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Decided not to finish, edit, or even try for this...here... · 7:53pm Dec 7th, 2013

The Sun, the Trees, the Blood

That maroon, metallic tasting fluid, seeping from the wounds, pouring out like a stream, flowing like a river. It burns, yet can feel so good. The warmth covering the body, while the burning pain keeping that feeling numbed, but what matter is it? It hurts too much for me to think. I don’t even understand how I got here. I remember…trees. A lot of trees, or was it clouds? Trees and clouds surrounding me on each side I believe!

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Thanks for the favorite on The Bluestar Element!

Thanks for the watch. :)

Think about it:
Celestia - Element of the Sun
Luna - Element of the Moon
Twilight - Element of Magic
Rainbow - Element of Loyalty
Apple Jack - Element of Honesty
Rarity - Element of Generosity
Fluttershy - Element of Kindness
Pinkie - Element of Laughter (Happiness)
Discord - Element of Disharmony
Nightmare - Element of Darkness
Cadence - Element of Love
Ditzy - Element of Derp (derp as to not be rude)
Are they ALL elements?
In a way, all of the ponies are elements...(not serious in terms, but just think about it)
The idea behind the elements are for there to be a Main 6 (Mane 6), but if you think about it, they are all possible elements.

Thank you for the fav on my story Just One Mistake! Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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