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Story Progress Log

Okay, so a fair amount of my stories are either being written or undergoing edits right now; a lot of work is being done, but right now not a huge amount of that work is visible. So, I decided to take the example of the dude who draws Improving Skills, and put a progress log on my page. I'll update this to let you guys know what's going on with my stories, what's being written/edited, plus general tidbits of story-info. Hopefully it's some sort of useful! :twilightsmile:

Currently writing:

Mirrors and Echoes: (Working title, 99% likely to change.) Chapter 1: 100% done. Chapter 2: ~20% done.

In Her Blood: Chapter 17 about 70% done.

Currently editing:

A Bluebird's Song: Currently doing a proofread, grammar-fix and general spruce-up with the awesome Shadowsreached, plus writing some new scenes into the first few chapters to make the romance a bit more believable. Will upload the edits part-by-part; each of the story's 3 parts will be posted when the edits on them are done. Naturally this is quite a long-term project.

The Butterfly Catchers: Sorting out that damn Lavender Unicorn Syndrome (or, in this case, Canary Mare Syndrome is probably more accurate).

In my spare time I'm also rejigging some parts of In Her Blood and getting Shadow of a Doubt polished up and ready to take a crack at EQD.


In Her Blood is Back · 11:34pm Dec 16th, 2013

Hey guys,

First of all, sorry if this is sort of a blunt blog post. I just wrote out this whole entire 1500-word post and then my computer decided that the page desperately needed refreshing. So right now I have literally no desire to try and remember what I said (although I do have a pretty severe desire to direct my computer window-wards, or make an entire blog post consisting of 1500 words' worth of AAAAAAAAAAAA). But I digress.

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Still remembering you and comparing myself to you.

Be well.

Head #124 · June 1st · · ·


You'll never know me.

But I have been touched by your work.

This site may be dead; its giddiness long gone, but I'll always remember you.

Please be okay, wherever you are, and having fun along the way.

So much missed, you've still touched my Twi/Dash heart forever.

I hope my next story does justice to your spark.

Wow you logged in

Come back DAMMIT!

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