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He's just this guy, you know...

There's been a lot of speculation and people reaching out to me concerning the sudden disappearance of my stories, blogs, and profile in general. That being said......

I'm fine. I'm alive. I'm not in need of anything that I don't already have. I'm done writing. It's not fun anymore. I had started this because it was fun, and that fun is gone for me. I just can't bring myself to continue.

Why did I delete everything? It truthfully seemed to be the only way for me to really separate myself from what I had done here. With things laying around here, every time I looked at my profile, Researcher Twilight looked back, and I hated that. I didn't want it anymore, so it seemed prudent to get rid of it.

I was really hoping to get away without explaining any of this, but here we are nonetheless.

If anyone does want to read the story in its current and final form, here ya go:

If anyone wants to, feel free to hit me up on Discord: NATOstrike#4045

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there for so long.

Double thanks to those of you that reached out to check on me. It does mean a lot.

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