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August Update - Projects + Life · 8:09am August 27th

Hello everyone. I have had a lot of things have happened over the past month since my last update.

So first of all, I am sorry to say that I've had to say goodbye to my kitty, my baby boy and best friend Ninja. He was 15 years old, he lived a good life, but he reached an apex in his failing health near the end of July and we decided it was best to put him to rest. I love you buddy. :fluttercry:

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2277962 Long story short, the story is dead and due to some recent... unpleasant events, I had a bit of a creator breakdown. I do apologize, but I would prefer to just move on.

The primary project currently is Twilight Velvet's "Pseudo Facade". Chapter 5 should be up sometime this week I hope.

hi there!
i just wanted to ask what happened with the ein sof zealotry story it seems to have been removed ?

My thanks for the watch!

1580706 Soon that army will grow beyond Chuck Norris levels and will become Asura's Wrath levels. That's powerful.


You're welcome for the follow, by the way. :yay:

Thanks for the follow!

My army grows :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

1300065 We are working to complete chapters 21 through 27 before we start updating again. I do apologize for the lack of updates but we want to write ahead of time so that we can keep with the weekly schedule. Hopefully, it shouldn't take too long but chapters have recently been at least 10k words and it has taken awhile to complete them. 17 through 20 all took about a month and a half to complete... oi vey, that was kind of tedious.

We recently just completed chapter 22 and will be working on 23 tomorrow. We are working as fast as we can but it takes time to write efficient. However, we are hoping subsequent chapters will be shorter. Trust me, I want to see this continued as much as everyone else but at the same time, we don't want to rush perfection, especially with the events coming up.

Plus real life things have gotten in the way which has set us back a little ways. :ajsleepy: All I can say is it will likely be awhile before the story will continue. Until then, look for Chronicle chapters in between explaining Elysian lore.

Its been awhile since we had an update. Do you have any news on when your next chapter for Ein Sof Zealotry will be out?

That's Ok, got to say I am loving it so far. Can't wait for more.

1136215 No problem. I gotta say, it was pretty nice :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fave on Triple Threat!

1073174 Be sure to also check out my main projects Illegal Heritage (which I'm currently in the process of writing two sequels) and the current project Ein Sof Zealotry, Corwin and I would love feedback where possible. :twilightsmile:

1073173 Sure, I'll check it. There's mine - Here

1073171 Thank you! My DeviantART page can be found here if you want to see more. Though I've been slacking heavily recently, mostly because of the collab I've got going on with Corwin Freiss.

1073166 You're welcome. Oh, and your drawings are amazing by the way :pinkiehappy:

Greetings! Do you like muffins? (Very likely; almost everypony does!)

And another thing that almost everypony likes; Followers! Yay!

Have a virtual muffin and a follower for you, dear sir or lady :moustache: Feel free to return it, or not.

Oh, and never forget the good part of life; Have fun! :twilightsmile:

1072128 you are welcome, very awesome

1072047 Drew em myself. I prefer to do my own project artwork. Glad you like them.

you are quite welcome :twilightsmile: I love the the pictures of Twilight Velvet and Twilight you have on your page :scootangel:

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