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Alpha Mike Foxtrot - Part I · 2:05pm Jul 21st, 2015

So... I'm not dead--not literally anyway. I just kinda silently quit this whole thing. Why? Reasons I'm sure you've heard from everyone before and will only irritate you, so I'll spare you that. Suffice to say, I'm just not into it anymore. I like the writing aspect of it, but everything else became weird after I went to one of the cons. Despite what Wacka Flocka Flame said, shit's not gonna be ok.

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433209 who made your cover art in rainbow in the dark?

I think this author is dead, such a sad waste of talent. :fluttercry:

428873 Yes, I thought it would be a nice little easter egg for those of you who enjoy rock.

Just finished reading "Rainbow in the Dark." I thougt that I should say that it was completely awesome.
Did you intentionally name it after the Dio song?

That story reminded me of another Luna-centric fic called "The Dark Side of the Moon" (Awesome album btw)

I learned about you first from "Cutie Mark Crusaders: Truth or Dare," and since then, your stories have continued to be awesome.
And so are you. I happen to know a lot about you from my alternate account, and I can tell you are an awesome person.
I'm the Approver, and I approve this message.
Congrats on getting into Georgia Tech, BTW! (If you figured out who I am, don't tell anybody)

  • Viewing 137 - 141 of 141
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