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Earth-Chan is a humble earth pony mare given a new life. She didn't get to live a full planetary life cycle, cut off prematurely as the humans within destroyed her surface with nuclear war. The universe felt her cheated and gave her a new form out of sympathy for her years of abuse. This pony is now awake in the world of Equestria, already aged properly so to begin her new life right where she left off... comparatively speaking of course. What will Earth-Chan do with this second chance? What does she have to say after finally gaining her voice? Can You Believe This Story Hasn't Been Done Yet?!

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 100 )

You write beautifully.

Some spelling errors, but only ones spellcheck wouldn't catch.

This would be some really cool cover art if the artist would agree. If not, I might be able to draw you something.

I'm really looking forward to this. In terms of badassery, it's hard to top a planet for strength and durability. She's still in touch with nature and is probably an expert in minerals. Of course, this is just my own headcanon and I'm sure you'll think of plenty of other character traits.

This writing... It's absolutely amazing. The way everything flowed together like a poem, a song. This true show of emotion. I can't wait to see more of this. I'll be sticking around.

Curious to see how you're going to make a story out of this concept.

I was wondering when some unoriginal goon would snatch up Earth-chan and write a displaced-esque fic about her.

Good job?

What is Earth-chan from?

It's just a meme

No lewding my Mother Earth-Chan.

I’m interested, please continue.

Alright, you grabbed my attention.

And my attention awaits for more.

Like how everyone, even the three year old troll wannabe's, ignored you.

Is humanity FINALLY evolving?! 0_o

Comment posted by Minalkra deleted Dec 28th, 2017

Comments are meant to be used, though I understand the hesitation of interacting. Still, I've found that readers like it when the creator directly interacts with the audience through the comments rather than author notes.

Question: I said the prologue had too much anti-human feel and I stand by that statement BUT if the only real HumansAreBastards thing is in that beginning, I think I might like this story. Are you going to go on with that trope are is this going to focus more on Earth-chans interaction with the pony people? I ask because I like the idea and your wordsmithery is actually pretty dang good. If you can leave the 'grrr huymins' behind, I would very much like to follow this but if it's going to be a much-mentioned thing, I don't think I will be able to. Please give a hint.

Aside from my reservations about the prologue, this chapter was pretty clever and - while I'm a terribad editor - I didn't notice anything wrong immediately. Good job on it!

EDIT: Previous comment deleted by me for being too dang close to this one and generally having a more negative feel than was my intent.

Did Eart-chan speak latin?
Anyway, like the story so far, only problem I have with it is the excessively nuanced language in the first chapter, some of the sentence began breaking apart for me. Could be because it's 2am, but nah. I'm not tired what you talking about?!

I feel earth-chan going to do some cool stuff and get humanity represented as a earth pony to happen. As in saves humanity and finally gets to interact with them in the story

Somepony isn't in Kansas anymore, is she?"

Bitch, I am Kansas.

3,959 mile wide 

I think that's closer to Earth's radius, not diameter.

and the meme is rocketing in the fandom....................................... hora

Where's ozone-kun? He always by earth Chan's side

Wait, is Earth-chan an adult in this? Or is she a child?

Howdy again Linguist! ^^ it’s been a while since I’ve ran into you last, how goes the holidays? (if you celebrate that is)

She shoulda been a human... Or humanoid...

She's basically the oldest kid on the planet.

Like pretty damn wise which comes from being a planet and all but unbearably, adorably naive.

But in this story though? Cause the cop addresses her as "Ma'am" and never seemed to question, or even bothered to looked to see whether she had her parents/guardians around. He just went and escorted her to the station for questioning, seemingly, without hesitation like a cop would do with a cooperative adult.

Oh, you're talking about physical.

...That's awkward and I'm not touching that conversation

This is awesome more!

She was a lithe young thing, probably close to her mid-twenties.

Oh, so she is an adult...well ok then. :twilightsmile:

I really wish you hadn't ponified her, whats the point of that other stories have their protagonist stay human. Pff guess I'll just tolerate it ._.

Hah four and half million years old, eat celestia

And apparently cute, in pretty good shape and a good figure. Nice to know that after four and a half million years our Earth can still pass for a sexy mare in her prime.

(synonym for Earth) + adjective
Maybe a pun
I'd make some suggestions, but this should be up to you.

In my excitement I forgot to put a Note, so screw the Note. Hello!

8653663 Hello! I read this at three in the morning because I have no concept of a natural sleeping pattern.

Patterns should always be voluntary. Avoid the patterns forced upon you. Make your own. Stick it to the system!

Yeah, I really love the nickname segments. I get to go wacky with it. :P

My friend, tis that not a rather bleak outlook? What if it's not the end, but merely the beginning of something new. Something expensive and new~

I need more.
Also, possible pony name for Earth-chan: Earth Shaper

"Here, I'll fix you're grammar up if you'll do me one favor."

You might wanna fix your own up first, Dissy.

In all seriousness, good chapter! I'm not a big fan of memes. (In fact I despise them.) They just make fun of things that shouldn't be made fun of. However, this is a good read!

there must be a picture of ponified earth chan!

She just kicked a tree with the full force of an entire planet. Welp here comes Celestia because that crack was probably audible from Griffonstone.

Shouldn't she have burnt the orchard down as well? I mean, we have the mantle and core n stuff

Reading about earth-chan and her kicking the tree. For some reason i envisioned it looking something like the scene in the Avengers. Where Thor takes a swing with his hammer at captain America and hits his shield.

This has potential.

"Hey princess, do you like that castle where it is or should I raise the mountain a little?"

Possible names for Earth-chan: Ertha Green (to sound out the name it's Er-tha), Gaia (not sure about this one as Gaia is goddess of earth and sounds too powerful for earth-chan who is the adorable type), Evie Sky (my thought for that name was for being close to Eve as in Adam and Eve while with Sky well not much reason other than she's mostly blue).
Sorry if they are crap but it's surprisingly difficult to think of a name that will suit Earth-chan :raritycry:, Loving the story btw and look forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

Terra? Gaia? probably too late with the name thing anyways as i write this

Noooo, these are good. Keep them coming! We're gonna name this pony!

Earth Shaper. It's good, but I want to deviate from Earth. I'd rather we just call her Earth-Chan, not the ponies. Plus, it'll make it seem like she's more of a character than just a meme if we give her an agreeable name.

Thank you for that catch! I'm trying to get a Grammar policeman to help me out as we speak. Though, I kind of like the irony of that being misspelled.

can't really think on any names that an actual pony would name their child. just those couple of names that are more human. i'll continue to ponder some more.

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