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Sup, the name's Mark. Or was Mark, anyway that's not to important anymore. Just know that while I lived on Earth, I was constantly under pressure to follow the rules and fit a mold that didn't fit well with me. My life was constantly controlled by a system I despised.

Well since getting sucker punched into Equestria by a goddess those days are over. Being the one and only Winged Wolf in the known world is a huge help to being able to make my own rules. I'm finally free to do what I want, when I want, and how I want and that's exactly what I'm planning on doing.

Set in the same universe as The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog and Griffin the Griffin.


I did get permission from both Rust and BlackWing to use the same setting as their characters. Go read both of their stories. They're awesome. Reading them is what made me want to write this story in the first place, so if you liked this, you'll fall in love with those stories.

Added the Dark tag just in case. There will be a decent amount of violence later on. Will add character tags as they become important to the story.

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Ok. I got a general idea of where I want this story to go, but I'm all up for input from readers. And yes, I claimed the first post, I'm a wily bastard like that.

Like the big description says, its set in the same universe as Echo and Griffin, so those names will probably get dropped once or twice, and we may even see a familiar face (not any main characters though more like background characters)

Finally, whoever can figure out the inspiration for the title of the story will highly impress me. Hint is that's its a late 90's movie.

Its always the pretty ones....


622166 I got nothin for the story title, but im pretty sarn sure the chapter is named after that Toy Story line.

Please Sire, can I have some more? :fluttershysad:

I approve of this. I also have a sudden craving for cotton candy.

...And chocolate milk. I like chocolate milk!

626568 so, rust, do you fancy the idea of crossing over with this author too?

Or would that be a crossover too many...

Overall, I like the story. The only thing I don't like is the name; why did you choose Zeta Chi?

Caught my eye with your use of one of Nambroth's pictures for your cover art. I'll possibly get around to reading this at some point... ^^;

Pah! I don't do crossovers. Never do those, mate. I do cameos - completely different. Instead of borrowin a story, it's just a character. And even then, only good ones.

hmm... Rather fun to read, much like mister Rust's story, but still fun to read.

Who said we couldn't ripp of each other and only mlp fim?

626768 damn...
Im not a writer. I don't know about this stuff.

Will you do a cameo then? :p

This is rather very good.
please sir, can I have some more? :fluttercry:


The name Zeta Chi is the name of my actual frat. I was looking around the room and saw my hoodie with the letters ZX on it, so that was it. I'll probably only be using Zeta further on and just have Chi be for people who want to be formal.

As for a cameo of Echo, I would love to pop him in, but first I got to catch up timeline wise. If I recall, Echo just got his throat sewn shut at this point in time, so it'll have to wait a little bit. Though I have plans for one of Griffin the Griffin's characters in the next chapter.

Well, another Echo spin off. Not nearly as charming as the first, but Rust is one of the finest writers in brony history so I can't dock you too many marks for that. :rainbowlaugh:
It could use a bit of grammatical work and luckily enough, I'm a decent enough beta reader. What do you say?

Hmm, I have to ask where did the "Winged Wolf" come from? It seemed familiar from the picture, I looked up a bunch of stuff different stuff that I had buried. "Simurgh" from Persia 'though its more of a demigod/Roc', "Senmerv" from Pakistan. A winged canine from Zoroastrian mythology.. blah blah blah.. etc.. Probobly over-thinking things but still very curious as to whether it just sounded cool or whatever...

Anyway! To the actual story, It's very interesting read so far definitely caught my eye, I personally like him being a smart ass. So this is obviously during Discords escape from imprissonment?


I got the winged wolf idea because I wanted my character to be able to fly (because it's awesome and I really would love to fly) and I didn't want to do the standard dragon or griffin, And a pegasus wouldn't be treated any differently. Half the reason I got permission to do it in the Echo world idea was because I like the thought that Equestria isn't to far removed from our World. I sorta just started looking up winged animals on google images, and that one was my favorite. I tried finding one in a mythology, but none of the other creatures caught my interest nearly as much as the wolf did.
And as for the time period, yup Discord is out and about causing Chaos for the ponies. I actually have a plan to explain how everyone got there for a later chapter. As for the smartass quality, it's easier to write what you know about and I'm definitely a smartass with my friends.


