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Tai 'dovienya ain al'alantin a Moridin


My name's Adam. Well that's my name this time around, anyways. This isn't the first time I've been alive. I suppose that the best way to describe me would be a reincarnation.
Yeah, so I in the middle of another game. Yes, you heard me right, another game. Seems that the gods get bored easily. Last one that I was in was only 2000 years ago, give or take.
Anyways, here I am, in the middle of 'Equestria', with a newborn god as my sponsor. Well, at least she's fairly powerful.

This story takes place in Rust's and BlackWIng's Chess Game of the Gods universe. It's been approved! Horay!

This is NOT a self insert, I don't do those.

I hesitantly put the romance tag in this, and I may take it out later.

Ponies are owned by Hasbro and/or Habsro

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Not a bad start, I assume you are an iron golem?
Nice job on the role reversal too


man the tow of them (Rust and BlackWIng) have relay started a trend, how many story's are we up to now 10+ something?
someone really should start a group and gather all the stories there so there easily accessed and keep tracked of.
anyways you shod relay talk to them if your using there stuff, i doubt any of them will have a problem but its better to safe than sorry

There is a group with most of the stories in it (I think that there's around 20+ by now)
The groups name is:
Chess Game of the Gods

And they already said that it was ok to use their world.


P.S. I'd give a link, but I'm writing this from my tablit, I'll give the link once I can get on my computer.

Quite decent, I like your idea and Coralis is adorable!

Also, after getting your PM I can't help but imagine a scene where Coralis tries to get the upper hand on Jack through some overly-elaborate, childish plot and gets bent over the older deity's knee.

778401 Is your story in the group yet? If it's not you should add it in if Rust and BlackWing have already given the go-ahead.

This is pretty good and the premise alone makes it quite interesting. Like your character's personality and his budding relationship with his sponsor.

One thing, you used "looked on in shock" twice in a row here, try to avoid doing that. Try to use a little more variety when describing things and it'll make the whole story come across better.

I'm just waiting for their go ahead, then I'll be adding it in.
Yeah, I need to work on diversifying my vocabulary a bit.
I'll have to think about that one.



i've never read the chess game of the gods before, only griffin the griffin and ballad of echo the diamond dog, where could i find this chess game of the gods?


Try looking here.

Hope that this was what you were looking for.



780878it was, thanks:twilightsmile:

Beautiful so far, kinda like what would happen if someone came for Percy Jackson.

You gain full Endorsement from me, and I think Rust and BlackWing would love it. Good story:twilightsmile:

This gonna be good:pinkiesmile:

I know, right?
It's just going up like crazy.
I'm pretty sure that soon CGotG will be getting close to the level that Fallout Equestria is at.


787630 who knows? We may get an interview for FimFiction...or even Equestria Daily!:flutterrage:

This is looking good. Your faved and thumbs up. Cora is definitely lucky to have herself an experienced pawn.

Another piece to our game?
Oh goody another thing to punch through walls and other asorted objects!
I like how you dont have a jackass GM unlike Loki..... stupid bastard]
Anyways good story and such
And may the odds be ever in your favor!


ah. Turns out I AM familiar with it. Atleats the universe. Ive read both the ballad of echoed griffin the griffin (ongoing. That story is harass) and what's is so far that mouthful of a title starring a cynical cynogriffin. FINALLY figured out what the hell is with people getting hit kicked punted and snapped into equestrian. Thank Jesus that the explanation isnt "Jesus. For shits and giggles"

I really liked how you switched the roles a bit. Gives the story a whole different twist. Can't wait for the next update.

I wish that I made Rook out of Iron now, you have definitely one upped my gargoyle! Casually crushing the heads of Diamond Dogs, hellz yes.

787630 If you need any unique OCs to join your side or such take a gander at my blog. I am great at coming up with characters but not so much at with stories. I am liking what I am reading and this is the first time reading this type of story. Faving as will to see how it all pans out.

