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In Her Blood is Back · 11:34pm Dec 16th, 2013

Hey guys,

First of all, sorry if this is sort of a blunt blog post. I just wrote out this whole entire 1500-word post and then my computer decided that the page desperately needed refreshing. So right now I have literally no desire to try and remember what I said (although I do have a pretty severe desire to direct my computer window-wards, or make an entire blog post consisting of 1500 words' worth of AAAAAAAAAAAA). But I digress.

Anyway, you know what they say, a 9-month hiatus can do a story good.

No, wait. That's not what they say. Nobody says that because it would be a silly thing to say.

The good news is, however, that In Her Blood is back! The hiatus mostly happened in the first place due to an unhealthy dose of exams and university application nonsense, which sapped most of my time and all of my motivation. Once the momentum stops on a story like this, getting it back again is pretty difficult, which is why I decided to write the relatively-short Shadow of a Doubt, before jumping back into a big multi-part project. However, the essays are written, the results are in, the nails are bitten, the paperwork is sent and then interviews have been sat. Until next summer (which will be infinitely less insane) it's over, for now.

Which of course means I can get back to writing on a more regular, committed kind of basis. Honestly, I can't apologise enough for leaving you all hanging for so long on this story. I'm ridiculously sorry, it completely sucks. So anyway, without any more waffling, have a new chapter! The one after this is already 2000 words deep in the writing mill, so with any luck you won't be left waiting until September 2014 for it to happen.

Also, to make up for making you wait for so long, I'm also currently working on another project, namely the multi-part AppleDash story I plotted out with Tchernobog several aeons ago. The first chapter is written and the second one is on the way; my plan with this story is to write the whole thing (probably 5-6 chapters) and then post the whole thing, rather than posting each chapter as it's done. That way I get to go back and edit earlier parts, look at the finished thing and make any necessary changes, and generally avoid all the godawful and unchangeable early-chapter-plotting-errors that plagued me with Bluebird's Song. I'll see how that works out. All it needs now is a title! In other news, it contains a pair of Only Fools and Horses-style cockney merchant ponies who are far too fun to write.

Obviously, I'm writing this on the assumption that anyone still remembers/cares about In Her Blood. To anyone who's still here and reading this, thank you so ridiculously much for sticking with the story. To anyone not reading this, I can completely understand why.

Once again, sorry for the 9-month hiatus. I swear I've not been pregnant.

Pony on, etc.

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Comments ( 16 )

1615856 So it would seem! :pinkiehappy:

Good to have you back in the saddle, and here I was about to reread Bluebird's Song again heh.

Still waiting to find out what's up with Twilight!

Squee! :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to see how it tuns out. Looking forward to this :twilightsmile:

I know exactly how you feel in that the early chapters of a story always tend to be the weakest, when in fact you need to write them to be the strongest, since that is what pulls people into your writing. It's not too common that most people will forgive authors for bad starts baring middle aged housewife novels and this fandom. It's why I've rewrote my intros several times over!

1615856 Get the buck out of here, Jet! No! Ardensfax is mine! Although thank you so much for your awesomeness, friend.

1615915 And you too! Shoo! Love you.

1615946 Well while it won't be Bluebird Song length considering it's Ardensfax it will most likely make me cry and get into Apple/Dash more. Which is a shame since he's the second-to-none for Twi/Dash for me. Although your own story might be that for the fandom at large...

I can't wait to read it! I also need to read your sex story. Since you, Mister Ardensfax, helped get me into clop thanks to your hidden contexts in Bluebird. It's your fault!

I still owe you Rare/Dash clop... I'm sorry my liege...

1616050 Dude, I don't want to bang him, I just want to read his stories :raritywink:

If you've got the inside track, don't let me get in your way. :trollestia:

1616089 I am Ardensfax's humble sex slave.

In Her Blood is back?! Sweet!!!! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

I'm so happy I made little squeeing noises!

1617622 You can top me like Twilight tops Dash.

1617652 /)o//////////////o(\

1617661 Seroiusly, that didn't help. You making Twilight an emotional dom/slight nymphomaniac/try and resist my violet eyes being seductive little slits didn't help me a year and a half ago. It began my slow, slow decline. And who doesn't want to squeeze that thick purple plot.


How can you resist that!?

The one after this is already 2000 words deep in the writing mill, so with any luck you won't be left waiting until September 2014 for it to happen.


So, Arden, realtalk. Is there any chance of you ever updating anything ever again or should I just give it all up for dead?

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