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Tamara Bloodhoof


I was always my dads golden girl. I was born and raised to do little more than learn and excel, be it sports or academics. But when you see your dreams crushed beneath another's boot you rarely think straight, and a little excursion into the city leads to the biggest problem of my life. Stuck in a world which I know nothing about I'm forced to find my way with little more than my luck and wits, I'm resigned to living in a place that obviously doesn't want me here. May the gods help me...

Non-cannon part of the CGotG's universe.
Artwork by Io, thank you and sorry for everything.
Thanks to NightmareKnight, Io again, Zach Black, and many others for editing my work.

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oh god h god oh god embers back embers back embers back :yay:

Oh my goodness, so there IS a part of CGotG that isn't dead! Mind blowing. :derpyderp2:

What. The. Fuck?
That... that certainly has to be one of the most interesting ways to start one off, if a little gross :pinkiesick:

Well, I think I'll take a look at the two ideas I've been putting off for a while now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Indeed I am, sorry for being gone for so long T_T

Still kicking and working, sorry :pinkiesad2:

You don't need to shout or anything >.<

Not so much mind blowing as unexpected really.

With so many people saying that I'm wondering if I should be (O_O)

Hiya Maneiac!


Umm, I'm a bit like that, sorry for upsetting your stomach :twilightblush:

I'm always glad to help inspire others, and I do hope that they turn out beautifully!

Ro-bo-tic dance of vic-to-ry!

If that little intro gets to you, don't get into Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons.

And to Tamara. Didn't know anyone else had a human turn to dragon kind of scenario for a fic.

I kind of like the way it went about with your story. Kind of a change of pace not having them pop up in Ponyville or Canterlot (I am guilty of this though)

4881355 It's awesome to see you, Mate. Really is.

Well, I just finished reading the old version....and I thought that it be further into the story based on Griffin's interactions. Still, I look forward to reading this, later....its pretty late where I am.

Well, this looks much more put together then the last version, hopefully you'll match it up to Griffin's so as to not cause plot issues.

And Loki pleases everyone :twilightsmile:

It wasn't just for shock value, I assure you :twilightblush:

And it's great to see you to:pinkiesmile:

I've decided that I'm not seeking to match it up completely to Griffins, and as for the old story, that's kinda why I redid it :fluttercry:

4891535 Alright, and what I kent was that you'd meet Griffin when he meets you. Not that you'd have to follow his character around.

As much as I miss the banter between split personalities, I have to say this is a significant improvement over the original as Ember is... well, I was going to say "realistic" but I don't think being teleported and transmogrified is very "realistic."

Point being: Story's good. Keep it up.

Yay, Chapter on my Birthday!:yay: Story's getting good, man. Don't let up!:moustache:

Comment posted by Logan383 deleted Aug 25th, 2014

Hahahaha, This'll be fun. I love living breathing gore.:pinkiecrazy: The vomit was a nice touch too.:pinkiehappy: I found a few errors but it wasn't spelling as it was more of a lack of words. Like you were missing a 'From' or 'to' here and there. I'd point them out, but that might take some time considering it was only three mistakes in total.

Okay, that beginning, fucking phenomenal. There was a single period missing and a little bit of confusion with what was what. Lots of weird sentences that could only be appreciated when you've read them all. As a whole, it's a glorious description of oblivion. I'm not kidding, I enjoyed that first part a lot. Then there was the wake up call. It's been done before, but by some of the better writers of HIE, so consider your skill in that category. Overall, this revision tops your old story and we're not even to chapter three yet. :pinkiehappy:

Spoilers?: Don't read unless you read her first installment of this story.

Alright, now that I'm actually reading this.... My opinion might be biased, but I like the new interaction with Mr. 'Big Dragon' or Coalheart, apparently. I really hope he lives longer than last time. That way a connection is drawn and a deeper bond between reader and character can be formed. Am I talking nonsense? Yes, but it's what I like to do. Also, with hope, this won't be oriented so heavily around Griff anymore. I read on to find out.

Edit: Read the comments again... hurray! It's not oriented towards griffon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Does a jig* That was honestly the worst part about your last story for me.

Ooooh, deary, CoalHeart better come the fuck back. I'm not kidding, please don't kill him yet.:fluttershysad: Now, that aside, holy cow. Not only do I enjoy the what you did with the dragons and their colors, but the species break down, while quite long, was necessary. I think I remember a missed word in there somewhere, but really, once I get wrapped up in the story I tend to miss stuff. Eheh, take that as a compliment to the fullest extent because it's rare for me to not find time to be critical.

Comment posted by zack black deleted Aug 26th, 2014
Comment posted by zack black deleted Aug 26th, 2014
Comment posted by zack black deleted Aug 26th, 2014

Zach, as much as I respect and adore you commenting on my story, I will change the password and keep you from proof-reading if you add spoilers to the comment sections. Thank you and sorry for deleting the comments, I have backed them up for you and am appreciative of the criticism.

Comment posted by zack black deleted Aug 26th, 2014

Non-cannon part of the CGotG's universe.

I feel like I'm missing something here...

Not sure which part is woah for you, but I must concur, it felt like that to write it.

This story doesn't cause worldwide changes for the CGotG universe, therefore giving me more room to act.

I wasn't going to >.<

That was half of the reason that I re-wrote it, because I wanted to be more realistic.

4923472 Not quite what I meant... Where do I find this CGotG?

Well, I have the time, and this has


... what they said...


Chemistry had never been my strong point


I always loved the sciences...

The end...


what the f*ck just happened?!?

coalheart is die now i cry

4924856 I know, when you read it it's kind of a sour breath of air, ain't it?

4931615 Well, life is a tragedy. Griffin killed Coalheart to survive. I mean for every enemy slain, there's a broken family left behind.

Humans do what they must to survive, just as these races do.

4931644 Ah, what complicated way of saying life sucks. ^.^

4933598 Yeah, I was trying to come across all smart and stuff.

I was born to my mother Katrina Thompson and my father Wu Jiang Ning.

She came in like a hurricane...

Ah, good, very good. I shall await whenever a new chapter is released! Otherwise; on to The Blue Stranger!

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