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Favorited to read later. I trust this will be awesome.

This will be the first Trixieshy fic I have read since Kindness's Reward. I can't wait to see how this fic turns out :twilightsmile:

That was the longest posting queue ever!

Maybe it's just because I was excited to see it post, even though I already read it... 20 times. lol :pinkiecrazy:

Excellent work, as always. I don't even have to read it (although, I did get to see it before it was posted) to know it is awesome.

Sounds good, faving to read later

And it begins.

I shall read this in a bit. :twilightsmile:

Whoooooooooo very nice! :twilightsmile:

I was eager to read this, niceeeeee

Interesting idea, but are you sure you want to put out a Trixie story so close to season 3?

An excellent 1st chapter. Favoriting this one:twilightsmile:

Thanks for all the feedback, guys! :pinkiehappy: Glad everyone seems to like it so far.

1388996 I've got to admit that did occur to me, although this idea's been floating around in my head since around the end of season 2, so it seemed silly not to try and do it before it gets punched right in the canon. :rainbowwild:

Wow. This was deep. I will definitely be following this. Please hurry with the next chapter.

Very interesting beggining, I look forward to the next chapters:pinkiesmile:

Damn, I would have been the first to like, comment, and favourite, but I stopped halfway through to sleep.

Really great so far, I have to admit that I am a little curious about how deep her journal is. And if anypony will find it.

Trixieshy is my favourite ship ever since reading Kindness' Reward, so it's nice to see the ship finally get some more attention.

... THIS is gonna be good. Tracked!

1389687 can't blame ya for that, I myself am curious what will happen with her this season, they've been vague about it. :trixieshiftleft:

Minor grammer mistakes but overall a great story

Great Beginning. Captured Trix very well. Tracking. :pinkiesmile:


:raritycry:Where? Where dammit!? I must know! NOW! :raritydespair:

~I can't say if I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep, because everything is never as it seems...~

Don't know why that song came to mind. XD Looking pretty good so far! We're starting to see into the past of Trixie, that's nice. Looking forward to finding out where it goes from here.

You sir (or ma'am), really know how to capture the raw emotion that Trixie is feeling. No matter what happens in season 3, please finish this fic.:fluttercry: I don't care how long it takes.:twilightsheepish:

Hah! I had a feeling Shy knew that she was there.

I do like the snippets we're getting of Trixie's past.

Reading this, I'm reminded of this quote by Thomas Merton:

Despair is the absolute extreme of self-love. It is reached when a person deliberately turns his back on all help from anyone else in order to taste the rotten luxury of knowing himself to be lost.

Liked this a lot. From some point I thought Trixie wasn't dreaming about Fluttershy having found her, comforting her... But - welcome to the harsh reality! This whole story made me think one more time how easy is to hate and dislike someone - and how hard it is to try and find something good even in those bitter and sometimes villainous people and pony alike. Thank you so much! :eeyup:

Looks interesting to say the least. Will read later.

1397684 I hate the fact that they are bringing Trixie back in for this very reason, even if they make Trixie a background character it will severely limit the possibilities for these stories. Sorry Faust, but you can't do better than this:twilightblush:

I don't like trixie, but I like this story so far so I'll give trixie a try.

I love where this is going!

Quite a lovely tale.
You have my attention:twilightsmile:..... and moustache.:moustache:

GAAAH! I'm really loving this story. Been looking forward to another Trixie and Fluttershy story since Kindness' Reward. And by the looks of it, this is definitely a promising story. Looking forward to the next update! Keep up the great work.

Verry good. Uy bueno

Lovely. Shy's characterization is just right, and I am enjoying the weak and powerless Trixie.

Uh oh. Looks like a storm is brewing...literally. I can hardly wait to read what happens next.

Kindness Reward is still my favorite fanfic even after easily hundred other shipping stories.

The bar is set very high, but I'm sure this story can reach and maybe even surpass it.

Am I the only one who hopes for a twishy and get trixie's feelings get crushed???*smh for just thinking about it*

This is really excellent so far.

I'm really enjoying this story so far. I love your characterization of Fluttershy, and how she's handling Trixie's visits. Can't wait to see how the two will interact once they finally see each other.

