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Hi, my name is Ember. I used to be a human, but after meeting this freaky woman, I'm in Equestria, and I was even transformed into a dragon. Sounds Cool right? It. Sucks. Equestria is just like Earth, and I want to go home. It's not much fun living in a world with technicolored ponies, especially when you have to deal with tons of prejudice. Now I have to find a way home, deal with ponies that think I'm going to eat them, and even deal with dragons that want to eat ME. What the hell have I gotten into?

Same Universe as Griffin the Griffin.
Artwork by Io, posted on Deviantart.

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Good, good, me like. Good writing, good premise, a little rushed, elaborate a bit more on the surroundings, (although I'm guilty of doing the same thing sometimes) I like it, keep it going.

645177 First three chapters are meant to solidate the tale, show who Ember is, and introduce some of the plot twists. Fourth chapter is where the story begins in earnest.

You should use the description for something more productive, instead of just writing down what the character is saying why don't you give an overview of the story itself instead of trying to introduce the stories characters without reading it.

668381 Sorry about the misunderstanding, and I fixed it.

.... Ok. HiE with a female main charecter, not gonna get turned into a pony, and approval by the legendary scribe Blackwing himself.... well done.

Cheers, but I actually had to ask BlackWing and Rust if I could even publish this fic, It's in THEIR universe, not my own.:twilightblush:

NOW it's a party!

I've been waiting until you got into the main story to comment. My thoughts so far...

-The introduction to schizophrenia was a little hard to figure out, not having it myself (drunk isn't another personality, guys!) but once I understood it that made sense. You should probably introduce that concept a little further, a little background on it and, I don't know, how Ember and Gemina "met."

-A wingless dragon. Good. Physical flaws inspire ambition or introversion. Will Ember feel left out, not being able to fly with other dragons? Time will tell.

-I can't say I'm a fan of how quickly you introduced the background of the world. Maybe that's just me though, being jealous of your speed as I spend so much more time on it myself.

-I can see Griffin getting his ass whooped in the future by a very angry dragoness. Me gusta - that OP feathery bastard needs to be taken down a notch AMIRITE 679709 BlackWing???

I like where this could be going. Have a fav and a like, you smart cookie you.

681471 "Huh? Another dragon? Oh well, I'll just do to this one what I do to all of them."

10 seconds later, filled with slashes of blade and claw, pillars of fire, and howls of rage.

"Ow. That hurt. I don't like pain. Why does she move like that? That's not normal dragon movement, and the magic, she..... she's better at it than I am! I only use single words or quick phrases, she pulls whole sentences!" The griffin rolled his arm, making it pop, and held the back of his head, a small trickle of blood coming from his left eye, which was squeezed shut. A vicious claw around his neck, preparing to snap it.

"This is for killing my father!" The dragoness screamed, tears flowing freely from her eyes.

"I've had enough of this, Lacero!" The griffin yelled, swinging the sword made of her adopted father's scale, all the while held off the ground.

"Vi montes, stabilis et pura hostem deterrere. Protego!" A shimmer passes over her scales, and the wicked blade, which had drank the blood of so many foes that it had been given the name of the god of the underworld himself, the sword Hades contacts her neck, and snaps in half. Looking at the broken edge, still held in his talon, the griffin's eyes open in shock, then it quickly turns to horror. He begins to twitch uncontrollably, as if having a seizure, the dragoness tightening her grip around his neck, slowly squeezing the life from him. With the last of his breath, he is able to say one final thing before he slips into unconsciousness.

"Well fuck."

Dear Lawdy. Naah, don't know if it'll get that drastic, but yeah, she actually has magic coursing through her veins, so her spells are just a wee bit more powerful.

Trust me, the schizophrenia isn't that, it's actually one hell of a lot more interesting. All I'm going to say right now.

Sorry at having you listen to me bitch at myself, but I hated having this off the boards for over two days. I'll try to do better.:pinkiesad2:

681789 "No!!!!! Griffin!" Gilda screamed, rushing to his side. He was breathing, just barely, but he was severely wounded. It was clear that this dragoness was going to take her time and enjoy the pain he would feel.

