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Attending BronyCon 2014 · 11:31pm Jul 31st, 2014

Hello, my fellow bronies.

If you weren't aware, BronyCon is starting tomorrow! Like last year, I'll be attending and hoping to see some incredible stuff!

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Hey man! Just wanted to say that I miss you. I'm still here to chat and talk with if you ever need me, and I most certainly hope you one day find the desire to keep writing. You're good, and I miss your stories.

Peace, Zen. Peace! :twilightsmile:

Hey are you continuing Tamed 2 I can't get enough of it !
I reed the whole thing just now and I want MOAR!!!:pinkiecrazy:

I'm definitely touched by your words. Nothing makes me feel more cheery than for somepony to praise my work. I also don't consider any comment annoying. I like all the good and the bad.

I know many people don't have the time to comment or don't know exactly what they want to say, and I understand that. However, I appreciate all of them just the same.

It's been really fun...I want my readers to enjoy themselves as much I enjoy writing for them. I wouldn't have let it go on this far if it wasn't for everyone who gave my writing a chance.

Just a quick clarification-I think you don't get enough love and I found it suitable to pull a Pinkie on you randomly dropping in and attempting to cheer you up. If you found it annoying-my sincere apologies. I know many people prefer constructive criticism and praise, but I don't often have enough time to properly comment. However, your story "Tamed" was an amazing read, one that I enjoyed greatly. Can't wait for the sequel to be complete. Once again, I apologize for lack of constructivity and whatever annoyance I may have caused.

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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