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Princess, Professor, friend. What more could a pony ask for?

Ten years have gone since she met her first true friends, and Twilight Sparkle has begun to find the past weighing upon her. She always knew that her friends would begin to drift apart with time; she understood that those endless Ponyville summers must end one day. Still, even though Twilight has accomplished her dreams, something is keeping her rooted in the past.

But the bustling, decadent nights in Canterlot are made for sharing secrets, and tonight, an old friend is waiting for her among the crowds. Could a familiar face and a guiding hoof be enough to lighten the young princess's burden?

Enormous thanks to the amazing Shadowsreached for proofreading and editing. The epic cover painting was created by CosmicUnicorn.

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In an otherworldly night, a sleeper train is making its way back from the frozen north. Sleep, however, is eluding two travelers. One has a hurt that needs to be mended, the other has a dream that must be remembered. It is the perfect night for secrets to be shared.

A FlutterDash one-shot, set at the end of The Crystal Empire, on the overnight train back to Canterlot; uncomplicated romance with slight sad and comedy elements.

Enormous thanks to NATOstrike and Shadowsreached for their awesome proofreading and feedback-ing! Thanks also to Tarantad0 for letting me use that amazing Jousting Fluttershy picture.

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Every rising star must eventually fall. Rainbow Dash is locked in a struggle against her own past, and with the help of Twilight is about to make a discovery that will change the way she flies forever. But what will she lose in the process?

Massive thanks to Furor1 and Nyuuchandiannepie for the ridiculously awesome artwork, you should really check them out on DeviantArt if you've not already.

Dedicated to Donald Campbell and his Bluebird, for chasing his horizons for no other reason than the fact that they were there. Also to Steve Hogarth and Marillion for writing Out Of This World, the song that inspired this story.

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