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Sunny is just a normal pony. He has a pretty normal life and a pretty normal job, but when ponies start turning into zombies and the streets run red, his definition of normal morphs. He and a group of ponies, thrown together by chance, must now brave whatever lies ahead. This is their struggle for survival.

This is their story.

[Author's note]: This was my first story, and the beginning chapters are sort of a rough grind. I'm working to better them, but until then they're not as good as I'd like them to be.

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PS: Comments contain spoilers! You have been warned.

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At last I found a comic that dosen't include love, alt endings, heart wrenching sceance or.......cupcakes :pinkiecrazy:
You better keep the good work up, cues I'm tracking this! :yay:

This is a wonderful story! I look forward to future additions.

Also, if you are looking for editing, I am willing to do so :raritywink:

It wouldn't hurt to shorten the chapters. Nevertheless, this was quite the epic. (Yeah, epic is a noun.) :rainbowkiss:

This is actually really well written. I commend you for writing very large chapters, and the storyline/character reactions are very believable and realistic. Even though you don't have many views as of this comment, keep on posting. The only way to get more publicity is to keep on pumping out the chapters, get your story out on the tops of the storylists.

I found a song that goes fittingly well with this story. listen to it when I read it.

Here it is.

Do not fear ponies! Heavy will mow down puny zombies like Red team with his trusty mini-gun

Chapter 5 Eh? Heavy will read dis' new update tomorrow. *Looks at the Clock, displaying 3:29 AM* Uhh...I Mean i will read the story later, seeing how it is already tomorrow. Good morning everypony! Heavy is now going to sleep. :derpytongue2:

Edit: Also, Heavy almost forgot. FIRST



Some parts are funny although there's not too many of those moments..I mean sure you could add the comedy tag but again not too many of those moments ...and the line may have been crossed when gore was involved. I don't think its a big deal but you may at least want to consider changing... or at least contact an admin....

Way to tired to give my complete thoughts :twilightsheepish:

458692 Thanks for the imput. And i assume that is a typo. Supposed to be She shot him/her a smile. But i have no idea where that is in that ten thousand words.

Wow its already night and i started in the afternoon this is pretty long but well worth it

478207 Wait. You actually spent like, four or five hours reading my story?

Yeah ._. I read like the entire thing and took me a afternoon and a morning (practically half a day :pinkiegasp:) to read XD and usually im a fast reader

487862 That makes me smile. I litterally just sat back in my chair and smiled. Thank you.

I think my two favorite parts was when they fired the huge gun, and when snowglobe and willow were flirting, it was funny XD


Oh and having one a heavy weapons man (aka Brick) is quite beneficial
And now a some-what super pony (Willow) wow this story just keeps getting better

So lets count
Sunny (1st encounter survivor (kinda like a L4D surviver minus being a carrrier)
Moon (see Sunny)
Willow (Walking armory)
Brick (Heavy Weapons man)
Dusty (weapons expert)
Snowglobe (Technician)

511429 ........ Thank you!

Love the story feels well written :pinkiehappy:

I may outsmart heavy but never that bloody bullet:applecry:

546804 You is my friend now :yay:

Another nice chapter.

wow this story is about to hit its 100K word mark thats a pretty large story now they found refuge but its not gonna last long and it might end up like the hospital and im probbaly guessing the buffalo are like Tank from L4D judging on they way there big and can take alot of bullets

Other than that impressed on this chapter the same way I am on the rest keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

This is my favorite chapter so far. :coolphoto:

i like Brick, because he's a fucking badass.
nice chapter, btw.

Comment posted by Heavy Weapons Guy deleted Mar 31st, 2014
Comment posted by Sorren deleted Mar 31st, 2014

552895 Wasin't that hard to see, I thought everyone saw it? :derpytongue2:

552902 I don't know, people don't comment on many of the jokes I make. It be would so awesome if somone were to make a list of the things they laughed at in the comments. It would make my day.

552923 Oh, Well i'm in the middle of the story and Willow just fell off a cliff, so if i find anything worth mention i'll let you know, :twilightsmile:

Favorite Pony in story Huh?.... Hrrrm....Probably...Sunny? Willow? Maybe Moon. I dont know, :derpytongue2:

I am just waiting for Brick to say something. :yay:

I love this story. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but its a wonderful slurry of TZH any really good survival zombie game, and oddly enough, I sense some Dead Rising, but that's probably just me. Add that all up with your own creative world, and its almost literary gold.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Vinyl_Scratch_lolface.png

572039 Thank you. And I actually haven't read TZH, but I might now because it looks interesting. I'm glad I have a decent following of you thirty or so that have taken so well to this.

If you have more guns than ponies in your group, you might be a redback.

If you carry a blender in your saddle bags wherever you go, you might be a redback.

595957 That's generally the idea I've been going by. In the story, I've started using the slang, 'unicorn guns,' this meaning that it's a weapon only fashioned for a battle saddle or unicorn.

I'm starting to question Snowglobe's sexuality. :unsuresweetie:

Love interest, intense chase scene, psychologically thrilling, and mother fuckin muffinz. :derpytongue2:
This is by far one of the best tics I've read, and this is just the first chapter! :raritystarry:
I'm just glad that it's all OC so none of the main characters die or something.
Man, damn zombies had to ruin sunny and moon's date. Anger face >:{ harrumph.
Sunny and moon...

647823 Thank you. As a matter of fact. I wrote this chapter like 6 months ago. I just looked back at it and nearly cried. The grammer is so fail it makes me want to staple a butterfingers to my spacebar. I am currently going through it again and litterally re-writing everything. It's that bad. I used to really suck at writing.

Please write more!!! i love this story and can never wait until more chapters come out!!

660487 Well actually, I have a g-doc of the enxt chapter yet that is going through editing. So 8 should be out somewhat soon.

awesome! you don't know how happy i get when a new chapter comes out :D

660504 You do not know how happy I get every time this gets a comment. This is by far, my story. Written for me and for you to read. I have just been slacking in it recently with so many other stories to work on.

I would write down all the random crap that entered my head while reading this, but it would be a really long comment. And I'm to lazy to do that. All I'm gonna say is shit just got real. This reminds me alot of the walking dead and high school of the dead. They all involve the drama that people would feel if this kind of thing happened.

It took me like all day to read this chapter. Not entirely because of the length of the chapter, but because of my damn ADD. Literally, halfway through the chapter, I was listening to some music and I just paused it and walked away to do some random thing. WTF brain?

Anyways, this story is amazing, relevant to my interests and all that crap.
Keep up the good work.

662519 Have you read every one of my stories now?

Not all of them. It sounds kinda creepy, I no, but ur stories are very good and fun to read!
I hope u don't mind.


Sure, you're going around and reading all my stories so I'm going to get mad. Dude, read whatever the hell you want and then some more of it. Every one of your comments sends a little smile across my face. I love my readers.

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