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Lark Wolfe is 25 years old and he has a terrible fate. Bitten by a werewolf, he now spends his life traveling from town to town as a bard, trying to find a way to cure himself. Something happens, he finds himself in Equestria, and then more things happen. There is going be to a lot of music in this, as he IS a traveling violinist. I'll put hotlinks in the story to whatever he's playing. Also, Lark speaks with a very slight British accent. it's most entertaining to read if you think that way.

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dang man 20,000 word just blammo! you have instant massive story!:applejackconfused:

424164 Well, I HAVE been writing it for about 2 weeks now.

424163 Yeah thats what i was channeling.

...Is that Austria?

What the heck, it hasn't even been out 10 minutes yet, how do you all read so fast?

naw you just came up with this in the past ten minutes, don't undersell yourself:twilightsheepish:

Ooh... this is interesting :pinkiegasp:
I'll mark this for a later read, though from the summary alone I think I might really enjoy this one.

424189 No, I type 60 words per minute, not 2000 words per minute. If I could type that fast I'd be famous for being the worlds fastest typist.

That violin chick is sexy.
BlackWing is best hyperlinker

I conceede good sir, you have me beat:trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft::ajsmug:

..... A werewolf showing up on Nightmare Night.... Assuming Equestria and Earth have parallel dates, does that mean he killed a witch on Haloween?

Your getting a violin? Awesome! I know writers try and live the roll, but still pretty cool. try and record for us.

Derpy, we love you. Always so accepting. The model Brony.

So, Pinkies going back into gypsy mode. Great. Now we just need Fluttershy to attempt to summon Lord Smooze.

Ah I see. Wolf like hearing + Mic feedback = unimagineable pain.... or so I imagine.

My sid plays the violin, and believe me when I say it is no easy task. She spends at least 15 hours a week practicing and whatnot. Do not uptake music halfheartedly; else it shall take over your life.

424608 What did i tell you about following me?!

424613Its pure fate that we meet...:pinkiecrazy:

424617 That or an amazing writer.

424620Yes....or that i follow your every move.......

good, im happy for you:ajsmug:

It needs more headcrab.........

So I am guessing the nausea is caused by the increased sensitive hearing from him being a werewolf, which I would assume the ponies may be slightly afraid of once they find out what he changes into.:moustache:

I've always wanted to learn to play the violin. Good on you for taking it up.

hes a good boy... u should have him go fetch a stick! :rainbowhuh:

Me two days ago: "you know what would make a good HiE story, if said human were a werewolf"
Me today: "oh wow BlackWing came out with another story, wait..."
you sir are psychic.


The combo of song and story was perfect. It made me cry tears of joy.

You mention Norway and 1700-1800. in this time Norway had no nobels and was owned by Denmark...

But who cares to be accurate... we gave it up so we could do magic and stuff.

*claps* Ahhh REAL vampires and werewolves. Not those faker emo fake ones in Twilight. That book ruins the vampire and werewolf image.

Who would not enjoy, even a little, the freedom of the wolf. To be able to give in for three nights those insticnts that truly make us animals. To walk the night as the hunters of old did in the great feral hunt. To stalk the prey, to taste the blood, to tear the flesh and feast upon that which you kill. There is a certain freedom that comes when one becomes a beast, and yet what is the price? Tis simply your humanity...

Lovely story, really loving this.

Me I'd love to be a werewolf like wolfie boy there :pinkiehappy: Kinda boring you know just being human.

424257 It's still 2 days till Nightmare Night.

425534 Why does everyone keep talking about a twilight book? She's a pony! :twilightangry2:

425606 Okay...the book that ruins the vampire werewolf image. we wont say the name.

Love the werewolf lore you use. though I got to ask are alpha werewolves actual lore or something different. I cant remember.

425628 No, there's no lore that I know of, it's more of a state of mind. For example, certain werewolves are able to control their instincts naturally. It's unknown whether this has to do with the curse that is passed on on the subject's mind. Such as when Van Hellsing was able to focus long enough to kill Dracula, except always in that state.

425662 Ahhh so it is really more of a state of mind, one being able to control the baser instincts of the hunt and the wild. Makes sense. Though how does one become that? Hmm tis a mystery.

U have a point there gordan:ajsmug:


A brutal, bloody death or kill has great meaning. The crux of life is the challenge between the hunter and the prey, the determination of who lives or dies. View every important task as a hunt. Remain ever alert and alive. Walk the wilderness without trepidation, and show no fear to the hunt. Savagery and strong emotions defeat reason and careful thought in all things. Taste the blood of those you slay, and never kill from a distance. Work against those who cut back the forest and who kill beasts solely because they are dangerous. Slay not the young, or the pregnant so that prey will remain plentiful. That would be my philosophy if I was a werewolf :derpytongue2:

One thing is certain that gold no matter the era is always valuable.

Question wolfie comes from europe in the 1700's?

425715 yep. Born in england, he began travelling when he was 14. Young by our standards, but in that day and age they were considered adults.

425725 are you going for middle ages timeline stuff? you know knights and kings and what not?

425733 Kings, knights, castles, crusades. Right at the end of that era. Right before wandering minstrels became out dated.

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