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Once upon a time, I dreamt of being a mad scientist when I grew up. After much consideration, I realised that science is quite hard. So I became a mad writer instead, which is much easier. True story.



Ace was a street magician with a lucky streak. His luck was legendary among casino owners and fellow magicians. Any risky trick would succeed flawlessly and any gamble would pay off for him.

After performing his greatest and final trick he is brought face to face with the entity responsible for his incredible luck. The goddess of fortune herself. Lady Luck.

She offers him a deal. To become her champion, her Wild Card, and go to Equestria to spread luck among those who need it the most. So he finds himself in a magical land, in a new form, and ready for anything that comes at him. To a reasonable degree.

(Part of the Chess Game of the Gods universe created by Rust and BlackWing)
(Cover art by Grusborg on deviantART)

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Not sure if it is obvious but this story needs an editor/proof-readers. Anyone interested please PM me. Editor's will get to see the chapters weeks ahead of their release date (I intend to stay about 5 weeks ahead at all times)

Hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading

A epic tail, I cant wait to see were it goes.

This story has an awesome beginning and made me laugh genuinely. Not a lot of satyr stories on the whole let alone a single one in the chess universe. Let me congratulate you on a job well done. From one piece to another much luck to you in your future endeavors.

Thanks! I'm gonna add your story to my read later list for now until I have more time to read. The premise looks really interesting, don't think i've seen many undead in Equestria much less a skeleton...think I read about a lich once :pinkiehappy:

913802 Thank you it really helps when other writers read things. It offers new perspective on things. I have read about the lich as well but there is also a Bone Lord and that encompasses the entire undead community of the game as far as I know.

911464 so far this is a lot better than horns hoves and fur thay are just over powerd in that one
we will se haw this one turns out

i love it soo far and cant wait for more:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::rainbowkiss:and moustache :moustache:

*looks at comments*
Ah good im the first one here!
Anyway I am Troutking the unofficial greeter of our game.
I like the story so far its actually pretty funny so far!
So Good luck and thanks for the feeding

how DO u add stuff to the read later list?

looks like a good story, but ill hafta check it out later :P

I like this story, mainly because the main character is an awesome gambling satyr magician who gambles, smokes pipe and has a top hat, but everything else is cool too i guess.

Seems legit
tracked for now

yeah, I have no intention of giving Ace any god-like super powers. I can't stand OP protaganists, it removes any tension from the story when the main character can just activate his mega-ultra-death-lazer and destroy whatever gets in his way.

Thanks, glad to be here. I have sent a link to the story to Rust, BlackWing and Tamara Bloodhoof and am waiting for their permission to add to the group.

Next to the title there is a little icon of a book with a stopwatch over it. Just click on that and, when the stopwatch turns gold, that means it is on your read later list. Thanks for the read

I think he lost his top hat when he arrived in Equestria. I'll have to re-read to make sure thats clear. :twilightblush:

Wow! This looks brilliant. I'll be following this one for sure.

Okay, I was enjoying it rather well up until that

Note to self: avoid strippers

line, that just MADE. MY. DAY. :rainbowlaugh:

Welcome to the chessverse! May you not die in a gigantic ball of fire filled with spiders.

*squee* A compliment from Rust :pinkiehappy: BEST! POSSIBLE! THING! :raritystarry:

I shall try my darned hardest! :rainbowwild:

Could i have a link to this "Chess Game of the Gods universe"?

916627 awwww, but then can you atleast let him have a new one? Like he bumps into rarity and she is all like "hello, have this awesome top hat for free"
i love the concept of the story and will read it even if he gets no top hat, but i would greatly appreciate it if you took 10 minutes out of your time writing this story to give him one. It woulld after all make the story 20% cooler

This was a quite nice story.

'Chess Game of the Gods' that sounds pretty badass, my money is on Lady Luck.