"Mommy?" A small, blue dragon, not quite the size of the attacker, but not exactly small either, came out of a large pack Gilda was wearing.

"Why are you crying?" She asked, seeing her adoptive mother's eyes red from the tears. She turned to look at Griffin, the one who had taken her in, the captain of the crew, the father of the family. Seeing him near death, and Gilda weeping over his barely moving form, something snapped in the little dragon. Something fierce, primal. As her concern for her parent turned into absolute rage for their attacker, Shimmer jumped down from the griffin's back, and turned to face Ember.

"You made mommy cry. You'll pay."

The older dragon tried to stifle a laugh, but failed. It shouldn't have been funny, a child angry about her injured parents, but for some reason, she couldn't help it. The little dragon, trying to stand up against her. Despite being the same race, she could swat her like a fly. Or so she thought.

"She's MY mom! She took me in when no one else would! He's MY dad, who taught me to be strong." She pointed at the ship hovering above them.

"They're MY family, who cared for me and gave me hope when there was none! Now, you're trying to take my friends away from me. It happened once, and never again." The realization hit Ember like a ton of bricks. She was about to do exactly what he had done to her, except, she knew what she was doing. If he had known that her 'father' had taken her in, would the dastardly pirate have been so quick to kill him? Would he have taken her in instead? Her thoughts were interrupted by Shimmer's rant.

"It's MINE! They're MINE! It's all MINEMINEMINEMINEMINE and I WON'T LET YOU TAKE THEM FROM ME!" At which point, the dragon youngling grew to ridiculous proportions. Ember knew of this, when a young dragon feels powerful greed, it makes them increase in size and strength. Suddenly, the little dragon wasn't so little anymore. She was staring down a massive blue beast, filled with a primal rage that would not be quelled by anything other than her blood.

"Ready to die?"


Ember looked up at the gargantuan dragon, just as tall as Coalheart had ever been. A small smile, nigh upon a smirk, adorned her lips.

'Gemina, I think we might need to team up.'

'Sounds like a plan, you cast spells and I fight?'

'Sure, lets go.'

"Ventus,Senescit!Unus fulgor concidens noctem, in mea manu ens inimicum edat." Ember chanted, leaping towards shimmer. As she neared the younger dragon, Embers form elongated, her limbs shooting outwards, reaching a level far beyond shimmers. Ember now towered over the unfortunate hatchling, and the fight was destined to end quickly. She pulled back her arm, her palm open, and slammed it into shimmers chest.

"Fulguratio Albicans!" Ember screeched, and a maelstrom of lightning burst from her hand, causing huge arcs of electricity to strike Shimmer from head to toe. The combined power of the greater bloodline and the much more tones The younger dragon was knocked unconsciousness instantly, and she toppled backwards, shaking the earth.

"Dimittere." Ember mutered, and she returned to her usual height. she walked towards Griffin, her face a mask of pain and rage. as she drew nearer, Gilda stood and charged, all sense fleeing her mind. Ember merely swatted her away, sending her to rest near her daughter.

"You killed my father, but I won't destroy his memory." Ember muttered, tears of blood pooling in her eyes as she nealt over her fallen enemy. "A caput lucis, spem, May caro nodo et os reticulum. Album Ventus!" she whispered, feeling the magic within her spread outwards and onto Griffin. Her tears fell into his wounds, filling his body with new blood. His wounds just disappeared, his bones realigned themselves, and the blood he had shed upon himself vanished into thin air.

"My father showed no mercy, so you showed none. Now that I have come to know you, I can see that you acted honorably. Rest and recover, my friend." Ember muttered, laying down beside him, tears still dripping from her eyes. 'I'm sorry dad.'

how bout dem apples Griffin?:pinkiesmile:


The massive beast sucks in a deep breath through her nostrils, her chest swelling up with air and heat. Tongues of fire flicker from in between her teeth. Her eyes narrow at the now-smaller dragon standing in a position of absolute disbelief a dozen yards away.

Shimmer roars at her.

The very earth shakes, the clouds vaporize, the ship in the sky is blasted away like a leaf in the wind. A terrible gout of white hot flames erupts forth from her maw, so hot the stones beneath her claws begin to soften. Gilda shrieks and covers Griffin with a protective wing, her feathers beginning to singe. Shimmer pours everything she has into keeping the blaze going. For her father! For her mother! For her family!

