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Blaze Burn Crash

Blaze here, having a few technical difficulties. I can't change my name to 'Real Blaze Burn Crash'
The 'Real' part is for RP, suggested by Real Rainbow Dash.


Gentlemen, IM BACK! · 11:07pm Sep 4th, 2012

I'm back and in the authoring business again! Hopefully everybody sees this so they know I'll be on daily. That means I'll see your comments, if you didn't understand. Post whatever you please on here so I know you care. Cya in the comments!

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Thanks for supporting my brother Cory brandstetter. You may know by the fic he made, Equestria a magical drama.

9987 Thanks! And i'll keep writing until I don't feel I can write anymore.:pinkiehappy:

Spitfire is an active character in the first part of my story, and even though she isn't highlighted in this entry, she will play semi-major role in future episodes.

Good luck. Now, I'm gonna get back to reading your story.

Thanks for commenting on my story, man! I'm now tracking you. I read a bit of your story there, and it has a prospective awesomeness rating. Keep writing.


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