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Hey! So, excuse the small break in chapters. · 8:31am January 6th

Yeah, so turns out it's actually quite difficult to keep up with a schedule during the holidays. I'm thinking that's about all the excuses I'm willing to make. Currently two thousand deep into the next chapter. Gonna make this one a long one to make up for the wait. Other than that, should be able to churn things out more regularly.

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1807491 I was thinking about that. This chat thingy doesn't exactly hold up in comparison to the live text on skype. It's a definite maybe once I explain a few things. That said, have fun with whatever you find to cool yourself down. Bye!

1807486 I shall try that immediately! Will have to take a trip the store, seeing how I don't have any tea...or whisky.

I must get rid of this awful writer's block. So, I'll catch up with you later.

Oh, if you have a skype, it'd be easier for us to communicate. So, don't be afraid of pm me about other social media.

1807482 Nothing to it... just don't start lacing it with Irish Whiskey yet. That's for the more experienced tea drinkers.

1807477 I recommend this a lot and people never seem to take me seriously, but shove some warm tea down your gullet. It mellows me out to the extent that I giggle to just about everything.

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