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  • EForget Me Not
    It's 10 years into the future. Twilight and her friends are dead, the Elements of Harmony have been stolen, and the princesses have been captured. But, there are six ponies waiting to discover just how real the phrase 'Friendship is Magic&a
    Emerald · 1.4k words  ·  4  14 · 452 views
  • TAn Emerald in the Wind
    When a pegasus named Windwaker saves a earth pony named Emerald from near-death, he finds himself falling head over hooves for the lonely mare.
    Emerald · 1.2k words  ·  3  20 · 633 views
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That's ok.

So...You still on MLPForums?

598378 Thanks, and sorry about the confusion.


Oh, ok.

Well, I hope you have fun in New Mexico...

598352 Yeah. Someone sent me an email with the link of fimfiction in it.

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