Link to the group is here: http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=group&group=907

I'll see what I can do but I've got a couple of story arcs I want to get through before they can go shopping :pinkiehappy:

Thank you

Can't take any credit for the group name, it was created by Rust and BlackWing and then expanded on by a bunch of other authors. Link to the group is in this comment.

921766 you're awesome :D definetly going to read the story now. (not that i wouldn't if he didnt get a top hat, but now i'll have small freak outs everytime a chapter comes out:3)

Definatly watching this one. Really hope the picture you have for this story is what he actually looks like as I fail with mental images of characters. The staff he has in the photo is pretty awesome :rainbowkiss:
Really hoping he actually manages to get that. :moustache:

Ace needs a sidekick to smack him upside the head when he makes a bad pun, that is my only complaint/advice for this chapter

Well sucks to be Ace right now.

excellent story, I'm definitely looking forward to more

You have nothing to be sorry for, my friend.:ajsmug: Puns, when used greatly and appropriately, are the best and most powerful of jokes. For instance: Have you heard about the circus fire? Well I heard it was in tents......... yeah, not the best one.

did you hear of the kidnapping?

there was a kidnapping?

yeah, but then he woke up!

...her her

hey me wants MAOR ....this story is quite interesting ....also this may be a bit cliche but the giant enraged Minotaur companion could be a nice little ++ ya know:twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

Looks awesome so far. :rainbowlaugh:

I like how he flipped Red the bird. Nice touch.

"Hey, so I just defeated your merciless, unstoppable tank of a Minotaur pit-fighter...so, um, FUCK YOU, BITCH!"

Pretty much.

Argh this type of thing gets old fast. I mean how many guys are writing stores taking place in that universe. My tally is reaching the double digits. WAY to many in my opinion. It literally turning into the conversion beuru all over again but worse. Just how many freaking gods and goddesses are in on this seriously wtf. It was fine the first 4 or so but its turned into about 7-9 with no connection except the universe there in and occasionally meeting.
Anyway now my rant is done I gotta say I love the idea but dislike the overused realm it takes place in. Also, when using this realm you can't do crap with the main six cause they've got other places to be and more 'strange' human friends then you can shake a stick at.

Bugs me about being editor is that I don't see edited chapters in my update list since I have already seen them.
And a small gratulations maybe for the feature box update section

Won't happen probably. Be patient and wait a time of 3-11 days I think. Somewhere in between there one will get out. (Though there exists one of it already)

Yeeeeah. There are way too many of them.
I planned reading all but stopped when it got to 16+ or so.
Now I just follow initial 16+ 5 more or so out of the, how many was it, 70 or so stories that exist.

At least those I read I follow since they were good. Even if the universe might get overused some can use it real good. I will shamelessly admit I write a small story of it that I probably will never publish. But it is quite fun simply to run around in the world. Sort of like people running around having fun with Skyrim (bad example).

You're lucky I stumbled onto this fic... See what I did there?
Honestly I love your sense of humor. I can't wait to read more if this story :twilightsmile:

Fuck ya Flogging Molly love this song

and all HIE fics don't have chronic narca ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ

941471 your pic gave me Diabetus

Wait till Ace is put back in the Hole, all the prisoners wont have a clue how he survived.

"roses are red, violets are blue, i got 5 fingers, the middle ones for you."
behold the mighty skull dancer and btw awesome chapter:moustache:

Lady luck is being a fucking asshole right now. :ajbemused:

Wait, Middle finger with a HOOF?!?
WHAT SORCERY IS THIS??? :flutterrage:


He is a Satyr. he has hands.

Otherwise. Nice chapter!

I like it, cant wait for the next Chapter. :twilightsmile: Good luck on the dig btw.

Nice joke at the beginning. :twilightsmile:

I'm ok with "clever" titles

I always thought that it was the higher pitch of Rarity's whining that nearly drove the DDs crazy, thus making them give in to her demands.:rainbowderp:

Oh Ace and his trolly shenanigans.

Barrel! Take back what you just said right now!

Pinkie has no limitations... she was just busy...:pinkiecrazy:

Not in that way!

...I think...


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