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Thanks for the fav!

1969706 I really haven't. The biggest reason being that I'm not cut out for fanfic writing. I just can't sit down and write for an extended period of time, I get way too easily distracted.

Another reason is that I still maintain that FoE is not for me. There are a few stories I'm keeping tabs on because I'm genuinely interested in seeing how they turn out. The world itself is a giant bag of fetishes, some I'm interested in, some I'm not, and the ones I'm not sort of far outweigh the ones I am interested in to the point where it becomes unreadable from a standpoint of reading them for... let's say recreational use. The ones I do read are ones that intrigue me from a story perspective, even if in a lot of cases the execution is sloppy and in some cases downright nonsensical.

I still maintain that even though it's not for me, I'm not going to shit on anyone's parade. If people read this and find pleasure in it, more power to you, as long as you know the acts committed in those stories should in no way be executed in real life (unless it's a role play situation between two consenting adults), fetishes are a lot about fun and self exploration, and as long as no ill will is intended, or comes to other individuals, then feel free to have your fantasy. Also respect women, those gals are usually awesome!

Plus it takes a lot more planning to be able to write a good one of those fics that I'm even capable of (most FoE writers aren't either, be it from their own skill, or the iron grip that NCN has on this world that ensures the mary sueness of the Caribou reigns supreme).

Have you ever considered of writing your own FoE story?

1530671 Still, thank you nonetheless :twilightsmile:

1530639 I haven't even read it yet! Rest assured I'll get around to it at some point, lol.

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