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Gildor Surion

I'm strange and complicated in an average and simple way.


Yes, I am still alive. · 6:25am Jul 2nd, 2012

Hey anypony who reads my blogs. I am still alive and I have been asked to help out with a story. I will get back to work on Through Lonely Eyes eventually and I will hopefully be able to make it a much better story.
So thank you for taking a bit of time out of your life to read my little blog.

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3649 Okay, I remember now. Had to do some research and pull some old memory files in a giant file machine in my head... So welcome to my part of the website... I know it isn't super fancy or full of fun crazy things as many others. But there are a few gems here and there. Plus there is my little story. That is still being worked on.... That also might need some rework done on it..... when I can get around to it..... I hope you enjoy your time here.

Hey! sup, remember me?

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