I've actually never gotten an offer from someone to be a proofreader/editor/beta reader before, so this is awesome. I'll gladly take you up on the offer:pinkiehappy:. I'll shoot you a message when I finish the next chapter, which should be in a day or two.

629613 Great, sounds good. Will be off for exams and such during school, but I'll be on ASAP. It also helps I have this iPhone strapped to my side 100% of the time. :twilightsmile:
Yeah, exhilarating isen't it? Someone offering to beta for you.

I had the same experience last year and I thought it would be fun to cause a chain to form.:yay:
If it's not too much to ask, would you mind reading my very own HiE, Compliance? Its the one I'm most proud of and I need more critical eyes on it if you know what mean.

628918 I love the name. For some reason zeta has been my fav word :pinkiecrazy:

I now want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean....

YES! Jack Sparrow references for the win! cant wait for the next chapter

629192 I'm sorry good sir but you seem to have gotten Rust and Blackwing mixed up. An easy mistake to make, but a mistake none the less.

634071 Dammit, really?!
I must have been so tired I got them switched, insomnia is a bit punishing on memory.

Wow.. What you did to Octavia was unbelievably cruel.

I would have done it. :derpytongue2:

Vinyl will be scarred for life and Octavia is probably getting gang-raped in a dark tunnel right about now, but other than that, shit's good.

I noticed that this is in the same world as griffin the griffin. I approve.

interesting, will there be any crossovers with either griffin the griffin or echo the diamond dog?

lol I wonder if Griffin will make an appearance but anyways cant wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Grif or Echo would be nice. Cool chapter, although I hope Zeta doesn't turn out to be more of an asshole than Griffin.

I am planning to at least do a cameo with both of those characters. It may be a bit aways before I actually get to them (considering their timelines for their stories) but I do have plans for when I get that far ahead.
I can't guarantee that he won't be. Griffin at least has a noble goal above all else. Zeta just doomed 5 different people to work in the mines, so we can't exactly say he's got a noble goal.

Next chapter you'll be able to get a little insight as to why Zeta does what he does, and what drives him. It will be more of a back story chapter, with little progress in the plot as a whole, so bear with me through that and everything will be good. I also shouldn't answer these when I get back from the pub, but where's the fun of anonymous posting if you don't do stupid shit with it every once and a while. :pinkiehappy: Hope everyone has a lovely day ahead of them.

Huh. Good first day.

At one point, you said Wethoot rather than Wethoof.

Also you skiped the part where the Griffins came in. It just sorta happened.

Octavia is a bitch, but seriously. Sending her to enslavement? Jesus that's harsh!


Fixed that. Thanks for pointing it out.
As for the whole Griffins showing up thing, that'll get explained next chapter.

639820 Ooh oh, shameless beta plug!
I have to say I don't like the idea of Zeta meeting any other story's OC, makes for confusion if the reader has not yet read all of both or if you just don't have the same writing style as the original author of the story you ripped them from.

This is very interesting
I'll be sure to keep an eye on this

good chapter cant wait for the next chapter

you should submit your story to Unique transformation group, it fits right in.
Anyway this story sounds good, will continue to read.

After reading it, I have to have say: it really, really seems to me that Zeta is a senmurv. Are there plans for his exact species to be revealed? because otherwise I'm just going to have it as my headcanon


626499>>688722 Headcrabs as well.

........ Wait.... this is the same universe as Griffin the Griffin and Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog right? Why isnt it in that group they made? You know the one.

SHITS GONNA GO DOWN :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


What you did to Octavia was more than just 'incredibly cruel'. It also puts a major damper on something I'd hoped to do.

Said thing involved both octavia and Vinyl, but now I'm not certain if it's even viable anymore.


Hey, everyone else in their stories has a real noble goal. I wanted to make a more selfish character. I view him as a "Chaotic Neutral" sorta guy. Tavi pissed him off, so she went bye bye.

702725 You mean 'Chess Game of the Gods'?

705138 you son of a hitch SKYRIM/OBLIVION JOKE!!!:rainbowlaugh:

good story maby a update:D?

lol of course hes going to fight guards cant wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

705310 Not required, but a nice running gag. I plan on adding it myself, soon.

Dammit man, you're not popular enough to need a strict schedual! :ajbemused:
I'm not mad or anything, it's just that it's pretty glaring indeed where the errors are, mainly in the beginning.

AWWWW! He didn't howl at the moon.

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