gifted once again. However some gifts are extremely important. They might not be expensive, no flashy by any means, but they are the aspects of our lives that mean the most.

Rainbow has tried for what seems like ages now trying to tell Twilight about her true feelings for her. All of her other friends have already noticed, but the mare of her dreams still remains oblivious to her feelings. However one day, Rainbow finally decides to tell Twilight how she feels, and she stumbles upon the perfect present to help sum up her feelings should she not be able to tell Twilight directly. Will Twilight accept the gift? Or will she turn it down? Either way there will be a decision made, and it will change the two forever.

So this is a small thing that I decided to do to help relieve my writer's block on When A Door Closes, so hopefully guys enjoy this one as much as When A Door Closes. That still amazes me that it was recieved so well but hey I am not going to complain that much.

This was mostly written on my 1 hour commute to work, as the bus system here in Ottawa can be absolutely terrible if you need to get anywhere. Although it is a huge pain in the ass trying to write 2000 or so words on a small phone. Not the nicest piece of typing equipment.

And yes I know the description is awful. I'm terrible at them...

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That was adorable, I'm always happy for a little more Twidash. :twilightsmile:

That unnerving mental image Pinkie Pie made early on with Discord in a tutu... get ready for more brain bleach Rainbow Dash because apparently someone made it happen! :pinkiecrazy:

4386127 That is hilarious, I didn't even know that was a thing until now. All I did was write off the top of my head for Pinkie, so I am glad it worked out. Maybe I will actually get around to writing her into the other story. Also good to hear that you enjoyed the story.

4386127 strangely enough, I find that picture to be incredibly well drawn and highly entertaining. Thank you.

Lovely short fic, love it.

4386669 Thanks a lot. I might do a couple more shorter ones later on. Was amazed that this only took a day to produce. Lots of fun writing these smaller ones, and maybe I will even move away from TwiDash at some point... Probably not, but maybe.

A quick question how did a game of magic inspie'er this? I'm a huge player myself and even I don't see it please tell me?

A quick question how did a game of magic inspie'er this? I'm a huge player myself and even I don't see it please tell me?

4386972 I have a got a nasty habit of getting side tracked really easily. I just find it annoying to focus on one thing for too long, so often times I will be thinking about some other things while I play. Magic is fairly easy to keep track of, so while I was in the middle of playing the matches, I was thinking about this off on the side. Often I would resolve some stuff, think about the story and how I wanted it pan out, and then wait for the turn to cycle back.

Mostly the games allow my mind to wander off, which is when most of the ideas come up for the story. So didn't directly incite the idea for the story, but more so actually gave me some time to think about it.

Okay. All in all, not a terrible story. A few cliche moments, but it's getting harder and harder for writers to truly avoid those these days anyway.

My only major problem is the frequent grammatical mistakes. For example;

Rainbow isn’t really that sutile when it comes to dropping hints for you to pick up on.

That spelling of the word 'subtle' made me stare dumbfounded for a few seconds.
Other than things like that though, the story is as I said not bad.

In other news, EDH is my favorite form of MTG. My commanders are Karador, Ghost Chieftain and Phelddagrif.
My Phelddagrif deck terrifies people. :)

Excellent use of Spike in this piece. Far too many authors treat him as an obstacle in the way to Twilight's relationships, or don't mention him at all despite most of these stories taking place in his home. You found a unique way to make him relevant—you made him "in" on what Dash was doing and. That was well-played.:twilightsmile:

4389450 Oh I know my grammar is absolutely terrible, and I've accepted that at least. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the story. As for the MTG part, I absolutely hate that purple hippo, cause every time I have played against it was secretly Rafiq in disguise. I play Animar, Omnath, and Dervei myself in the cut-throatish EDH league in Ottawa. Animar is by far the most fun to play through, but people hate playing against it. Never have seen anyone put so much effort into killing Shrieking Drake in my life :twilightsmile:

4389765 You will have to Kodeake for that one. Many times I had forgotten about Spike while writing When A Door Closes, but thanks to his suggestion about not ignoring him in the story, I decided to write him in more. Glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, well, my Phelddagrif deck is a group hug/strangle strategy. I've made people draw 80 cards in one turn. And that's all opponents. At once. :D

And yeah, Animar is pretty cool. Never used him myself, but I've played against him enough times.

Well wasn't that just adorable, and it gave me some ideas to what i can do with my upcoming TwiShy fic i'am planing on writing. :raritywink:.
Great job on this, had my attention all the way to the end, and it was and is one of the cutest things i have read to date. :scootangel:
if i wear to give you a rating it would be a 4/5 not perfect but damn good. :ajsmug:

4398305 Good to hear for sure! 4/5 is definitely surprising and I am not going to complain at all about that :twilightsmile:. Also good to know that this helped give you some ideas.

Dawwwwh :twilightsmile: this is definitely one of the cutest and sweetest fics I've ever read! Its truely something that heald my attention and made me go all "awwwwwh" and "omg this is just too sweet " a lot of times with the additional laugh as well.
Great job

All the "D'aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!"s! :rainbowkiss:

Um, okay, this was a good story:twilightsmile:
In my opinion, conversations looks a bit forced, but maybe im just asking for too much after reading Kodeake's stuff:twilightblush:
Anyways, good luck in further writings:twilightsmile:

4386127 It's terrifying!:twilightoops:

she tried to get the painful mental image of Discord in a frilly tutu out of her head.

You and me both sister. That image is going to scar me for life.:pinkiesick:

Dawwwww, this melted my Twidash loving soul. Thanks for the story!

“Silly filly,” Pinkie said with a playful giggle as she poked her head over Applejack’s shoulder, seemingly teleporting back into the room. “I have a party to get setup. These things just don’t magically happen you know.” And with that Pinkie was gone once again.

Really? Because it sure looks like it does Pinkie. Haven’t you been paying attention to your own antics?

Great job, fellow sufferer of OC Transpo!

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