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Ready? Set..... · 11:35pm Sep 27th, 2016


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Coming soon...

Researcher Twilight

Chapter 25 - Preemptive Strike

Chapter 24 - The Friendly Skies
1784 words, 70% complete

Chapter 23 or 22?- Hole Sweet Hole
2547 words, 100% complete

Chapter 22 or 23? - Delayed Repurcussions
2152 words, 100% complete

Pallas Athene

cancelled Indefinitely Postponed

492 words, Complete

Chapter 1 - Arrival
1524 words, Complete

Chapter 2 - Dauntless
1440 words, Complete

Chapter 3 - A Bigger Telescope
126 words, 5% complete

The Dark (future submission for the In a Little Town Called Ponyville project) cancelled

1010 words, ??% complete

The Nightmare


HOLY SHIT! NATOstrike wrote a story? ...this probably isn't going to end well.

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More being completely rewritten than edited.

23 isn't too terrible, but I hated every fucking thing about 22... It was so boring. Just a bunch of shitheads sitting around talking at each other. Of course, if I completely change 22, 23 is going to need significant revisions also.

We'll get there, eventually.

Chapters 22(XXII) and 23(XXIII) of Researcher Twilight are both 100%. I assume they're still being edited?


It's quite lightweight. And even the phone app works good.

~Skeeter The Lurker

  • Viewing 144 - 148 of 148
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