The inferno lasts for two agonizing minutes.

When the smoke clears, and the rocks begin to dim, a sight is revealed to them that even makes the massive dragoness take a step backward, crushing a small tree into pulp as she does so.

In the smoldering crater, a purple-pink ball of light floats serenely, unscathed by the blast. It floats gently away towards cooler ground, before dissipating, revealing two figures - the red dragoness, trembling like a newborn foal, and a wiry, mismatched creature leering up at Shimmer with a draconic muzzle of his own.

The draconequus clacks a lobster claw absently, before giving her a wink. "I just love the smell of dragonfire in the morning. Say, how did I get here, anyway?" He looks up towards the sky and cups a snow-white bear paw to his mouth. "Hoy! What gives, man!"

A bolt of green lightning shoots down from the clouds, striking right next to the draconequus. When the flash fades, a rusty orange unicorn is standing by his side, with a short, shaggy dark brown mane, an eyepatch covering one eye - the other a bright green, gold rimming the pupil. On his flank, a curious black hand-print stands out against his coat.

"What do you mean, 'what gives?'" he asks nonchalantly. "It's called divine intervention, bitch. That, and a self insert. At least, now it is."

The draconequus shakes his head. "Writers... Truly, Rust, you are of a sick breed."

"It's a living. So what do we got here? Dragon? This should be fun."

"That, and a couple gryphons. I think that one over there is Gilda."

"Really? This should be fun."

"Quite. Allons-y?"

Rust grinned devilishly. "I love it when you make references."

"Of course you do - you created me, you disgusting freak."

The red dragoness, having finally recovered, guestures wildly. "What the buck is going on here? And who the buck are you two?" Her blue counterpart, however, recovers as well, and begins to charge.

"I'll take the ugly bits," says the draconequus.

"She's all ugly."


"Ugh. I swear, I'm going to kill you off or something at one point or another."

With that the pair race forward to meet the dragoness head-on.

Hey, thats way too realistic for my taste, and leave the self insertion out please! (Not guilty of self insertion...yet:twilightblush:) Not going to split Gemina and Ember soon if ever. Hope you realize that Ember is black and Gemina is purple anyways, and yeah, I think what you wrote is horribly funny. Keep up the good writing.:twilightsmile:

Okay, I'm so linking to this story at the end of my next chapter. Now we got three writers working the same universe.

would have been grateful if you had told me you didn't want my help after asking for it then not replying to me :/

shall read it anyway

Story of a similar nature and the same universe as Griffin and Echo? Sweet!

Wow... Trust you three to write an epic battle scene in the comments. I found it really realistic and I can see one hell of a crossover between all three stories at some point in the future.

I'm most certainly reading this again! Bring on the next chapter of everything!

Also, when are any of you planning of going south beyond the equator? I seem to recall in Griffin the Griffin that Equestria and the surrounding territories were in the northern hemisphere. It'd be interesting to see how you do it.

Dear god...Writing battle
Well i will read your story and i will track it (its a good story)
You have powerful friends
And i would be happy to help in any way (cause i've nothing to do and i love these stories)
Dragons woohoo...and self inserts...?
I also expect these comment pages to be full soon, since i saw a link to your story in griffons.
Great story so far.
And how did i not hear about this before?

Please.... Writers... You just wrote a chapter and dropped it in the comments...... Please, save it for the stories themselves. I almost had a my brain overload just from the three of you feeding off each other. :pinkiehappy:


I watched the scene between Griffin and Ember unfold sitting on a cloud and munching on some popcorn as discord apperead next to me
"ah Shapeshifter how have you been spreading ur version of chaos i presume"
I nodded munching on some popcorn watching Shimmer grow to a large size as i moved the popcorn next to Discord
"popcorn Discord?"
He looked at the food and turned the cloud we where sitting on into a cotton candy cloud and ate some as Ember blasted Shimmer away as i shook my head
"you and your cotton candy"
I watched the rest of the scene unfold and after Ember healed Griffin's wounds I jumped off my cloud and landed a 6 feet away from ember pulling out an enchanted Golden sword with a stupid grin saying
"do you like my sword.........cuz im gonna kill u with it for no reason whats so ever"
and with that said I threw my sword at Ember

haha awesome. and practically guranteed crossover in the future, looking forward to it.