782232 Writes good stories and reads good stories as well...... I love you even more than I did before. In a platonic way I mean.

Some cant communicate cause they dont speak the same language, others got their throats messed up. But to not have a mouth? ouch. Now he shall never again know the wonders of bacon and ice cream.

I sense a meeting sometime in the future between an iron man and a wooden wolf....

Also, gotta love little Cora. She is so AWWWGUBLASHUBUBUBUBU!:heart:

At the far edges of Tartarus, a scrap of cloth fluttered down untouched by wind in the stillness of the cave. A meter to the ground it was snatched out of the air by a skeletal hand.

The Warden peered at the crude message, written in blood, scrawled across the back. Without hesitation, the undead warrior strode off towards Πόλη των νεκρών, his mistress would want to see this.

Twig: Wait.... Terra, you didn't tell me you had a sister!

Terra: Whoops, must have slipped my mind. Epicface.jpg

Seriously, I bloody LOVE this story. And not because of how close it ties in with mine... heh hehe heh...:pinkiecrazy:

Wow, this story is really good. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Kinda wish you had made Odin the Game Master here. Then again I'm just a big norse mythology enthusiast.

One, how do you make hyperlinks short. Be specific. I have literally no idea.
Two. Does this work for other sites/hyperlink usage?
Three. There is no three.
Four, how do i make those quote boxes where people box a quote?

To author
And anyways I'm fairly that there are no Humans in Equestria.: fairly sure that
Alright, send be to Equestria: send me
Can you give me a brief idea as to what our protagonist is doing before all this? And how do the physics of reincarnating work in your headcanon? Keeps memory, but does he keep knowledge of stuff like math? Also, when is he "reborn?" Does he start from birth or what?
Or are you going to keep this vague?


To author:
Ah, the obligatory beat up of D-dogs eh? How many of them have these chess pieces killed anyways?

806082 Probably not as many as you'd think if Jack keeps resurrecting them as ghouls to populate her city.

no, i know that. I want to, say, make a link to wikipedia without typing the entire address.
Oh wait, nvm

So... was that a bid daddy reference because thats all i saw, big ass iron suit protecting the week small female on his shoulders

800294 more like

Twig: wait terra you didnt say I was fighting A FUCKING GIANT IRON GOLOM WHEN ALL I AM IS A DAMN PILE OF STICKS

Terra: whoops i guess that slipped my mind, i was busy getting a new haircut, you almost killed my barber by the way


Terra: e.deviantart.net/emoticons/t/trollface.png

So that's what that note was in Skeleton Jack's story, good to know :twilightsmile:


The piece of paper that fell from the surface and was snatched up by a Warden?

:pinkiehappy: another interesting chapter :twilightsmile:

Yep, Adam's still a badass. But he's not an intolerable badass like SOME PEOPLE <glares pointedly at Celt>

"Er...What have you heard about Mu and Atlantis?"
Coralis thought for a moment before responding, "Never heard of them. Why?"
"If anyone ever tells you about them, it wasn't my fault. Honest."

I will take your word for it.:trixieshiftright: for now.

Now for my usual buisness:

"I stood up an stretched." Either And or add a ' to the word
"And anyways I'm fairly that there are no Humans in Equestria." Fairly sure?


Thanks, should be fixed now.


"I walked upo behind her. " typo

"Timber wolves." Most other stories do not split up that word.
EDIT: And others don't so keep it as you feel like it

Otherwise i am done for now.

This was a fun short read.
And god dangit. Now I got 1 more story to add to the list.


Thanks again, fixed now.


You're welcome.
It was a good story. A interesting new main character.

So....Is Adam a part of a series that I don't know about?

Adam's story takes place in the chess game of the gods universe, made by Rust, BlackWing, etc.
An Iron Pawn isn't really in a series, but it is a part of a collaboration of stories, which take place in the same version of Equestria.
I hope that answers your question.


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