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Rainbow Dash: the most confident, cool, radical, and Awesome pony in all of Equestria. With a reputation like that, one could stand to assume that nothing would possibly scare Ponyville's premier daredevil.

And one would be right!

In fact, it was with this confidence that Rainbow was setting off to ask out the absolute love of her life. She was calm, she was collected, she was the very definition of cool under pressure. Fear of rejection? Hay no! She was Rainbow Dash for Celestia's sake.

Rainbow Dash didn't get nervous.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 23 )

That was cute.

"Crystal Castle of Rainbow Friendship™." Yes I did laugh out loud!

“S-so... Funny running into you here, huh?” LOL! Great read!!!

This was really funny, especially the nose bleed. Anyone who has watched anime knows the kinds of things Dash was thinking.

Oh Harmony, I can tell it was on purpose, but I still think you might'very overdone it on the purple prose. Reading this was like trying to chug a bottle of maple syrup.


This was really good. I liked the idea of making a chapter explaining what rainbow would say to her other friends. Very funny read.
Other than a few grammar and spelling errors here and there, this was a pretty solid read. It'd be really nice if this got featured.

Sappy twidash is melting me sloooowly. And I'd rather die a slow and sappy death (especially if its twidash) than a fast and gory one.

The only problem with this story is too much fluffy adorableness. I can sue you for attempted murder:trixieshiftleft:

6920915 I'm his lawyer and I'm afraid that Section 7 Paragraph 5 of the rules of the internet states that "one cannot sue on account of injury by fluffy adorableness in any form including Diabeetus." We can take this to court if you wish, but I suggest you don't for your sake. I'm also the Judge and the Jury and the Witness.

6923674 unfortunately for you im currently batman, so your arguement is invalid until fedoras are cool.:ajsmug:

6923743 Well I'm Morgan Freeman so your argument just doesn't sound as cool and won't be valid until Half Life 3 is released.

6923837 well... Goddamn, imma be in those triple digits before my next comment becomes valid.:rainbowderp:

Dear Luna you're REALLY good at writing sappy. I had to resist the urge to stop reading it was just too much. Like eating a suger-covered frozen lime. :rainbowwild::heart::twilightsmile:

Like, so good.

I'm David Attenborough and now you're both squirrels with degrees in Law and Internet culture.:derpytongue2:

Have fun!

I can't be the only one that really wants to see the actual date go down, awkwardness and all.

I almost died laughing!
You're a genius!

Dear gods, someone gave Rainbow Dash a thesaurus.

That kind of crime would be so funny if it was a twist in something like Turnabout Storm xD

Uh… I think Rainbow has spent too much time with Twilight... She's speaking prose as if she's Zecora!

This is just fun to read, seeing that date would be amazing.

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