Crossover you say...
(insert funny picture or link here) (cause i'm lazy) (SUE ME)

Nope, not a single self insert in this story (not yet at least:twilightblush:). So far it's only self insert upon the commentboard.

Hell naw bra. Your brain gonna go boom. This isn't actually going to be the way the chapter goes, or maybe it will, but this is just a way to get to know one another. Helps us feed off one another and learn more about other persons characters.

Dude, no offense, but at that point all of Griffins crew would be there. Discord would get massacred, shapeshifter butchered.

Not really, cause what's the fun in that?

Yep, she used to be. If your wondering about that due to Gemina, don't. Should be explained in a few chapters. (Or will it? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Ha! I'd recognized that Loading bit from anywhere! Yep, that's based off of the best author I've seen on this site alright!

Considering it's in his and Rusts universe, I felt obligated to pay homage to him. (or to just use that cool concept, BRILLIANCE!)

This is a new one for me... I don't think I have yet found a story before that was built as a crossover in its entirety... You just earned a Watch, Like, Favourite, and a Track... I REALLY want to see where this goes!

Cheers, just thought that it fit the best with what tools I had been given and, really, I was that original?:rainbowderp:

687251 Well, I've read quite a few fanfics. Not even just MLP, but other shows and books as well, and I have never seen a story written to be a complete crossover from start to finish. I've seen chapters as crossovers, but never a whole story! So yes, you are original! Congradulations!

687286 I've been reading this writing battle in the comments and a thought just occurred to me... The idea is both as brilliant as The Doctor and scarier than Cupcakes at the same time... What if you, Rust, and BlackWing made a collab? Honestly, I think it would be the single most greatest story on this site, but for some odd reason, the mere thought of it becoming reality fills me with dread...

Quite easy to explain why it frightens you, MWAHAHAHAHA, (I'm certifiably insane, sorry. Fun but crazy.)

687264 That's interesting, because I have a fic percolating in my brain that is going to be almost nothing but crossovers... with everything! Hopefully when I get around to writing it it will be better than it sounds.

Being a dragon with no wings? Man, that's not fair.

687371 Insanity? No, every good writer has that. The more refined the insanity, the better the stories. I have actually taken to calling it the CAI levels of a person. The Creativity Authoritarian Insanity level is used to determine how good a persons story will be, regardless of plot, characters, dialogue, or anything like that. So far, BlackWing has a CAI level of about 8389665... You have a CAI level of about... Roughly 608917! Thats pretty impressive! The average CAI level for multi-chapter story authors tends to be in the range of 10000-50000. I'm not making any of this up by the way. Rust's CAI level evens out at a nice 1684000. And mine is 395001 on the dot! Most CAI levels can be determined after reading the first few chapters of a new story. An Author's CAI level can change with each new story, though. So we have to be constantly re-checking the higher levels when they post new ones.


I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sadistic to my characters. I've made a man who lost his sister to a traitor of his race. My character hunted him down and murdered the traitor, only to realize that said traitor had been duped, killing his sister because his tribe had been wiped out. My character was then beheaded, brought back to life, and even turned into a specter within the span of two weeks.

I made a female character who is sixteen at her first tale, and had her parents had been publicly beheaded in front of her at the age of eight.

I've even had a girl character who never knew her parents and was a prostitute from the age of five. She survived an apocalypse, is a masochist because the first actual love she ever received was from a sadistic woman, and she lost her right arm.

Why am I so evil to my own characters:raritydespair:.

Look at my post above and tell me I'm not incredibly insane:ajbemused:. I have people who haven't known me for more than three hours tell me that I would probably need a straightjacket within a month. I am beyond strange or even a good proper insane. When you do a maniacal laugh just because its fun, and you do it multiple times within three minutes you are crazy.:derpyderp1:

Preaching to the choir, but yeah, insanity does seem to be a requirement. 'Charol? Honey, is that you?'

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