... Yeah, this is how it's done. Thank you, dear author, for keeping things slow, for the most part. No need to rush! That's how most shipping fics mess up. Then again, this isn't most fics, now is it? :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter! Never thought I'd be this sympathetic towards somepony who is refered as show antagonist, but here I am, skipping beats of my heart every time Trixie sees Shy. Can't help almost shouting in my head: "Come out and talk to her! It's perfectly safe! It's gonna be fine!"
Alas, this time a timid canary pegasus was more assertive, than an arrogant showmare - isn't that a good example of how it's important not to judge somepony by the look?
Almost cliffhanging at the end, can't wait to see chapter four. The scenes and the pace of the narration is fascinating, enchanting - and touching. Have my warm thanks and godspeed - I really hate to leave the world of this story for long, so don't keep us hanging for long!
And one more time - thank you for your visions that you share with us.

1453113 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: Heh, now I'm writing the characters I feel like I'm making Trixie every bit as shy as Flutters herself, but for different reasons! :rainbowwild: As always, I'm really glad you're enjoying the story, and chapter 4 shouldn't be too far away now!

1442690 It's a huge relief knowing most people don't mind the slower pace, actually. I mean, I think my biggest derp by far when writing A Bluebird's Song was to kick off the romance too fast, so I decided to go for something much more gradual with this one. So thanks for the reassurance that it's not a bad thing! :twilightsheepish:

1439637 I must admit, Kindness's Reward is still quite possibly my all-time favourite fic. In my opinion I'm yet to see a story surpass it, and I highly doubt this one will, although hopefully I'll at least not disgrace the legacy! :rainbowwild:

1463632 Well, slow is realistic. Since we expect fanfics to be more mature/realistic in storytelling and explaining, slower romances are better most of the time because it's realistic, and allows us to savor the journey. (Of course, some of us DO like a fast romance, but there's always people who like something different! XD)

I have an idea why it might turn out to be sad and dark. I don't think, though I could be wrong, that this is headed towards gore, or brutality: considering the slow, psychological nature of the chapters, I guess that the darkness would be the personal and emotional.

Seeing how Trixie, when she is Fluttershy's presence, describes the Primrose Pegasus (great descriptive phrase, though perhaps tone down on it a bit) leaves me feeling uneasy. It is how one might describe a goddess, so nature spirit of kindness and love. A perfect being whose existance offers redemption and hope. A dream and a wish, a fantasy of perfection that, for all that Fluttershy is quite a good pony, she cannot live up to.

Fluttershy is easily embarrased, she is given to fear, to worries, to doubt, she has a tendancy not to believe in herself. The calm and kind goddess might have some resemblance to Fluttershy, but they aren't the same person.

Compare how Fluttershy describes the experience to how Trixie does: Fluttershy is a bit confused, feels sad for Trixie, but...I don't know how to put it, but there's a definate difference in how Fluttershy sees it, and how Trixie does (that is obvious, and what is also obvious is that Trixie sees what she thinks she needs.)

And there is definately (her inner voice outright says it) something stalkerish and obsessive in her, and the third-person thing in the flashback was rather, unnerving. The sexual fantasies portray a Fluttershy that doesn't exist, and that would quite worry the real Fluttershy. Something regal in the kindness, tending to Trixie's wounds, an angel (which is the starting basis for most (only a few out there) TrixieShy stories I've read) who means everything.

That is too much for one pony to carry, a person's every hope of redemption, which seems like that's what's going on (may be wrong on this.)
"She could not tear herself away from this mare for fear that it might destroy her all over again."
Something is going to break, emotionally, is my guess, and when it does, things will rapidly unravel. I half-hope I am wrong, while the other half, which has darker tastes, emotionally, prays I am even close to right.

Have a chapter! :pinkiehappy: Sorry this one took so much time; I never expected it to come out this lengthy, to be honest.

Anyway, enjoy! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh boy. Poor Trixie and poor Fluttershy. You know Applejack is going to find Fluttershy, then lead a lynch mob to find the culprit. Only to find her already hanging from a tree (so to speak).
I'm on pins and needles now. Please bring on the next chapter.

Just... wow. I instantly had to read this the moment I saw it posted, and already can't wait for the next chapter... but at the same time, you can't rush perfection. :fluttershyouch: Keep up the amazing writing and we'll be eagerly awaiting your next update! :yay:

I have only three things to say about this.
1. does the chapter title make anyone else expect Yahtzee to show up?
2. Trixie would be fine if she would just accept her calling as a poet. (anyone with the ability to winge so entertainingly should write plays.)
3. Your doing a good job as of chapter 1.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not sure how I feel about this eventually having sexual content... I just feels so complete already I don't really think it needs it, but you're still one of my favorite authors so all the more reason to critique you, so I'll call you out if it feels unnecessary when we get there. Until then enjoying the story and I'd rather have a long wait for a great update then a short wait for a mediocre one.

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