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Your average, everyday idiot with an academic vocabulary. I'm still trying to work out whether or not that's a good combination. I occasionally write things.


Post-Hiatus Rejuvination · 9:18pm Apr 4th, 2015

I'm not dead! For a couple weeks there I had myself worried, but I think somebody at DHX brought me a defibrillator.

So, I will be honest, I have been absent for a significant portion of the hiatus. There was a period leading up to now where I stopped visiting the site entirely, even to read. I must say, however, that nothing makes me love this fandom more than new content. I just couldn't resist the desire to see what the writers here would pull from season five.

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If you are reading this, it means you have navigated the annals of this marvelous website and somehow found your way to the literary cesspit that is my user page. Congratulations are in order, because if you are here, you are most likely lost, and I will happily help you find wherever you actually intended to go.

However, if you are here by choice, you are also lost, simply in a fashion distinguished from that formerly listed. How you interpret this fact is up to you entirely; I'm simply instituting its position as a fact in your mind.

If you find that you are here due to the latter rather than former: my condolences! There is not much to see here... yet. I have not actually released a proper story in approximately two three years now. If you could call the few I have proper.

I hope to eventually rectify this fact and actually release a story. I have been biding my time, learning, observing, and all that is left to do is to actually write things. Unfortunately, that has proven to be the difficult bit.

So, I implore you, stay for a while, wait and see what you may yet find. For if you do, I promise you a slow-paced, rather unexciting adventure, from which the only escape is unsubscription! (not a recommended course of action for obvious reasons)

So, in conclusion, I bid you good day and hope that you will keep me company for a while (it gets lonely here), as well as put up with me for an amount of time equal to that of your keeping me company.


Fifty followers: in progress.
One-hundred followers: in progress.

One shot released and approved: in progress.
Chapter fic released and approved: in progress, sorta.

Get at least one-hundred likes on one story: in progress.
Get at least one-thousand likes on one story: in progress.

Make someone smile: in progress (indefinite).

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Aww shucks. Glad you enjoyed the panel, friendo!

Hey, I loved the panel at BABScon, figured I might as well give you a follow.

Whoa! Thanks for the random watch, stranger! :twilightblush:

1745053 Which future? Too many variations to specify. :pinkiecrazy:

Eh, I felt bad about wiping you in my follows purge. I decided I'd see what you had in store for the future.

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Things I've done recently:
~Ran through an entire family sized box of hot pockets in a week, further unbalancing my diet.
~Attended Linecon (BABScon) 2015, experienced numerous second year hiccups and technical issues.
~Met a couple writers and artists whose work I generally admire/acknowledge.
~Accidentally broke the majority of the games in my Steam Library.