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I'm glad you're enjoying my story Reformation Buddies. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow and the favorite on Messing with Fire!

1172544 Thank you for lending me a chance for a long-term entertainment. Furthermore, my gratitude for being honest and expressing your interest.
Jumping back to the grammar part: I have reasons for that - which are excuses to be honest - but let me reassure you, that they will be fixed... along with the whole story after I am done. (I'm simply never satisfied with the outcome...) For now, if people point my flaws out in the comments, I immediately go and fix it, but if they only provide generalizings (like saying that I need to polish it, or that I mix the tenses), then I cannot just go and fix it. I blame school because of that and lacking focus these days...

I can only advise you to read on and you will note changes. Also, at my school, we have gone further into English (I'm hungarian, so it's not a native tongue of mine...), so I not only have more freedom at ways to tell, but a good lead on finding my errors in the future.

Undoubtely, you have sensed at some parts of each chapter, that I had rushed certain parts... yeah, wasn't a wise move. I should have stopped there and thought things through before going with the flow or letting myself allowing the events to go as my very own character saw it fit. Currently, I haven't posted anything since last year, for I am aiming at perfection for the next chapter.

My writing-style, as I have said, went through a change and my rout is the following until further changes: First, write the story as best as I can. Two, check metonimias, metaphors and such and if they are fit to the character. Three, check opinions and thoughts of the character. Four, check dialogues, interactions between characters and happenings. Five, check grammar. Six, read the chapter from the eyes of the readers and question the happenings, my choices and so on. Seven, read chapter for 100% reading experience and post the chapter.
However, with 50-70 pages long (and still growing) long chapter, that has already reached above 20k words, is a time-consuming process, as you would imagine... at least I let go of my "don't-care-rush-it-people-need-to-see-it" habit...

... hmm...

I think it's time for me to lay down now. I'm ought to get up tomorrow somehow for school...

Have a fantastic night!

1172019 I have to admit, the first few chapters threw me off a bit because of your grammar but I think it really is a great story, and while I haven't caught up yet, I'm fascinated to see where you will take it.

Rushing to you immediately to express my gratitude for favoriting "The Balance In Equestria - Book One: New Winds (Re-Written)", I have arrived. It had taken me by surprise to even see your recently favorited story to be mine. I admit, upon setting my eyes on the label above that box, my additional excitement faltered, though it is probably for the best... I will not get cocky, no matter what. (And even just looking at the number of people who read my creations, my heart begins to race. Attention is still new for me...)
But enough of the pathetic demeanor and allow me to thank you for deciding upon following this 7 books long or longer project. A long journey is ahead of us and I shall make sure to yarn the tale in such a way, to make your time worthwhile. You may see writing-style changes and improvement on grammar, by each chapter I produce. I certainly hope it will fascinate you, along with the rest of the audience!
There is much to witness and much to learn. Not only for me, but for you too. For you too shall watch as a universe will be completely created and thus providing a world to you, fair writer fellow, to embrace and maybe... use it for your own tales in the future...

But for now, that is all I can offer - may this please your taste and satisfy you...

Have a wonderful day!

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