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/) Yet another hoof for a fellow Eagle! :moustache:

260077 Awesome! I'll be waiting impatiently for the next chapter to come out!

I used a more thought driven part of the ink blot test. While I had the therapist ask Luna what she saw, I also had him ask her to make a little story when it came to the images that she saw. This was because he wanted to see what she could come up with first. I wouldn't think that he is using anything from Freud, since my image is him staring completely at her as he writes.

I can't tell you if he is using anything else, because I want it to be a secret. But, more or less, I do plan on incorporating different styles.

259841 I liked Therapist Visit because of how you delve into the psychology of Princess Luna, a most interesting case. Plus, I have a very good general knowledge about the general workings of Psychology so I have a good idea what the stallion is actually saying.
On that point, the use of Rosarch tests suggest that the stallion is a Psychotherapist or follows the teachings of Freud. Although he was the father of Psychology, he is not best model to go by. Do you plan on incorporating some of the other theories of Psychology(Behaviorism, the pony equivalent to Humanism, etc) or will stick solely with Psychoanalysis?
My answer for your audio book idea: My answer would be no because of the fact I am reading your story now. Audio book is not my cup of tea and I think having a story that I already know read to me only turns off my motivation to keep listening.

Thank you very much for the favorite on Therapist Visit! If I may ask, what is it about the story that made you favorite it?

I also have one more question, if you don't mind answering it. What would you think about this story becoming an audiobook? I had this in the author's note, but I am still ambivalent towards it.

  • Viewing 50 - 54 of 54
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