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I write second person human X pony clop sometimes. .... Yeah, I know. Regardless, I was asked to upload it here, so I figured I'd toss it up.

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Here you go. Be warned, most of these are more short little blurbs than full stories, and some of them are on the pretty heavy fetish-y side: I like to test my limits every now and then and see if I can write something outside of my usual comfort zone. Hope you enjoy.

Regardless, I was asked to upload it here, so I figured I'd toss it up.

Where else do you post them? I'm eager to see what else you got...


Truthfully, I hadn't planned on it - most of them are pretty off the cuff, more like greentext blurbs than actual fleshed out stories. I'm also bound to admit that back when I first wrote a lot of them, I wasn't sure that the more extreme ones would fly on FIMFiction - a concern I have long since discovered I needn't have worried over, as it turns out, but nonetheless. Perhaps I could go back sometime and turn more of them into actual stories as opposed to two or three paragraph fap fuel, but that feels like a pretty low priority.

Apologies to anyone I haven't responded to previously! I actually have two accounts on this site, one for smut and one for more serious stuff, and I really only use this one when I have a new story to post. As a result I tend to miss most activity notifications on this one. I shall try to do better.

Do you ever plan to post more of your Pastebin goodies here? I know the Futas with Males group would love many of them. :twilightsmile:

Good stuff. I hope to see more from you some day. :twilightsmile:

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